Resident Evil 4 Separate Ways Content Explained

Despite a long and difficult development history, Resident Evil 4 took the gaming industry by storm when it hit the GameCube in early 2005. Considered a revolutionary third person horror action experience, Resident Evil 4 continued to influence other similar entries in the genre for years to come. This success is a huge win for Nintendo, because Resident Evil 4 At the time, part of the deal became known as the “Capcom Five”. This deal grants Nintendo exclusive rights to five major titles from Capcom, which will only be available on the GameCube, with Resident Evil 4 most notable of the group.


However, after the record-breaking success and impressive sales numbers, Capcom wants to continue to capitalize on it Resident Evil 4 by making it available on other consoles. Soon it received a release on the PlayStation 2, the most popular console from that generation. Although the PS2 had worse graphics than the GameCube, Capcom made up for this by adding extra content to the PS2 version of the game. Resident Evil 4. The featured inclusion is a brand new side story titled “Distinct Ways” starring Ada Wong, which will fill in the narrative gaps and provide additional information about the story. Resident Evil The universe.

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Resident Evil 4 – Ada .’s JourneyDarkside Devil Collectible Statue

Quick recap about plot of Resident Evil 4 as follows: Leon Kennedy is sent on an adventure to a European countryside in search of the President’s missing daughter. In his search, he discovers a cult, a new biological virus and more horror than he could have imagined. In the game, the player occasionally crosses paths with Ada Wong, a mysterious spy on a mission of her own. Details aren’t fully clear in the base game, but Ada is tracking a sample of the Las Plagas virus, which she’ll return to an unknown third party.

Distinctive way is an attractive addition to Resident Evil 4, because now players can be more clear about what Ada did. Turns out, Ada worked for Albert Wesker, a longtime villain in the franchise. On Wesker’s orders, Ada must locate and sample Las Plagas for Wesker, which he will weaponize and use for his nefarious plans. Ada travels to many of the same locations as Leon in the main game, but there are interesting spins in the earlier scenarios to still keep fans’ attention.

Different ways – A new perspective

Screenshot from Resident Evil 4 showing Leon Kennedy about to spawn a group of Castle Ganado enemies.

As stated above, the most enjoyable aspect of Separate Ways is being able to revisit iconic moments from the main game but from a different perspective. For example, in the infamous opening village setting, when controlling Ada, the player can see Leon Kennedy run away from Ganados in the background. This also happens later in Saddler’s castle, showing that Ada is never far behind Leon throughout the adventure.

Although it was a shorter experience Resident Evil 4main campaign ofSeparate Ways does include some add-ons to reward players and keep them coming back for more. Once completed, new content is added to “Ada’s Report”, a list of documents that provide further details on her true motives and place in the story as a whole. Furthermore, the Chicago Typewriter weapon is unlocked to absolutely wreak havoc on the enemies in the game. Last but not least, several additional skins are available for Leon and Ashley for another level of the main game.

All in all, between a short and sweet adventure, new weapons, and lots of extra unlockables, Separate Ways is a solid inclusion for Resident Evil 4 experience. Because of its warm reception, Capcom has since included this mode in every subsequent revision and port of Resident Evil 4 debuted in the years since.

Resident Evil 4 Currently available for GameCube, PC, PS2, PS3, PS4, PC, Switch, Wii, Xbox 360 and Xbox One, as well as Android and iOS mobile devices.

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