Rainbow Six Extraction: Download the best material

Some operators in Rainbow Six Extract Can be customized to do different things. Players have abilities that allow them to choose to play offensively or defensively and decide which way they want to play. Doc, however, is not one of those characters.

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Doc is explicitly built for support. His health shots can give the player a quick 20 health, or he can revive himself if knocked down. Teammates will be delighted to have Doc on their team, as long as that player is prepared for Rainbow Six Extract fit.


Main Weapon – SG-CQB

Rainbow Six Extraction A complete look at CQB SG
  • Three-dimensional sights
  • Vertical handle

Every character, as a rule, should have a noisy weapon and a quiet weapon with them at all times. Doc is lucky in that his original shotgun is one of the best in the game, giving him a monstrous damage gun with a satisfying reload.

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Due to the demand for his services, Doc should be considered as one of the the smartest operators to level up first. But he doesn’t need any points to immediately start with his best gun. Other automatic weapons work well but lack the open-combat blocking power of a shotgun.

Secondary Weapon – P9

Rainbow Six Extraction Panoramic P9

According to established rules, Doc’s secondary weapon needs to be able to be silent. This rules out the LFP586, which the community largely considers one of the worst guns in the game. Thankfully, the P9 is available immediately, just like the primary weapon.

Besides not needing gain experience points quickly To gain access to your ideal payload, equip this weapon with a range that can cover the entire map. Suppressors deal low damage and are unsuitable for initiating combat, but shots at the weak point are one-shot kills.

Explosive Technology – School Wall

Rainbow Six Extraction Panoramic View of the School Wall

The hardest objectives in the game are those that involve defending a point from an automatically alerted opponent. Stealth is completely useless for these modes and teams will often take damage they take heal between missions.

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The Field Wall mitigates damage inflicted by ranged opponents and is another support tool for Doc to use to the benefit of the team. Let the others focus more on the offensive explosions, Doc knows his job and the Field Wall is the right choice for him.

Gear – Armor

Rainbow Six Extraction Panoramic view of armor

Heal is good, but there’s a cooldown, and it’s often meaningful to retain the healing when killed. Instead of being exposed, slap on some armor and use the ability to heal others when they need it instead of saving the shots for Doc.

This combines well with Doc’s advancement that reduces damage by 30%. Take up to 50% damage reduction between the two to ensure that Doc is a tough kill. Instead of worrying about the weak support hero, Doc allowed his teammates to focus completely on the task at hand.

Rainbow Six Extract was released on January 20, 2022, and is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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