Resurgence’s branching narrative should learn from FTL’s narrative

Science fiction is often famous for its sociological and allegorical storytelling. Creating a vision of the future and inventing technologies is a fun exercise, but a lot best sci-fi stories check the human condition. Star Trek lean on humanity as a collective force for good, with the original series addressing issues such as racism and interracial relations during the 1960s civil rights movement. still exists to this day, with Star Trek: Resurgence is one of its follow-up projects.


Dramatic Labs’ upcoming title, developed using the driven format chosen by the studio’s predecessor Telltale Games, was announced during the Game Awards 2021. Star Trek has moved into action with projects like the films by JJ Abrams and Discover on Paramount Plus, but The relive will give players many opportunities to engage in diplomacy and make decisions on the bridge of a star ship. Dramatic Labs promotes branching storylines for The relive, but the game will take the cue from 2012 FTL: Faster than light by focusing on micro as well as macro decisions.

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The diverse content of FTL

FTL start as a Kickstarter in February 2012, up more than 2,000 percent of its $10,000 goal. The developer gathering game was created by Justin Ma and Matthew Davis, who said FTL taken from “obvious” science fiction sources like Star Trek and Star Wars in an August 2012 interview with Rock Paper Shotgun. However, its gameplay is also drawn from titles like the original Fall out, Block effectand text-based adventures.

It is described on Kickstarter as “firefly by Spelunky“and the creators of Subset Games say their aim is to recreate the feeling of fighting and commanding in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine uses a top-down presentation reminiscent of board games like Battlestar Galactica: Board Game. Players control inner workings and crew in one variety of FTL‘s spaceship intended to provide vital information to turn the tide of war in favor of the Collective Galactic Federation.

The games focus on the same elements; Each run begins with a predetermined ship and crew layout before segregation as the player picks up new weapons, recruits allies (in multiple races with distinct strengths), and allocates resources. As with many games of the same genre, knowledge of FTLIts mechanics can take players through a lot, but there’s also a lot of luck involved as each jump to a new location will line up randomly. events ranging from space battles to make decisions in a split second can get better results with the right equipment.

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Star Trek: Revival Needs Small Decisions Too


It’s unclear how much influence the player will have on story about Star Trek: Resurgence. The game’s announcement post on Star TrekIts website says it will tell an original story about two people leading the way to solving a mystery that threatens to plunge alien civilizations into war, and Dramatic Labs founder Kevin Bruner promises “important choices and decisions will affect the whole story.” Many games make bad choices, where two branching paths can lead to the same outcome and The relive So try your best not to fall into this trap.

Upcoming Star Trek The game should also emphasize how micro-decisions throughout its story affect what the player can achieve. Most of the difficulty in FTLIts design involves every small decision having invisible effects. If a ship is built with a missile based weapon, that might help with random events breaking the wreckage but doesn’t offer any good choices in the face of a precision attempt. The player could also use too many missiles in one encounter and run out of ammo in a more critical battle, or they could lose a crew with pilot expertise making the ship less capable. more dodging ability.

It would be easier to describe a network of consequences influencing larger outcomes in a game like FTL, based on part of the text, or look the other way from a restricted top-down perspective. However, series like Block effect demonstrated the potential of large, branching stories as a result of micro-decisions and crew changes. Making smaller choices affect how players can approach bigger decisions, changing the story will also Help The relive live up to its legacy. A lot of Star Trek media is about solving ethical or life-threatening problems using whatever people have on hand, be it a bag of resources in remote areas of the last frontier together.

Star Trek: Resurgence releasing in Spring 2022 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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