Rainbow Six Extraction Level Up Guide – Quick way to earn XP

Rainbow Six Extract There are several core game elements involved in progression. The first is your character’s level, unlocking new weapons and upgrading abilities. Second is your Milestone rank (ie profile). Finally, there are studies that you can complete to see the codex entries. All of these are tied to the experience points you earn. This is ours Rainbow Six Extract Leveling guide to help you quick ways to earn XP.

Note: We will have a Rainbow Six Extract Tutorials and central features soon, so stay tuned.

Rainbow Six Extract Leveling Guide – Quick way to earn XP

Killing, Tactics and Health

All these elements are checked after you safely exit the map and they all give you XP Rainbow Six Extract. Kills simply refers to archeology’s enemies which you eliminated regardless of method (tougher enemies for more XP). Health is your base HP remaining after extraction (not counting temporary boosts from kits or health skills). In the end, the tactics provide a lot of ways to earn bonus XP:

  • Kill Enemies – Kill opponents while stealthy, blow up multiple enemies with Breacher, turret/bomb style skills that take the ultimate hit, perform knockdowns and more.
  • Assists and Utilities – Fortify passages, heal yourself or an ally, revive downed teammates, tag/ping enemies, etc.

Hard mode, go further and bank XP

In addition to the three factors mentioned above, the goals you complete in the quests also provide a lot of XP. However, this value will depend on the difficulty mode. For example, the first goal will yield 1,000 XP if you’re playing on Medium difficulty. However, this is increased to 3,000 XP if you are playing on Extreme difficulty. Subsequent targets in the next subclasses will also provide higher XP. Furthermore, it is likely that you will notice Mutations. These are extras that make your run more difficult, such as the Nest has armor, the Sprawl is also poisonous, and the Mud will appear when the enemy is defeated.

Please keep in mind that Rainbow Six Extract offers high-risk, high-reward gameplay. It’s important to know when to go further and when to get out early. If you’re low on health or the aim might be too difficult, it’s better to exit the map (you’re still “banking” the XP you’ve earned so far). If you take the risk, your character may become incapacitated, and you will have no choice but to MIA Operator Rescue Mission.

Rainbow Six Fast Xp Extract Leveling Instructions 1

Easy Mission Objectives

Speaking of mission objectives, there are some objectives in the game that are very easy to accomplish, especially if you are playing solo. You can take a look at ours mission objective guide if you need help with others, but here are some clear examples:

  • Triangulation – Stealth get rid of mobs when you try to find laptop. Once you have found all three and the points are clear, interact with them in the correct sequence.
  • Follow the Nest – Continue to nestle and silently find the Nest. Grow dynamite to complete the requirements. Be careful, though, as things can get hectic. Mobs can start calling out to others, leading to a chain reaction in which a lot of Nests are alerted.
  • Biopsy – Elites tend to be surrounded by their groups and they have to be unaware of your presence before you can start taking down. Thankfully, you can use the Smoke/Stun Grenade, or the stun/cover ability, before rushing in.
  • Specimens – This won’t be a problem if you just need to catch a Grunt or a Smasher. Shoot the target or make a loud noise and step back as you move to the extraction point.

Rainbow Six Fast Xp 2 Extract Leveling Guide

A little “farming” in the quest Aberrant Nests

More often than not, random groups tend to run gung-ho to accomplish a goal. However, if you are solo, then you will probably have some time to farm. My recommendation for farming XP in Rainbow Six Extract will be the Aberrant Nests quest. The goal here is to find the room with the Blue Bird’s Nest. After shooting or meleeing one, the rest will become active and spawn more mobs.

This is great if you’re mainly getting hostiles like Grunts, Bloaters, and Breachers, as you can step back, capture them, and shoot them all. It gets more complicated if the Nest spawns Spikers, Rooters or other creatures that can hit you from a distance. While you only get XP from kills and tactics, this can help boost your score by the time you finish.

Complete research

Last but not least, we encourage you to complete Research if you want to level up fast in Rainbow Six Extract. These are small quests/quests that can be done in a specific area and they will give you quite a bit of XP as well. You can learn more in New York Study Guide.

Rainbow Six Fast Xp 3 mining leveling guide

Rainbow Six Extract available through Official website, the Epic game store, and Xbox Game Pass.

https://www.pcinvasion.com/rainbow-six-extraction-xp-leveling-guide/ Rainbow Six Extraction Level Up Guide – Quick way to earn XP


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