‘Real World Homecoming: Los Angeles’ Episode 2: “Raw Footage”

The second episode of Return of the real world: Los Angeles provides an important lesson in how a diverse group of people can deal with a traumatic moment, speak from their hearts about it, process their feelings, forgive each other, achieve closure, and then back to their resting state is not liking each other at all. Especially as we head into the holiday season, it’s a prime example.

Where do we receive? we stopped at Episode 1, with David not really apologizing for the Blanket Incident (hereinafter referred to as TBI), Tami doesn’t really forgive him, and Beth tries to explain herself. Glenn reminds us he’s not there for TBI, but as a viewer, he understands that’s wrong. He comforted Tami as she poured herself a nice large glass of Cabernet filled with beer in the kitchen, and it was equal parts “Tami, I’m here for you” and “Viewers, please remember that I was in Philadelphia to making nasty noises with Perch when all this is going down.”


Tami feels that no one is really listening to her when she talks about her struggles with body dysmorphia, and most people have proven her right by not listening to her that it is. That’s what she’s sad about. Instead, the topic kept coming back to TBI and how badly everyone acted that night, and it really distracts me from my main goal in this episode, which is to watch Irene. how much he looks like Alanis Morrisette.

David goes on to apologize, but then to remind everyone that he has apologized before, which is usually not something you keep pointing out if you are truly sorry. That’s insincere to Tami, who feels like her struggles are being laughed at and dismissed: “The chain of events should have been: when I revealed to you some of the real bad things going on. happened at the time, that’s when I apologize it should have been.” David apologizes for that, and it looks like it’s time to move on and really talk about what Tami has revealed, but NOPE: INCOME MESSAGES on the big screen TV and it’s all about TBI again .

Now, the part of the story we all rushed through in 1993 is Irene – who I will remind you was a cop at the time – saying “I should have called the police and shouted RAPE. ” That… absolutely horrible, remember that the 2020 Amy Cooper incident in Central Park and countless other similar incidents were not captured on tape. But her defense of it was even more unsettling: “I was scared for my job and in that moment I didn’t know what else to say,” she said. That a police officer would default to threatening to falsely accuse a Black man of rape in order to keep her job and/or restore order feels like something we can Want to check it out a bit more, don’t you?

We do not. It’s back to TBI. “Nobody thought about the damage that was done to me,” David said. Just as pulling that blanket off isn’t cool, mentally, the name rapist I’ve been given isn’t cool either.” Beth didn’t get it. She said that David showed a lack of respect for people’s boundaries, and we see a scene where David loses his temper, and the moment when he tells Beth “that’s why you make them break out.” big butts and hairy face, because you deserve them,” replayed, and it’s still vulgar, and you can quickly understand that maybe there’s a reason why David’s failure to stand up is due more floors than he thought.

Jon finally apologized and apologized for his role in TBI, and Tami admitted that his smashing the ground as a WWE participant added to the perception that it’s all fun and in the service of fool David. He apologizes – David first – and wonders aloud: “Can we forgive everyone, because everyone needs to be forgiven in this situation.” Meanwhile, Tami has just revealed some heavy personal information and no one is paying attention, and a glass of beer can only heal so much.

There’s never-before-seen footage of the cast’s interactions with Jon Murray and Mary Ellis Bunim, and then the producer kicks David out, which is really hard to watch. Obviously he’s hurt, and it’s hard not to feel him. “Those tears welled up because I was scared as hell. I still fear for that young man right now. Once again, we get to see David during his audition admitting that the show could potentially adversely affect his career and there’s nothing easier to watch this time around. “Honestly, I’m still scared for that young man,” he said.

But everyone apologized, and it seemed everyone was ready to forgive and move on, even David: “I’m trying because they’re trying.” So that is, right? Of course not; Beth S is still here. She followed David outside and said “I want to talk to you”, then asked, “Do you want to continue talking to me about it”, even though he just said he wanted to put it all back. behind you once and for all. She pushes and pushes, and he always refuses to take the bait, and you can see a little panic in her eyes that this run of time play isn’t working as she expected. She finally hugs him, one of those hugs that the other doesn’t reciprocate, and you can see in David’s eyes that he’s completely irrelevant for the whole moment.


Meanwhile, Tami is left without support after a moment of vulnerability: “For me, whatever I say I think goes in one ear and the other.” She says Jon, Irene, and Beth S should have more empathy for her in this moment, because they’ve been in the house from the start, but it’s only Beth A and Glenn who comforts her. Tami and the giant beer go to the roof, where Jon finally meets them. He says he doesn’t want to follow up on Tami’s problems right away, because he wants to give her some time, and she barely gets it, but she’ll save her harsh words. your best for someone else, and you know who that is. .

David went to see his daughter, who lives in Los Angeles, because he wanted to tell her everything that happened. It’s really lovely to see them together, he’s a doting father, she’s a refreshing 25-year-old. She is very clear about it, asking a very helpful question: “What are you learning from the experience?” He says he’s learning how people see the situation differently. She says she’s proud of him, and she ends with pure wisdom: “I’ll still give Beth S as an extra eye, though. I don’t trust her.”

So is Tami. Beth says she wants to follow her into the kitchen, and Tami says, “Don’t think about that nonsense with me. People do whatever they want to do.” Tami says she convinced the rest to not care about her. “How is it, and it’s okay. I don’t want no apologies, don’t do it, I don’t get it. ”

Tami has now opened up the hard way a second time, first revealing her mental health condition and then saying she doesn’t feel heard or cared for. So of course Beth said “I was a bit shocked when she thought I was on David’s side”, which of course was completely not what Tami said, so actually Beth wasn’t listening. Tami concludes, “I don’t let people in, and there’s a reason for that, and I’ll come back to that,” which is a bit pompous, but you won’t join the Real World by being unpretentious.

It’s hard to imagine how they’ll keep this group of people together over the course of another two weeks and six episodes, as everyone’s perspectives and goals clash with each other at near-Perch levels of discord and noise. . But perhaps the hardest thing to imagine is how drunk Dominic would be at this point in the process. Come back, Dom, and bring beer; we will get you.

In the meantime, smoke them if you have them.


Dave Holmes is a general editor for Esquire.com, podcast host Earwolf Homosexual disease, and his memoirs Party of One Now available in stores. He also organizes Real World podcast Truu Stowray, available anywhere you download your podcast.

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