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Ubisoft has announced the release of a new season of Rainbow Six Siege on November 4 called Operation High Caliber. It was finally released on November 30 with the new operator Thorn. At launch, she is only available to those with a pass strategy. She will be debuting to everyone soon as the season has ended for almost two weeks. There are tons of players eagerly waiting to play her, so how will the latest introduction to the current 62-character roster play?

Thorn’s Gadget

Some Ways To Use Thorn’s Gadget In Rainbow Six Siege That Will Definitely Kill You

Thorn adds another trap operator to the Rainbow Six Siege defense alongside Kapkan, Frost, Lesion, Melusi, and Ela. Her Razorbloom ammo is a combination of Kapkan’s EDD mines and Ela’s Grzmont. She carries these three and like the EDD, the Razorbloom shell deals explosive damage and like Ela’s Grzmont mine, it can stick to any surface. This combination provides many innovative uses for the gadget. It can instantly kill any player within its certain radius while also dealing heavy damage to those outside it. Gadgets can be fired before and after activating and it will activate on a look-ahead basis, taking a while after activating to detonate.

Most people find that placing the device inside different shelves, under different structures or my personal preference is gluing it on a stairwell works best as this hides the device. much better while delivering shock value that could take an attacker by surprise. It is great at default planting spots as it can easily disrupt the enemy plant and help your team score a kill or two.

The best way to destroy her gadget is to hide it in unexpected places along the paths that attackers often pass. One such example pointed out by Varsity Gaming is near the trapdoor in the Kitchen on the Clubhouse map, which is often a location attackers use to push the Basement location.

Thorn works great with other trap operators such as Lesion, Melusi, and Ela, who can slow enemies to make sure the Razorbloom shell is killed (unless they shoot it) when they don’t get away in time. its explosion glass.

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Thorn’s Loadout

Thorn’s loading process as shown in the operating menu

This installment introduces a new gun to the Rainbow Six Siege arsenal. It’s an SMG that shoots 50 caliber ring. Thorn’s gun can be used to easily create small aiming lines or holes in the floor, but it should not be used to create larger lines of sight as the player can burn out very quickly. The ability to cause small-scale destruction is useful because the Razorbloom projectiles that can be thrown at them catch attackers off guard.

The other gun in Thorn’s main arsenal is the GSG9, M870 pistol. As for secondary weapons, Thorn has two options, Maverick and Vigil’s TACOPS 1911 and Kali’s C75 Auto. Combinations are still being tested but two popular ones are the UZK50GI pairing with TACOPS 1911 and the M870 with C75. However, the second combination requires a little more skill to use than the first combination due to the recoil of the

In the utility department, Thorn offers another deployable shield for defenders, which can be great for team play. This makes it a total of 9 operators who can carry shields for defense in Rainbow Six Siege (Including Goyo, who gets two). If playing solo, the best choice is barbed wire as it can be combined with Thorn’s utility to deadly results. Thorn is one of the most versatile trap operators in Rainbow Six Siege, and her gear can be used in many creative ways, all of which I’m very excited to see.

Check this out for more tips on how to play operator!

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