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That was a big deal when Sony started porting some of its exclusive PlayStation games to PC. When the company comes up with some of the highest-budget, best-produced games around, the possibilities are very promising. While it’s time to release the first few games outside of the PlayStation brand, we’ve gotten a few open-world games that are a bit bland rather than anything that really shows the true potential of the franchise. amazing growth. But God of War are currently here. Not only is this the best game in its series, it’s also one of the best in the end decade, making it a real must-play for anyone who hasn’t experienced it – even nearly four years after its initial release.

If you have never played one God of War previous game, this was kind of a soft reboot, so that shouldn’t matter. All you need to know is that there was a demigod named Kratos, who became a god by killing other gods’ uselesss. There’s no need to be familiar even when other games are alluded to, and knowing the character’s backstory is well worth it. Like the previous games that focused on the Greek pantheon, this new setting is all about Norse mythology. And, boy, does it work.

The text in the game is excellent. The cinematography of the cutscenes is still as intact and profound as it was nearly 4 years ago. Time has done nothing to degrade the extremely high quality of every aspect God of Warof production. The visualization is amazing on PC, and you may find yourself hitting high frame rates outside of certain larger areas. The story is fantastic, with a strong emotional core fueled by a lovable supporting cast that grows as things progress. Pretty much everything about the game is a sign of excellence.

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Say goodbye

The gist of the story is that Kratos’ second wife has passed away (this time also not by his own hands: AAAAAAAAAREEEEEES!!!!). She requested that, upon untimely death, her ashes be scattered from the highest mountain of all realms. Kratos and his son, Atreus, don’t have the warmest relationship because Kratos, well, Kratos, but the two begin to grant her last wish. But things are, apparently, more complicated than it seems. The Norse gods know what Kratos is and most are not kind to the other gods on their field. Our father and son duo find themselves caught up in matters beyond their control. And that goes without saying that they maybe it is in scornful misunderstand just what their mission entails.

What follows is an epic, sprawling adventure that is simply one of the best games you can experience. There’s a reason God of War was named ‘game of the year’ not only from numerous awards but also numerous publications. It has its detractors, but for the most part the game is considered a modern classic. At the time, this seemed kind of crazy, as the early games, while good, were smaller and less ambitious.

God of War follows a linear story, but there’s plenty of side content to follow. Optional chests, upgrade materials, side quests, magic birds to throw your ax and lots of collectibles. Only one great number of with the game, to the point where it can easily keep you hooked for 30 hours or more. However, that wouldn’t mean much if it weren’t for the insanely high-quality world design and great controller. Kratos starts the game using his wife’s icy ax or with his bare hands and shield, but things get a bit more, say, affinity around the midpoint.

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Prepare to fire

Kratos’ set of moves can be added with new skills after gaining a sufficient amount of experience. But you’ll also be able to craft new types of armor, each with unique statistical properties. God of War almost an action RPG, but it’s too focused to really go that far, I have to say. There is also a variety of special attacks that can be set, as well as summons. Atreus is frequently present in combat, as Kratos can direct him to shoot at enemies with his bow, additionally he will distract enemies and hold them back for you. There are even important abilities bestowed upon you, which will give you some Metroid-A great opportunity to go back and achieve things you couldn’t before. All are great.

I’ve never been particularly interested in combat in previous titles. It’s good, but I’ve always felt like Kratos’ weapon was made of Nerf foam. Here, combat is much more immediate and satisfying. The original version also had a significant focus on quick-time events and button crushing to take down enemies, while this game typically only requires you to press a single button when you’re dealing enough stun damage. Kratos can use light and heavy attacks, block with his shield, and take quick steps and dodge attacks to avoid damage.

Combat is extremely sharp and visceral. Throwing an ax at enemies, only to see them freeze in place after it hits them in the face, and then smack them to death with your bare head is really something. The only thing I don’t like here is yes still there is no FOV option, so the camera murder. In addition to combat, there is a lot of climbing, and even a large number of light puzzles. It’s almost comparable to recent Tomb Raider trilogy of works. This juggling between different sequence types is what the game excels at, and it’s fun to listen to Kratos’ comically gruff brevity as he tries to interact with his super curious kid.

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Since steps have been taken to ensure that Day by day has a great PC port, God of War also like that. There are loads of options, but overall the game runs pretty well. Although it can drop some serious frames in larger areas, even when using a more powerful card. But the game looks and plays great, and DLSS can make things easier if you’re looking to maintain the resolution. Regardless, the art direction is stunning, as is seeing the different areas the game takes you to. Anyone who chooses the game on PC will find really special time awaits them, with a picture much more consistent than it being locked to 30fps and other limitations of older last-gen hardware. Review of God of War – Against All Gods


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