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NS Battlefield The franchise has offered a unique taste of gameplay, dropping players into conflicts of a larger scale than what most FPS games can cause. Those large-scale conflicts are where it leads unique Battlefield moment, as the player faces off on the ground, in the sky, and at sea. Hope that Battlefield 2042 would honor that tradition in unique ways, but unfortunately, it fundamentally misunderstands what makes Battlefield good.

Battlefield it’s not just about the size of the map and how many players consume it, something Battlefield 2042 are all too eager to forget. Rather, it’s about the thin curtain of trust that separates it from Call of Duty and Halo. It’s impractical to jump out of the jet, fire a missile at the pursuer, and then re-enter the jet, but it’s the dress code that makes the suspension of skepticism possible in Battlefield Game. The series is differentiated by the movement, the weapons, the attached arsenal, all the way for the character to design themselves, especially in a semi-modern entry like Battlefield 2042.


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Battlefield 2042 forego all that to create an experience more like playing with toy soldiers than what Battlefield Real fans after. Weapon selection is severely limited compared to previous entries; Soldiers sprint with nimble movements, and – with a few exceptions – most jets look like they’ve been taken from the backdrop of a cheesy action movie. Battlefield 2042 trying and failing to create an identity of its own, but it complete its identity with Battlefield 1. All the franchise needs to do is stay on track with the different contexts, which makes this grumbling all the worse.

battlefield 2042 players drop from a building

It would be one thing if identity matters were the only problem, but Battlefield 2042The content of is another big hit. Launching with a total of seven maps in the base game, this is a smaller offering than previous entries. Not only is it a bland choice, but the maps aren’t memorable either. Most of them consist of relatively flat, open spaces that make long-distance skirmishes happen more often than in other entries. Although it is not new to a Battlefield games for large open spaces, Battlefield 2042’s the map has less interesting landmarks and buildings for melee combat. And there’s no substitute for chaotic options like Operation Metro or Operation Locker, which offer a nice change of pace amidst the chaos.

These large, open maps make Battlefield 2042’s worst quality shine. Players can waste more time than usual when running to the other side of a large open space only to be destroyed seconds after reaching the destination, the problem is only partially solved by formation and methods. convenient. It’s another area where Battlefield 2042 failed to improve the series’ shortcomings while the game mechanics were said to be worse than usual. The problem is so serious that even though Battlefield 2042 supporting 128-player matches, the map feels less alive than when the series only supported 64 players.

Battlefield 2042 wingsuit kill

Outside the faint map, even Battlefield 2042’s Biggest new gimmick old. While previous entries bring “Levolution” and some other map-altering improvements, Battlefield 2042 occasionally dropping in a massive tornado will disrupt UI elements and pull players, vehicles, and other elements toward it. There’s something to be said for the spectacle in the first few games it shows up, but not much else. It’s disruptive, not particularly interesting, and like a half-hearted commentary on climate change. It is not a fun gaming tool as it is a marketing tool.

To add, Battlefield 2042 there’s a mistake, far beyond what fans would normally expect in the launch window. An all-too-common mistake that leaves us in a respawn state with no respawn timer and no ability to force us back to the menu that appears. The only method to fix the bug is to completely withdraw from a match, which is extremely annoying even in normal matches. Another issue that prevents players from swapping between experts and their weapon sets, sometimes even persisting between matches. One of the worst problems is removing the friendly marker from an ally’s head, which is especially distracting since both teams use the same Expert, rendering friends indistinguishable from enemies. enemies in some situations. These are issues that may be resolved with future updates, but it was a funny presentation at launch.

Of course, it’s not bad. Battlefield 2042Expert system of It’s completely the wrong direction for the franchise – a point that can’t be stressed enough if one were to write an entire book on the subject – but some of the devices they bring change the experience in different ways. interesting way. The best example of this is the grappling hook gun that Webster Mackay uses, which allows players to take interesting turns against enemies. But while the extra vertical is nice, it’s an element all players should have access to regardless of their expertise, like Battlefield 2042 serious lack of verticality out of the box.


Another addition, and supposedly Battlefield 2042’s thrifty grace, is Battle Portal. The portal has elements of the previous Battlefield games and mash them together, allowing players to create their own custom matches or relive some of the greatest maps in the game. Battlefield History. For example, players can put together a Conquest on the Caspian Frontier, complete with a number of Battlefield 3weapons, units and equipment. However, all of that is there Battlefield 2042 paint on it, with players moving in the same way they do in the main game. The most cursed thing about Battlefield 2042 its best feature is its decade old content.

Battlefield 2042 not just a blur Battlefield Overall bad FPS. It was an after-excess repair Battlefield 5Its marketing was criticized for “out of place” CGI trailers. It’s not clear what Battlefield 2042 is, or even what it wants, to be beyond a bland setback. One can hope for meaningful content updates later, but the ship is sinking before it leaves port.

Battlefield 2042 Available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X. Game Rant has been given a PS5 code for this review.

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