Resident Evil 9 Need to avoid the mistakes of RE 6

The Resident Evil The series has seen a comeback in popularity in recent years since its release Resident Evil 7: Biohazard in 2017. The seventh entry breathed new life into the franchise that desperately needed to save followers poor people receive Resident Evil 6. While there is certainly merit to each game in the series, most Resident Evil fans are willing to admit that the level of quality varies widely between games, but that Resident Evil 7 and Resident Evil Village did a lot to get the series on the right track.


As fans look to the future of the franchise with next main line Resident Evil game, a sense of immersion has begun to take over: It seems every third game in the series hasn’t been as well received compared to the previous games, which means Resident Evil 9 There is the possibility of some problems. This error cycle is seen with Resident Evil 3 and 6 It can be avoided, however, as long as Capcom can learn from its previous mistakes and deliver a game worthy of the goodwill currently swirling around. Resident Evil Franchising.

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Resident Evil 6 Where’s Wrong

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On paper, one Resident Evil the game bringing back many of the series’ most iconic characters for a crossover title seems like a great idea, but in reality, Resident Evil 6 has a lot of problems with its multi-element handling. The biggest mistake for franchising is in that way RE6 handle its scale: Instead of keeping things small and focusing on the survival horror elements for which the series is made, the game has gone big and melodramatically turning the franchise away from both survival and horror to become a shooter. action gun.

Though that’s not inherently a bad thing, as some of the best games in the franchise have their fair share of action moments. However, the frequency that Resident Evil 6 action based makes the game feel like Capcom doesn’t understand why people like the franchise. As each game goes on, things usually get bigger in scale with monsters and action pieces. However, those elements only work if they’re earned by having smaller moments to really give them a sense of scale and meaning. Looks like Capcom has looked at where RE5 ended and thought that the only way for the next game to stand out was to keep scaling, which resulted in poor reception.

How can Resident Evil 9 succeed?

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If Resident Evil 9 want to avoid the mistakes of Resident Evil 6, And to a lesser extent Resident Evil 3, it will need to avoid combining a sense of larger scale with quality. Eg, Resident Evil Village has a much larger scale than Resident Evil 7, However, RE8 there’s more to it than simply “RE7 but bigger. “It makes sense for Village for a greater sense of scale based on the journey that Ethan Winters went through RE7, and Village justifies its development further by having a story claim to it while also feeling like a gradual escalation from the previous game.

That would be a mistake, so, Resident Evil 9 even bigger Village for the simple purpose of trying to scale up without giving any reason to do so. Resident Evil 6 there are too many spinning discs to be considered an accessible and cohesive story, combined with a sense of scale that doesn’t feel earned. With the way RE7 and 8 Having settled things down, by keeping the story centered around the Winters family, it looks like Capcom might be learning.

Action scenes at the end Resident Evil Village there are some fans worried that the series might ditch the horror and go back to epic, top-notch action once again. Hopefully Capcom will remember its lessons learned and stick with what makes the franchise great.

Resident Evil Village currently available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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