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It’s actually quite intriguing when a game asks you if you want to move to an island where your main goal is to explore and decorate things. Gardenia does things differently from most things due to its worship of uprightness and silly hijin horses, but it definitely hits some rhythms just like games like Mule. It has some issues with sign registration and can be a bit too confusing for its good, but the island it’s housed here is a good place to spend a few hours, as long as you enjoy gliding through the air. , resource harvesting and gardening.

Gardenia Starting with a short tutorial before the auction you take a hot air balloon ride to the main island. There you meet the Wood Grandpa, an ancient tree with the goal of achieving immortality. He immediately sends you out at random to find him some money so he can save up for an elixir of immortality. I mean, he’s a tree. He cannot walk properly. But not all is peaceful on the island. Who is that? litter! You must keep the island clean, find out who is responsible for leaving armor and weapons everywhere, and eat a variety of exotic mushrooms. I mentioned talking plants, didn’t I?

Honestly, this game is pretty funny. The dialogue and characters are disrespectful and just kind of stupid in a way that makes me feel silly. One of the characters is a bear girl with anger problems. When you first met her, she beat you up for no reason. Also, her name is Kimbearly. You will meet other characters, such as Foxy, a fox who used to be a secret agent, and Mr. C., a lizard sure not named after Double top personality.

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Gardenia There are a lot of unique ideas when it comes to doing standard things. Technically, there is a day-night cycle, but it’s handled completely differently from what I’ve seen before. Instead of a timer, it’s tied to your energy. Picking up items, putting things down, cutting trees, mining – all use energy. Each day begins at dawn and only progresses as your energy is used up. Once almost all of your energy is used up, it becomes night. Conversely, you can run and jump around without interacting with anything indefinitely. I wish I had this power.

For most of the game, when you wake up, you will see information about the garbage collection task. Every day, new pieces of trash appear on the island, causing damage to nearby factories. Your job is to pick them all up. If you don’t, it remains until you get it, and you really don’t want it to pile up. Your main goal is to prevent waste from being created, so you need to follow it Gardeniaof duty. As you quest, a few more residents move to the island, providing more quests.

Sometimes they will ask you to plant things for them, or bring them materials. I wish there were more gardening quests. I was expecting a decent amount of them, but there’s really only been one or two, which I find confusing. The biggest problem with Gardenia is that it can be quite difficult to know how to continue the story. At one point, to unlock a radical quest required me to buy a recipe for an item, craft it, and then gift it to a specific character. Another quest requires the player to find three hidden items scattered across the map. If you can’t find them, you’ll just be stuck until you stumble across them or search for their location.

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That’s really the main thing that makes me up Gardenia. Having said that, exploring the island was quite enjoyable for a while. It’s not huge, but it does have a decent amount considering the scope of the game. As you explore, you will find blue and black mushrooms. Each blue mushroom gives you an extra jump, while the black allows you to glide forward. Once you find most of them, you’ll essentially be flying all over the island, which makes it feel a lot smaller as the game goes on.

There are treasure chests to find and gnomes to place around your house for an optional quest. Chests mostly have money in them, but money is pretty useless in Gardeniaand not much to spend. Completing the gnome quest also has very disappointing rewards. You can actually generate the bonus yourself, so it’s not even unique. Speaking of crafting, the game also takes an interesting approach. There are gray pallets around the island that you will have to put ingredients on. When you have most of what you need, you drop a pink magic crystal on top, and foolishness, the item is handmade.

Lovely, this is also how you sell items. Drop them on the pallet, then drop a single coin and everything will turn into its coin value. That’s the kind of ingenuity. Of course, the crafting has some problems. Your recipe list doesn’t tell you what any crafting ingredients are, and if you’ve never found them before, you won’t know what you’re looking at. Some components are extremely rare, so this problem happened many times for me. Need a wall stone? Better to break dozens of shells. How can you know that? Good question! However, this has a simple fix. The game can be so successful that scrolling through components provides descriptions and information on where to find items.

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Once you’ve finished the story, all you need to do is craft, harvest, and garden. This is a game that I would mainly recommend to people who like to decorate. You can plant trees and bushes, as well as make stone walkways, but to no avail. Gardenia It took me about six hours to see everything, but I’m not interested in decorating, so how much more you add is up to you. I like the game in general, but I think a bit more polish in the quests and crafting would make for a better experience. Also, some gardening quests will really kind. Review of Gardenia – Reaching for the Sky


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