Recap episode 3 of ‘The Real World Homecoming Los Angeles’: “We Gonna Be Real or We Not”

Real World: Los Angeles culturally significant for being the first second reality show. And that’s important; where the New York cast makes an unexpected appearance, the seven (and ultimately nine) strangers of the second season come in with doubts about how to present themselves, how to win screen time, How to make good television. They did all this mainly by fighting.

But now, after thirty years of reality television, the cast of RWLA be the first to be the second to reunite in a season Real world go home. And what they’re learning – which we’re all learning – is that the combat platform doesn’t help you build much. If expressing yourself and getting to know your housemates leads to an argument, there’s nothing you can do but continue arguing. I don’t know if anyone will grow from the Homecoming experience, but I’ll quote Jon citing Magic 8-Ball: OUTLOOK NOT SO GOOD.

Where can we watch Episode 3 right here we left in Episode 2, Tami was loudly disappointed in Jon, Irene, and Beth S for not checking in with her after she revealed her body dysmorphia. Beth S tries to mend a relationship that never really existed in the first place and says she wants to get to know her. Tami said, “Okay, that’s gone, girl.” Irene wondered why it was so important for Beth to get Tami’s consent, and Beth had no answer but tears. I think it’s because they are two of the very few people who have gone through this experience, both have similar walls, and building a friendship is better late than never. But really I just wish the network made some money licensing the music, because TLC’s “What About Your Friends” would be a great fit here.

The next day, Beth S asked everyone if her eyes were okay, since she cried the day before, it was really just a show off. Beth A and Glen set themselves apart, as they were in the beginning, and now you’ll understand. David poured himself some orange juice with a visibly shaking hand. We will return to this issue. Tami is a bit overzealous about being too much of her original housemates, emphasizing that “we are not now” and wondering “what will happen next in the house of the World?” real world”.

What will happen next in the Real World house is that Tami will turn things up in Jon’s business about whether or not he’s still a virgin. Jon enjoyed some small town celebs after the show went on, but – maybe because he didn’t want to write songs or take advantage of career opportunities that could pull him out of his comfort zone within a year, he was “a guy looking for work.” He found that job as a youth pastor and children’s counselor in his hometown church. He remained pure as a whistle; he said, “I don’t drink, I don’t live a promiscuous life, I try not to give in to the desires of the flesh. But now he’s 47 years old and he’s resigned. “I’m pretty happy,” he says, and it’s hard not to hope he is.

And then Tami said “Jon, I want you to get some pussy before you die”, which is not only not a pleasant thing to tell anyone, but is something special. nice to talk to Jon, who obviously hates talking about this stuff, even in jest. It’s something you say to someone to make them laugh or to start a fight, and since he’s pretty well known as someone who won’t do either of those things, it’s something you say to let us know you’re think about your edit. will receive. Tami is very good at this. I wish Tami was less good at this.


Beth S, as well as she knows how much Jon hates this, doesn’t throw it away. Jon eventually had to pull her aside and say clearly, “When you notice me leaving this conversation, turn around to me.” And listen: just drunk Coming soon Colton, my brain naturally comes up with whether Jon is gay or not, but in the end I don’t think so. I think he really, honestly tries to live by the rules he was raised by. I’m a pretty good judge of personality this way (and, I’ve seen his shirts too).

David shared about his motorcycle accident, which happened a few weeks or a few years ago, I really can’t tell. He’s pretty badly injured, but he’s on his way to recovery, and he’s ready to get back on the road and “make some real money,” which after all this I hope he does. . But one gets the feeling that he’s a man in his own right, and again, we’ll come back to this.

When you’re participating in a reality show test and your housemates are more interested in trying to get screen time than trying to get to know each other, there’s a unique choice for meeting. your enlightenment beyond fighting, and saying, “It’s crazy to come back here,” which most people do a million times an episode. You see, they were there in 1993, and after it wasn’t, and now a lot of them are there, except for those who haven’t. You see, that’s crazy. Don’t worry if you forget that, you’ll be reminded.

Tami was upset when Jon and Beth S didn’t have her back after she dumped her guts, now she’s upset when Jon pulls Beth S aside and asks her to speak ill of the conversation about her affair. unjust-borrowed. She seems annoyed that youth minister Jon will not continue to talk about sex in front of the camera. “Why are we here if we don’t open the door?” She continued, “I think Jon wants to be a fly on the wall where he can watch everyone else talk about their stuff, but please don’t bring up anything concerning me.” And, yes, that sounds right. That’s always been his thing. I mean, I know that.

And then David drank everything in the house. On the roof, Jon asks David: “Is alcohol a struggle in your life? I’m just asking because if so, I’d like to pray for you.” David responded with a legitimate cough. Again, we will deal with this.


Things seem to be relatively stable in the house, so clearly here comes a message, which turns out to be questions from viewers, all of whom seem like they were only four years old when the first season aired. wave. One person asked, “Who is the most annoying person to live with?” Jon chooses himself, Glen and Beth S choose each other. As a response to “Who has the best style,” Jon talks about mullet and his tragic 1993 fashion, and his shirt answers the question that you Did you learn anything from that? Beth S said her fashion was a bit off-putting at the time, and I would say her fashion was very Larry Sanders show. Finally, “If you had to live with one roommate to live with the rest of your life, who would it be?” A lot of people choose Jon, but for Tami, it’s the bond between him and Beth S, because she sees a time when they could have fun together. The answer made Beth S burst into tears. Beth S is crying a lot. It could be genuine, it could be acting, or it could be middle age. (Don’t let you think I’m cheating on my age, I think I’m the same age as Beth, and I cried twice in Coming soon Colton.)

Tami tells Glen that she misses his ponytail, which seems like a cruel thing to say since he is now bald. He said he was going to borrow one of her wigs and tie it up, which David ran into, and suddenly we were back at everyone arguing. The group settles in with a trip to the seemingly iconic bowling alley, where I-guess-can’t forget they fought that time. Back at home, they issue a rebuttal of a group’s confession to Julie’s drunken saying in New York is “fuck you,” and it involves Beth S shouting that at least none of them get Covid. Again, I’ll quote Jon: mmmBEYUTH!

Then Irene notices David filling a bottle of water with gin, Beth notices an immediate change in his behavior, and anyone who’s been sneaky in high school knows the smell of gin. will give you immediately. When Glen reminded Tami that he wanted to wear her rainbow wig, David chased after him. Glen says he won’t escalate the situation, but then Glen continues to call him “Dave”, which David clearly doesn’t like being called, thus escalating the situation. It’s as intense as anything this cast has given us in the first leg, and so I support Aaron and Dominic’s decision to turn their backs on this experience for good.

“We were famously close for two hours, and then everything changed,” says Beth S. Everyone is worried about David, but they decide to sleep on it rather than having immediate camera intervention, a rare wise choice for the gang. So, after David goes to bed – fully clothed, maybe even his shoes – the rest of the gang get rid of all the alcohol in the house, MANY of them included. No more beer for Tami, at least for now.

Ultimately, this gang is reliving their Real World glory days, because their Real World glory days included ugly fights and bad behavior. The experiment – finding seven people who would annoy each other and then getting them on camera to do it – was going too well. Come home is a real tragedy, a sad story in a beautiful setting. I called it Beth In Venice.

Dave Holmes is a general editor for, podcast host Earwolf Homosexual disease, and his memoirs Party of One Now available in stores. He also organizes Real World podcast Truu Stowray, available anywhere you download your podcast.

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