Red Dead Redemption 2 Players Notice the Incredible Molotov Cocktail Details

Using Red Dead Redemption 2’s photo mode, one player noticed the intricate detail that went into the explosion of a bottle of fire.


A lot of games offer molotov cocktails as a quick and easy method of setting fires and fighting enemies. While most may not notice anything about the bottles after they burn, one Red Dead Redemption 2 Players who take a closer look will notice how much intricate detail has gone into the game’s bottle of fire animation.

Red Dead Redemption 2 has consistently impressed players with its attention to detail since its release. New discoveries are still being made in the game, showing how much effort they put into crafting the title, even if players haven’t noticed the smaller details in years.


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One such discovery was shared by Veporyzer on The journey to atone for mistakes subreddit. After throwing a bottle of fire – aka a molotov cocktail – the player quickly switches to The journey to atone for mistakes‘s photo mode, allowing them to essentially freeze time. From here, one can see them moving the camera around, revealing tiny shards of glass from the broken bottle suspended in the air.

Impressively, the individual fragments actually refract light in a realistic way, allowing the player to see through them at the explosion. Light transforms in a way that one might expect if they were to stare at something through a piece of glass in the real world. This level of detail on a solid object in a game would be impressive enough, but to find it in a shot like this that only appears on screen for a split second is overwhelming.

It would be easy enough for Rockstar Games to cut things like this, and no one would have thought of games for it. While recent improvements and technological advancements in realism like Valve’s liquid shaders for Half-Life Alyx has impressed many gamers, it’s amazing to spot this level of detail in an animation that only shows for a moment.

Small Red Dead Redemption 2 Details continue to impress even players who have spent hundreds of hours in the title. From the small detail in Arthur Morgan’s eyes until he noticed it Micah mistreated his horse, the game has continued to receive recognition for how much effort has been put in.

Fans of the Rockstar Games title have openly expressed hope in the comments that the next game the studio will make will achieve this level of detail. During the recent release GTA Remastered Trilogy received harsh criticism for its many bugs, there is still high hope in the community that Grand Theft Auto 6 there will be as many efforts as Red Dead Redemption 2 take it in and can push it even further with the power of next-gen gaming systems.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Available now on PC, PS4, Stadia, and Xbox One.

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