Republicans are still coming up with a crazy scenario where they become Speaker of the Trump House in 2023

Last summer, while addressing a crowd in Iowa, Representative Matt Gaetz presented an absurd scenario, even for him, someone who was suggest people should intentionally infect themselves with COVID-19. Discussing the 2022 midterm elections and the possibility that Republicans could take back the House, Gaetz thinks the GOP will turn around and install Donald Trump as Speaker, making him one of the most powerful people in the country without really having the trouble of getting elected. “Can you imagine Nancy Pelosi give that mine to Donald J. Trump? “Gaetz, remarkable Trump loyalists, request Audience. “She doesn’t like it when that January 6 guy sits in her chair in her office,” he said, referring to the rioter. put your foot on Pelosi’s desk because the Capitol is under attack. “She certainly wouldn’t like to see Donald Trump in her chair.”

Gaetz is, of course, one of the biggest trolls in Congress who thinks he was sent to Washington not to work on behalf of the American people but to insult the Democrats by speech stupid like that,”Kyle Rittenhouse could become a pretty good intern for the National Assembly. Unfortunately, that’s what many Republicans think their job is these days and on the “We’re going to be Speaker of the House Trump” front, the Florida representative – sees. Last being investigated for possible sex trafficking, which he naturally denies – by no means alone.

Last month, the former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows told Steve Bannon, “I would love to see the spearhead go from Nancy Pelosi to Donald Trump. You talk about melting… people will go crazy. Meadows added: “As you know, you don’t have to be an elected member of Congress to be a Speaker. She will go from tearing up a speech to having to give Donald Trump insight.” Bannon, one perfect troll in his own words then suggested Trump could come “in 100 days to sort things out and then step out and announce his 2024 campaign”, something the former president has teased since he left the White House earlier this year. Not surprising, Marjorie”The Jewish Space Laser“Taylor Greene” also hyped the idea, speech on a podcast over the summer, “It’s no secret that I’m one of President Trump’s biggest supporters and I’m proud to say it all the time. I would love to see him, whether it’s speaker of the House or running for Congress or Republican majority in 2022, elect him as speaker of the House.”

As Rolling Stone Note, “The Constitution does not provide that the Speaker must be a member of Congress, so… if a majority of the members of the House vote in favor of his role as speaker, he may serve on the that role. A Democratic congressman introduced a bill in July to limit Speaker placement to elected members, but the bill only had three co-responders.

But does Trump really want the gig? On the one hand, he is more likely to see a congressional position, and anything less than the title “God Emperor”, below him. More importantly, he’s famous for being lazy as fuckand becoming a Speaker will definitely be more work Mar-a-Lago wedding crashed and Memorial service. On the other hand, as the NPR of Mara Liasson report in October:

Trump could be the automatic letter to the President [Joe] Biden, commanding media attention 24/7. And then there’s the appeal of State of the Union night, as he stands behind Biden, just as current Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., was behind Trump when he was president.

It’s a media gig that Trump will enjoy. And as some of his supporters like [conservative talk show host Wayne Allyn] Source suggested, the loudspeaker would be the perfect place for Trump’s political revenge.

“You become Speaker of the House, lead the impeachment of Biden and start investigating crimes against Biden,” Root told Trump. [during an interview]. “You will wipe them out in his last two years, and then you will be president. Do it!”

Speaking to reporters on Tuesday, Gaetz again declare as Speaker of the House Trump will be his top priority in 2023, claim that he spoke with the former president about the proposal.

In the end, it seems very unlikely that Trump will actually do this, of course, wild things happened. And according to some political strategists, Democrats should use even the possibility of Trump being appointed Speaker of the House to ward off voter malfeasance. “The idea to some that Donald Trump might become Speaker of the House is as scary as the idea of ​​him becoming president again,” he said. Karen Finney told NPR. “That’s likely going to benefit Democrats — again, just the fear of it, just the thought of it.” Republicans are still coming up with a crazy scenario where they become Speaker of the Trump House in 2023


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