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I crouched and crept silently as I walked through a goop-infested lair. To my left, I heard the gurgling sounds of a creature. Then, suddenly, another enemy spotted me. It screams and calls more enemies to my location. I can not help it. I also shouted. That’s my experience with Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction.

I can easily say that Rainbow Six Extract is one of the most thrilling games I have played so far. However, this is just a review in progress, as I have yet to see how things turn out when it comes out on february 20. It’s even available on Day 1 through Xbox Game Pass.

The Arrival of the Archaeans

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction uses tactical, squad-based gameplay of Rainbow Six Siege and turned it into a massively multiplayer online PvE affair. It begins with the appearance of the Archaeans, the evolved form of alien parasites first seen in Surroundlimited time events. Now, the stakes are higher and the opponent dies more.

The most common parasitic form of development is the Bird’s Nest. They seem harmless, as you can shoot them and they won’t do anything. But, once warned by other alien beings, they will start spawning more creatures. It can lead to a situation where you are surrounded by dozens of enemies, such as Grunts with claws that will cut your health, Spikers that can fire energy bullets, and Breachers that will explode when they get close to you. Furthermore, you’ll need to deal with sprawling mud, a layer of black mud that continues to cover an area. This landscape feature will slow you down while speeding up your enemies.

You can see vicious lifeforms as you continue to progress, with harder variations appearing much later in levels or on higher difficulty modes. For example, Lurker will cloak their friends, and Smashers, as the name implies, will dash through walls and obstacles as they chase you. There’s also the Tormentor, which can blend into the crowd before appearing and destroying you. And, of course, there’s the Protean which, like a mutated Operator, acts as a boss if that particular goal is in progress (we’ll talk about the quest objective later).

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All in all, I can say that I still enjoy the variety and challenges presented by these enemies. Likewise, their cues and acoustic capabilities lead to an atmosphere of tension, one that will provide a multitude of thrills and opportunities to scream profanities. I recall crazy moments when I played The remaining 4 people died and its sequel many years ago. If you miss those moments, or otherwise The remaining 4 people died want to disappoint you, then maybe Rainbow Six Extract will be more to your liking.

Perhaps my only concern here is that the AI ​​can be a bit inconsistent at times. There are situations when one Archaean calls out to another crowd, starting a chain reaction where everyone is alerted. On the contrary, there were cases where mobs walked around without noticing me even though I was firing shotguns at their comrades just a few meters away.

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The operator and mission goals in Rainbow Six Extract

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction there are four regions (New York, San Francisco, Alaska, and Truth or Consequences). Each region has three separate maps with three subregions. In a way, the levels feel interconnected. Whether you complete an objective or not, you can decide to return to your base or continue on to the next area. If you think you can handle the risk, you can keep pushing for better rewards.

As mentioned earlier, the game takes existing Operators from Surround and drop them into a scary situation. Since each Operator has their own abilities and weapon loading abilities, you’ll want to make sure you’re choosing the right person for the job.

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For example, healers like Doc and Finka are very useful in all situations, as they can keep your allies in tip-top shape. Meanwhile, area control-focused guys like Jager and Tachanka are great when the mission requires you to defend a position. Jager can place a turret that automatically fires on moving enemies, while Tachanka has a machine gun turret that can also be used by allies.

In other situations, scouting may be more viable. If the quest objective requires you to destroy the Nest, then you might want to pick Pulse as his ability allows him to detect those traits. Vigil is also amazing thanks to his concealment. Operators also level up as you complete objectives and kill more enemies, unlocking upgrades to their skills as well as additional weapons that can be equipped.

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Some are afraid of progress

Sadly, I had some anxiety while playing Rainbow Six Extract. Chief among these is the fact that a Moderator who “died” on a mission would become the MIA. You will then need to go on a rescue mission to bring them back. This is a really good mechanic, as it promotes the idea that these tasks are really risky. However, it can feel a bit restrictive at times, as Operators that fall below the HP threshold will be “injured” and therefore not selectable in future runs.

Your only way is to pick a character you might not be familiar with, clear multiple targets and gain lots of XP just to improve the HP recovery of those on your roster. There was actually a time when I lost Doc and Vigil, while a few others only had 60-70 HP left. Since I wanted to avoid possible mishaps when I used my preferred Operators, I had no choice but to choose the characters I just leveled up.

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What’s more, some goals don’t feel as if they’ve been scaled properly if you go it alone. Nest tracking, triangulation, hunts, specimens, and biopsies are all fairly easy to complete. Meanwhile, Decontamination, Gateway and Sabotage might be more suitable if you go with a team.

However, I think my anxiety is mainly due to solo matches (game without bots). I’ve had trouble finding other reviewers to make friends with due to the time difference and have only been able to try multiplayer a few times. There is also a Maelstrom Protocol endgame game mode. I’ve unlocked it and I’m just waiting for more players to try it out. We will have a summary Rainbow Six Extract Early review scores, so stay tuned.

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