Reboots has a fatal flaw

Some reboots failed because they were shameless monies using only marketable names, others failed because the work wasn’t up to the new age. However, a number of particularly compelling attempts have failed simply because the creator or studio has fundamentally misinterpreted the source material.

Original Star Trek The movie has its ups and downs, like many seasons and sub on TV, but all try to regain the spirit of the original series. Something happened around the late 2000s that caused Star Trek franchise to change in a way that most fans seem to hate and most newcomers are unresponsive.


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Original Star Trek franchise is possibly the most popular in history examples of utopian novels. The crew of the USS Enterprise has toured space, solved problems, and even engaged in combat, but the series’ ultimate message is peaceful coexistence. Star TrekThe earth is a place where war has become obsolete, future technology has completely solved inequality and all humanity has come together to pursue a noble goal. It was also a powerful concept at the time it was released as it is today, in the face of humanity plagued by war, poverty, and division. Star Trek is about an alliance of humans seeking to do good across the galaxy. It is intelligent, empathetic, adventurous, but above all optimistic.

William Shatner Star Trek

Series creator Gene Roddenberry is a dedicated and award-winning humanist, a philosophy concerned with the inherent agency of the species and its responsibility to the world around it. In many ways, Star Trek is a humanistic look at an ideal future, a kind of story the world doesn’t see very often. Unfortunately, modern incarnation of Star Trek boldly move away from that concept, into something much less rare and much less interesting.

2009 Star Trekwritten by Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman and Directed by JJ Abrams, is an action film that borrows more than a proper noun from its source material. The movie is pretty much an action blockbuster, but it really doesn’t have much to offer in terms of sci-fi. It’s just action schlock packed with references to things people can remember. The plot is extremely thin, set as a prequel to the original work creating a new timeline. There aren’t any creative solutions to problems, no thoughtful consideration, no clever implications, just lasers and explosions. The sequel tackles all of those problems and amplifies them many times over, reinforcing the problem.

Star Trek Into Darkness Just like its predecessor, an elaborately choreographed action movie with excellent visuals and excellent performances but failed in its script. Orci and Kurtzman are joined by Damon Lindelof, known as co-author of Prometheus, but the handwriting is not improved. The film’s main appeal is the mass destruction, gunfights, lengthy fight sequences, and over-hyped action sequences.

The film revolves around a beloved new villain Khan, here reimagined as a galactic terrorist and vengeful serial killer who besieges large chunks of society. Everything is resolved by violence, from both sides of the conflict. The story of both films is most compared to a sketchy story Mission Impossible next episode in deep space. This is to be expected as the studio hires writers and directors based entirely on their work on Mission Impossible III. This gets to the heart of the matter; these movies are dumb action blockbusters because the studio wants dumb action blockbusters.

Star Trek JJ Abrams

Hollywood’s dominant wisdom is to follow the leader’s mindset, whatever is popular will be sublimely recreated. No modern studio unravels anything as slow or pensive as the original Star Trek: The Motion Picture with a beneficial name like Star Trek. That brand name guarantees a certain box office revenue, regardless of marketing, quality, or relevance to the original material. It’s just the default setting that assumes any movie over a given budget should be filled with explosions and screams.

As oppressive as these constraints are, Abrams, Orci, and Kurtzman can still create a Star Trek movies, but instead, they settle for a future Fast and furious with constant fan service callbacks. So much so that the third movie rented Fast and furious wait for Justin Lin. That third movie, Star Trek: Beyond Undoubtedly the best movie and a very good action movie in its own right, but it still struggles to feel like its original material.

Modern cinema still produces some really strong sci-fi work, it doesn’t come with the same price tag and can’t bear the same name. Destruction, Coming, District 9and many more the amazing prominence of clever creators who still have the same spark that led Roddenberry to create Star Trek. It’s a shame that the beloved franchise is so tied to its own success.

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