Reality Infuriated Democrats, So Democrats Are Attacking Joe Manchin

BILLIONGrandfather of the Democratic Party fought in one of its own wars, West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin, is a metaphor for the Democratic Party’s battle in reality — a predictable simulation of a party that has not yet grappled with its role in America or its way forward.

Instead of take the word “LOL”In the Rebuild Better, the Biden White House is calling Manchin a liar. Vermont socialist Bernie Sanders is turning to Desi Arnaz, saying Manchin has a lot “to explain to the people of West Virginia.” Squad member Cori Bush criticized the “communist ego” and Ilhan Omar called his objection to the social spending bill “bullshit”.

If that doesn’t convince Manchin and the people of West Virginia, I don’t know what will happen. (Did I mention what Manchin is doing about 74% of West Virginians want him to?)

In fact, Manchin said — and So do the American people. His detractors are still living in the denial and anger phase of the grieving process.

Reality, Manchin’s opposition to the BBB does not surprise anyone; the progressives brutally attacked him about it for months.

And on top of that, the Biden administration might even be responsible for speeding up Manchin’s decision. From my reading, it seems Manchin has submitted a plan that he can live with, but Biden’s staff and other processes can not.

On Tuesday, Manchin “went to the White House and presented in person – directly to the President – a written outline” for a bill, ” as stated by Jen Psaki. Next, follow washington articles, Manchin met with Democratic Senators, who disagreed on some of the provisions he wanted to cut. Then, “24 hours later, the White House made it clear that the bill would not be implemented in 2021…”

Post continued: “Manchin has only decided in the last day or two, according to a person familiar with the situation, to conclude that he has exhausted all options for negotiating with the White House.”

With Republicans united and the Senate split 50-50, Democrats need to have Manchin’s vote to pass anything. The smart move will take as much as he will give.

As I wrote on the night the House passed their version of the bill, “The truth is, if the BBB passes, it will essentially be written by West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin, and progressives will have to swallow that. ”

But they Not ready to swallow it.

Because they believe their goals are clearly noble, progressives don’t believe that a small old West Virginia senator should stop their utopian dreams from coming true, just as they do. continues to be immune to the signals sent by voters, moderates and “ordinary people” who keep telling them “no.”

This means that the US now has two political parties are not interested in hearing any feedback from voters. “[C]derivatives do not want to be changed to resolve the errors outlined in [2012 autopsy] report because they believe their values ​​are correct; libertarians were reluctant to change after 2016 for the same reasons,” Freddie deBoer wrote.

Not only do progressives believe that “their values ​​are right”, but rather, they i know shares are exist. When it comes to “treachery“On the BBB, for example,”Our entire democracy is online. At least, according to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

But rather than blame Manchin for the collapse of democracy, the Democrats’ frustration should be rightly targeted. in democracy. After all, the BBB doesn’t have 50 votes. That’s what this whole thing is about.

The progressives took the Democratic Party, but the Democrats failed to capture America.

Their beef doesn’t really go well with Manchin, even if he’s an easier target. It is with American voters who have yet to be bullied into giving them enough power to dictate their agenda and completely country switch.

In other words, the progressives got the Democrats, but the Democrats didn’t take America. Progressives are unwilling to change to meet voters, and voters are unlikely to want to meet them. In this model, progressives can never let voters down; they can only be defeated by them.

The truth is that leftists like the AOC simply don’t have enough votes to impose their will, and that’s because the American public doesn’t agree with their agenda. Indeed, Joe Biden won the presidency because of so many voters—mistake, it seems — that his agenda would be more in line with Manchin than AOC.

Instead of giving voters what they wanted, Democrats used blame voters (and white women in particular) for their losses. Non-compliance is a great sin, for progressives have convinced themselves that all Their priorities are very important. And why aren’t they? The party has the perfect bogeyman (in the form of Donald Trump) to serve as an alibi for all their problems.

For all their talk about Republicans not accepting the election results, Democrats don’t seem to think that a properly elected senator — someone who represents a state that Trump won forty points — won again the right to represent his constituency as he saw fit. Guess what? Elections have consequences. If progressives want a supermajority to pass their agenda, they can choose a progressive supermajority to do it.

But there simply isn’t enough demand for this — and pretending otherwise risks damaging the larger Democratic Party brand, leading to more losses. Perhaps this is why, outside the Beltway, some Democrats are starting to sober up.

We’re seeing this with Manchin squeezing trillions of dollars in social spending. We’re seeing this with New York City Mayor Eric Adams’ efforts to make New York safe again — and with the Mayor of San Francisco. London Breed’s crime crackdown on the “unpleasant streets of her city”. “We are seeing this with attack from Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter, people like Adams and Breed are African-American, as a district attorney is likely to tolerate the crime of “white wakefulness.” We are seeing this with Colorado Gov. Jared Pollis’ less apocalyptic COVID-19 handling. And we have seen this with California voters categorically refuse to take affirmative action.

If you listen to Twitter and the progressive legislators who are the most vocal and viral there, you’d think the only future for Democrats is racially distributed profits on a public basis. Equally, promoted by a developing government can finance these projects by redistributing (and documenting) policies. But if you live in a land called Reality, you’ll hear voices in the wilderness trying desperately to show Democrats a way forward.

One of those voices is from Appalachia. His name is Joe Manchin. Reality Infuriated Democrats, So Democrats Are Attacking Joe Manchin


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