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I’m no stranger to difficult games. Back in my Halcyon days, I tried to play 8 and 16 bit titles that lasted an hour but needed at least a week or two to beat. I have finished Dark souls and its brethren, and I’m proud to say that I’m one of the few video game journalists who have managed to complete Cuphead tutorial. But pride, as it is said, comes before collapse. Like a master before a student, Sifu managed to condescend frequently. It’s a tough game, but the challenge comes in ways I don’t usually anticipate.

Sifu is your classic martial arts story about revenge, and not striving for much else. Your character, who can be either a man or a woman of your choice, begins on a path of revenge after being left to die by your master and your father’s five former students. The final story is just the framework. Sifu, at its core, is a third person defeating them. You use your kung fu mastery to kill dozens of enemies using quick fists, flying legs, and a variety of weapons like bats, knives, and staff.

You can’t find a way to win in Sifu. Mastering the game requires patience and lightning-fast reflexes. Blocking enemy attacks to counterattack, and knowing when to back off from the rushing giant, are what you need to know to stay alive. But don’t get me wrong. You will die in Sifu. Great number of. That is really a problem.

Sifu reviews Bo

Your confidence is not commensurate with your abilities

You will become familiar with death in Sifu. The first time it happens will most likely be on the first level. Perhaps you ignored a thug standing nearby, long enough for him to get close and hit strongly you in the back of the head with a tube while your attention is on his friend. A screen pops up, showing your death count increasing one by one. You are asked if you want to use any exp gained for an ability and do you want to respawn or give up and retry the level.

Resurrection is at the heart of Sifu. A mystical pendant dangling from your belt magically transports you back into the fray. But like a good-natured monkey, it doesn’t come without consequences. Dying adds one point to the death counter, your age equals its amount. Die once and a point is added, and you are one year older. Die again and now you have two points, two years older. This continues until you hit your mid to late 70s, and one more death is the end. Physically, your character ages, with branching wrinkles and graying hair.

Character comment Sifu

Aging is not just a cosmetic. At specific advancing age levels, your attack power increases but your overall health decreases. You also lose the option to unlock some abilities based on your character’s age, so you’ll have to start over at previous levels if you’re too old to get eye-catching abilities.

At this point, if you wonder whether Sifu It’s a tough game, so let me clear the air. It’s correct. Sifu Is one damn game. In fact, out of the examples I mentioned, Sifu is one of the most “modern” hardcore games I’ve played in a while. The amount of colorful languages ​​flooding my house should have been almost enough for my neighbors to want to call an exorcist. But in my defense, a healthy part of that frustration is in the game’s weird difficulty progression.

It takes a new, stronger word to kill people

Sifu there is a little problem with the balance. The first level is usually enough. It teaches you ways to maneuver enemies and dodge their attacks, and also stops occasionally for brief instructions like how to jump over objects. The boss at the end is just as expected: challenging but not too punitive, while introducing supernatural flair, especially throughout the game in later levels. Boss battles in Sifu follow the same principles of soul-likes, in that you win by being patient and observant – something you learn early on. However, its second level has less of a difficulty curve as it is a difficulty wall and requires you to learn how to scale it while you try to rip your hair out.

To set up the scene, it took me about an hour to complete the game’s first mission and nearly eight hours for the second. However, the early moments of this stage don’t tell you what’s to come. It drops you outside a big club, where you fight your way through and control several players to the pulsating beats of tech music that isn’t loud enough to drown out the comforting screams.

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Things already progressing well. That is, until I excitedly arrived at a burning village rife with enemies who could shrug off most of my best moves and scrape off parts of my health bars in a few punches. The boss especially wanted to embarrass me. Stages in Sifu Includes keys to open shortcuts, allowing you to make your way through a horde of enemies, rooms, and corridors to bring you closer to the end. However, in this case, the shortcut leads to encountering more difficult enemies, almost like mini bosses, who stand guard before the boss. Hour after hour I ran back into blender, over and over.

If you had a butt, I would kick it

When that wall is scaled, the curve will drop oddly. By comparison, the third stage is almost too easy. It could be by design, an act of mercy by developer Sloclap after the game scratched me through coals for the better part of a day. Even the shortcut was surprisingly kind: two thugs stood between me and an elevator took me straight to the boss’s room. No blender this time. The challenge takes place in the last two levels, only for the final boss to kick my ass up and down the block for hours.

I know that my skill has increased over the course of the game, especially with my ability to dodge attacks. But I’m not confident in my gaming talent to brag about; this is how the flow of Sifu in my experience, and it’s too jarring.

However, I keep coming back. Undoubtedly, some of the reason is due to my stubbornness when it comes to difficult games. But that would get the game short. When firing at all cylinders, Sifu is a joy to play and a sight to witness. Sloclap placed master Pak Mei, Benjamin Colussi in a mocap suit to capture every punch and kick, resulting in movement that shines with realism. SifuThe sound is also great, energizing every piece of meat thwak of a fist or a bat, as well as screams of surprise and pain from your enemies. The end product is a crisp, beautifully animated game where every near-realistic beat scene reverberates from the screen. You’ll almost certainly feel bad for the enemies you’ve let go to waste. Almost.

Sifu Review Finisher

The fights are tight and nuanced. A focus bar, which recharges during combat, allows you to perform a powerful Focus hit on most enemies. You start off with a devastating eye attack, but can then unlock new moves, such as weapon moves. Structure determines your and your opponent’s resilience (or defense), and it will break when dealing enough damage. Breaking the structure of the enemy allows you to perform a series of contextual ending moves. Among my favorites is one to be used with enemies on the ground, where you endure a barrage of attacks – I imagine Ip Man would nod in satisfaction.

One will be selected

The game borrows some elements from the cheaters, without any commitment. The levels, for example, are static and mostly linear. However, your character grows by unlocking abilities. Most of your new moves are purchased with experience points. Skills, purchased once, are forfeited when the game is over. Selling more exp will eventually unlock them permanently. Over time, your performance in Sifu will improve dramatically as you have more options in battles.

The temples that dot the levels also contribute. These jade dragon statues give the option to increase your health when using finishing moves, increase melee damage, change your death count to 0, use exp on skills features, etc. Restarting or reverting to older levels will remove these advantages, so keep that in mind.

However, it is encouraged to retry levels and beat them at a younger age. Doing so will save your temple age, death counter, and summoner spells on the next level, giving you a better chance of getting to the end of the game.

Sifu Review Death Exp Screen

And now, I will beat you

However, there are some problems that the new capabilities can’t fix. Sifu there are some technical foibles. The game crashes from time to time and there are rare times when the decline prompt button works. SifuThe camera’s camera creates problems as it moves at angles while performing the action, sometimes blocking your view of the guy about to brush your teeth. It also likes to get stuck on the wall when you get pushed back too far. And you can’t really dodge enemies that skim through enemies as much as you can weakly bump into them.

Movements that require directional input – like a fighting game – need some tweaking. More than once, I’ve tried to do something like a swish on someone, only to have my character kick in the opposite direction. These problems seem minor, but they add up. After all, the fight is tough enough. I do not need game against me.

Thankfully, the game is mostly a smooth experience. Sifu includes some intuitive options, but for the most part, it won’t stress your PC. The visuals are clear – presenting a compelling, almost painted art style – but not complicated. Sifu includes DLSS support but, again, you probably won’t need it. I rocked over 300 frames in Ultra quality with my 2080 Super and Ryzen 9 5900X. The game recommends GTX 970 and i7-6700K.

Sifu review focus

I’m bleeding, make me the winner

I’ve definitely had ups and downs with Sifu. For the most part, I believe many of the issues I’ve had with the game, like balance, can be worked out over time. However, I don’t feel things can be fixed. After fighting for 20 hours, I got a rather unsatisfactory ending. Though I believe it might be different based on your age at the completion of the game. After the final scene, you are suddenly transported back to your headquarters. I got it Sifu relies heavily on replayability. However, simply dropping you back with nothing more than “well, now do it again, but better” robs some of the gravitas’ achievements. While I’m sure the most masochist among us would relish the chance of a reboot, I was hoping for something tangible. But again, there might be a more rewarding conclusion to those looking for it.

Regardless, I love it Sifu. I grew up in Chinese action movies starring Jackie Chan and Jet Li, so as a fan, Sifu It’s the martial arts game I’ve always dreamed of. And I understood. The gameplay is fast, engaging, and when I convince myself not to crack my controller in half, it’s fun. As for me wanting to “do it again but better”, I think I’m fine for now. The bruises are still fresh, though I consider them a mark of honor. With this, my pride was mostly restored; The student is now the master. Or, at least, a respectable brown belt.

Review on Sifu 2 Review on Sifu – Age before wisdom


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