Resident Evil Franchise’s Top Two Characters Never Met

The story of Resident Evil is a long and complicated thing. Lots of characters join and leave the franchise, and lots of little spoilers are constantly being added to the series’ mythology. Have a lot of Resident Evil games and movies are vague about rules and the universe is set up in a way that allows almost anything to happen. However, uniting it all is a strong core cast of characters that rotate between games. Whether the story focuses on Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine’s battle against Wesker and Umbrella’s evil ambitions, or Ethan Winters’ struggle to survive in a volatile environment, there are plenty of moments where The heroes and villains make up a cheesy and potentially complicated story into something captivating.


But for every conspiracy Resident Evil used, the other fell through the cracks. Games like Resident Evil 6 and Disclosure the titles have done a great job of consolidating the expanded cast, but some opportunities don’t always line up. The characters in Chris Redfield’s stories tend not to interact with the characters in Leon Kennedy’s stories, and aside from some intervention from Chris, Ethan Winters has been significantly isolated in his games. Even among these main characters, two of the most important and famous characters in the series have never actually met face-to-face. Albert Wesker, the main antagonist of the series until Resident Evil 5, and sometimes protagonist Leon Kennedy never speaks on screen, and that’s pretty odd.

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Why Wesker Doesn’t Care About Leon


From the very beginning, Albert Wesker was more concerned with achieving personal power than with world affairs. He only really pays attention to national incidents or political drama when they fit his purpose, gradually becoming more monumental over time. Wesker’s quest to become the last life form seemed like a failure in the first game, but it turns out Wesker got lucky and managed to revive himself with new powers and an intact mind. NS the most optimized form of T-virus However, that wasn’t enough for him, and he began researching biological weapons, viruses, and parasites over the next few games, before finally putting his master plan into action. Resident Evil 5.

Wesker knew Leon but didn’t have any personal investments in the life of a rookie secret agent. Unlockable Separate Ways campaign in Resident Evil 4 revealed that Wesker was behind the appearance of Ada Wong and Krauser in the story. Wesker wanted a sample of the Las Plagas parasite, and its delivery to him by Ada eventually caused an outbreak in his head. Resident Evil 5. In the meantime, Wesker orders Ada to avoid or kill Leon immediately, which she always avoids doing. Wesker sees Leon as a frustrating and potentially distracting person, but nothing more. In the end, Wesker dies at the end of Resident Evil 5 at the hands of Chris and Sheva, so he won’t be able to meet Leon in the future.

Why is Leon too busy to meet Wesker


Meanwhile, rookie cop Leon Kennedy is busy just trying to survive. Leon was caught in the crowd Resident Evil 2Raccoon City Incident and had to fight his way. Along the way, he met Ada Wong for the first time, who worked as Wesker’s field agent to hide his survival from Umbrella, and STARS Wesker got his hands on a sample of the virus. G is small, and all the characters involved in the incident just move on. Leon is busy maneuvering to a better position to fight Umbrella, eventually becoming a US federal agent. In RE4, Leon travels to a remote village to rescue the incumbent president’s daughter Ashley from a sinister cult, and he briefly meets Ada again during this mission. After that, Leon continued to work as an agent for the US government and reappeared as one of the many protagonists of the series. Resident Evil 6.

It is unclear if Leon knows who Wesker is. The two meant nothing to each other, and Leon’s work never made him a direct threat to Wesker’s plans for world domination. The closest thing for Leon and Wesker to interact is in fifth live-action Resident Evil movie, Resident Evil: Retribution, where Leon is the leader of a group of mercenaries working for Wesker. Wesker helped out with the main characters in that movie, so the two never came into conflict or contact. The other closest the two appear together would have to be in certain iterations of The Mercenaries, where both Leon and Wesker are playable. It seems like a missed opportunity that these two never made it to the screen together, if only because fans missed the fact that Leon was snooping on Wesker’s plans. Perhaps Wesker will return one day at the end for another chance encounter with Leon, but with Resident Evil 9 has been established, it is a long way.

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