Ranking the Hardest Casino Games

The continued popularity of the gambling industry has seen many people engage in any casino game because anyone can access them anywhere. People from all walks of life can now gamble on bestbettingcasinos.com whichever has some of the best classic casino games that will keep you excited for a long period. They only need access to a phone or computer with an internet connection. Depending on the number of times you play these games, they can build a thrill or a passion depending on the difficulty level and the determination to win. Nonetheless, as a new gambler, you should focus on ones that require a basic strategy instead of complex games.

When playing casino games with complex strategies, you will need to learn skills. You gain skills to take on challenging games by practising. While at it, winning a popular casino game keeps gamblers happy; while losing them may leave them unhappy, it gives them the will to learn how to win the next time they play.

Below in this article, we will look at some of the most challenging casino games. We will walk you through the strategies you can leverage and probably, inspire you to give them a try.

Ranking the Hardest Casino Games

Here are some of the challenging games we fill; newbies will find a hard nut to crack.


Craps is a relatively challenging game, especially for new players. It has a complex set of rules, and the terminology might appear a bit scary to starters. Overall, the game’s central focus is a person known as the shooter. Once the game starts, the shooter rolls the dice, and the players bet on the outcome. Two dice are used in this game which has its unique table to be played on. The game may seem foreign and difficult for beginners, but after a few rounds of play, they will find the game exciting and entertaining, therefore settling in eventually. 

A controversial theory called dice control suggests that rolling the dice can influence the game’s outcome. If this can be verified, the game is no longer a game of luck, and the players can have an advantage over the house. American casinos offer classes to their customers on how to play craps, which shows that it is easily one of the most demanding games despite being popular. 


Blackjack is a classic card game standard in both land-based and internet-connected casinos. The game is quite simple, and the rules make it even more popular amongst gamblers and gamers. The game is highly recommended to beginners because the rules are simple and easy to understand, although they can be challenging. Blackjack is quite entertaining, and a person is rewarded well after winning a few rounds.

This game begins with the dealer giving each player two cards facing up, after which they deal themselves two cards facing down and the other facing up. The goal is to get your cards to value to 21 or close without going over. If other players go over, they are said to have busted and lost. The house edge in blackjack varies anywhere between 8 percent to 0.2 percent. A house edge of 0.9 percent is made up of a baseline of 0.5%. 

For aspiring gamblers in blackjack, it is advised to think clearly before making any wrong decisions that may cost them. For example, when the player has a hand of 20 or anything close to 21, it is not advisable to ask for another card. There are a few strategies that a beginner can learn about before getting into online casinos to play this game. These complex strategies are discussed below. 

  • Splitting pairs – as a player, it is wise to separate them into different bets and equal the wager on the new stake when dealing with a couple of cards. This gives a player a better chance of beating the dealer. 
  • Surrender – the player surrenders a lousy hand to save their losses. ● Doubling down is an offensive strategy that requires the player to double their wager for an extra card whenever the dealer has a bad hand. Although risky, it gives them a chance to increase their winnings. 
  • Basic defensive strategy – the player must play defensively to minimize their losses. 
  • The primary offensive approach combines the abovementioned methods to provide the best outcomes possible. 


Roulette is a traditional game that offers players a chance to bet and win alot of money. In European roulette, the wheel has numbers ranging from 0 to 36, which is different from American roulette, which runs from 38 to 1, but they both offer the same payout of 35 -1. Although both games have the same chances of winning, it is more difficult to win while playing the American version. The players have a higher chance of winning this game if they spread their bets instead of relying on one lucky number. Below is a description of the different types of roulettes played worldwide. 

  • American roulette- this version varies from others because it has a double zero on the wheel and betting board. It also differs from others because of a giant house head. 
  • European roulette- this version differs from its American counterpart by having a single zero and a more minor house edge. 
  • French roulette- the main difference between this version and the others is the rules. When zero lands in the other versions, all outside bets are lost. There are two different rules in the French roulette version from the others. The first rule is the La Partage rule, where the chance is split, the player loses one-half of the winnings, and the other half of the event is returned to the player. The other rule is the En Prison rule, where your money is frozen to be used for the next spin. The money stays in prison, and the only option a player has is to change their position on the board. According to En Prison, all bets are lost if the ball lands on a consecutive zero.

The most commonly used strategy while playing roulette is the martingale strategy which means that the player is supposed to double their bets every time they suffer a loss. Although some refer to it as negative betting, it attempts to rescue a win for the player after consecutive losses by increasing their bets. Another popular strategy is the gambler’s fallacy which proposes that if a number or some numbers have appeared more than they should, then the probability it will occur again is high to create a balance. 


If you have never played Baccarat before, you may think it is among the toughest casino games. However, after this review and a few rounds, we are confident that you will be in for a great surprise, given its relative simplicity.

Generally, Baccarat is based on adding up the value of cards dealt. The competition aims to outscore the banker with the cards you are dealt with, although the scoring system is quite complex. When the game begins, you bet on either the player or banker to win. Also, you can bet on a tie.

This may pose a challenge for beginners playing Baccarat for the first time. The game’s philosophy is based on scoring a total of nine or anything close to that. To win, the player is supposed to come up with a strategy that lowers the probability of the casino winning while at the same time increasing their likelihood of winning against the house. As a player, you should avoid betting against winning streaks and carefully decide when to place your bets and when not to. 


It has been deemed an easy game to play and understand the rules for a beginner. However, it takes alot of practice, experience, and time for a player to master the optimal strategies skillfully.

In poker, the dealer places random cards on the table for the players. This makes poker one of the most challenging games in casinos. It requires players to make very strategic moves lest they lose their hands. The player should know when to fold and when to call a bluff to take the pot and thus must use common sense when dealing.

To fold in poker means to forfeit the current pot, which can be communicated verbally by discarding one’s hand face down into the pile of other cards. When a player folds, that means the progress without the player, and they cannot win.


Slot machines are famous for their mixture of symbols that spin continuously across the reels. Slots are one of the most popular games because players don’t require any skill. Since they d not require special skills, players relish playing real money rounds or free plays for fun every so often.

They depend on luck to start playing. The symbols on a slot machine are adapted from various themes, such as fantasy, mythology, and fruit themes. Slot machines use random number generator microprocessors. The microprocessor can generate millions of numbers within seconds; thus, slot outcome is beyond the human population. Eventually, the number it generates corresponds to the symbols on the reel of the slot machines to reveal the payout with reference to the symbols’ paytable.

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