‘Racist’ Penn Law Professor Amy Wax Causes Trouble Claiming US ‘Better With Fewer Asians’

A controversial law professor at the University of Pennsylvania is controversial — again — for her racially insensitive remarks.

This time, Amy Wax was called xenophobic in a recent interview with Glenn Loury, a professor of social sciences at Brown University, and was quick to applaud her critics. But her “advocacy” only made things worse, as she directly stated that since “most” Asian Americans support Democrats, “America is better off with fewer Asians.” and fewer Asian immigrants”.

The social media backlash was swift, with former President Donald Trump’s granddaughter Mary Trump even chime in.

“It helps to explain the situation in which this country found itself that an Ivy League college that allowed racist #AmyWax was morally and intellectually bankrupt to teach the next generation of American lawyers. . There will be consequences to this kind of hateful @pennlaw rhetoric,” she wrote.

It all started with the December 20 episode of The Glenn Show, in which Wax discusses U.S. immigration, emphasizing how difficult it is to welcome people into Western societies if they don’t share the same values ​​— an idea she also embraced. shared in a recent time speech.

“It’s hard to integrate those people or be confident that our way of life will continue if we bring in a lot of unfamiliar people. These are not the original ideas about [political] Wax told Loury. “This could lead to a change in the racial profile of those coming in. Obviously, we will have fewer people from Africa. We’re going to have fewer people in some parts of Asia and more white people — not a lot of white people wanting to come to the United States. ”

Specifically, Wax refers to South Asian elites immigrating to America, whom she distinguishes from migrants from Latin America.

“[We] must distinguish the mass immigration, which we get from Hispanics, south of the border, which I think poses different questions and challenges from the Asian elites that we’re having,” she said. “That is not to say that the flow of Asian elites is not without problems. I really think it’s the problem. … I think it’s because there is this… danger of domination by an Asian elite in this country, and what does that mean? What does it mean to change the culture?

“Does the spirit of freedom beat in their chests?” she continued.

Wax considers libertarians “those who do not believe in centralized power, those with a ‘don’t step on me’ attitude, those who focus … on our freedom, our liberties, on a small scale the individual responsibility of those who do not comply in good ways. “

The law professor noted that the idea of ​​“wakefulness” is an elite ideology and that “Asian people tend to conform more than any other dominant ethos.”

Later, Wax turned against Indians who stayed in America after complaining that the country was racist.

Her remarks don’t bode well with Loury’s audience.

Loury posted an email he received from a listener George Lee, who said he generally opposes undocumented immigration and generally agrees with Wax. But her latest words “annoyed” him.

“It’s a terrible thing for America to turn immigrants against basic American values,” agrees Lee. “But… race and national origin are very poor facilitators of cultural values ​​that need to be preserved outside of America.”

Lee detailed the Asian immigrants who made racial strides in America, “who pounded the sidewalks and created the airwaves to help stem the tide of fundamentalism.” race and collective judgment in proposed statutes, ballot initiatives and elections”.

“In many ways, Asians are the main contributors to some of these successes,” he said. “Asian people contribute to the academic, technological, and economic competitiveness of the United States, with whom we share interests.”

Wax later issued a rebuttal, saying that Lee was “too optimistic about the influence of Asians and Asian immigrants”.

“In the case of Asians in America, the Democrats have the majority of the vote,” Wax argues. “I find Asian support for these policies very confusing, because I don’t see how they benefit Asians. We can speculate (and, yes, generally) about Asians’ desire to please the elite.

“As long as most Asians support the Democrats and help elevate their position, I think the United States will be better off with fewer Asians and fewer Asian immigrants,” she added.

Wax’s anti-Asian comments quickly went viral on social media.

Current job Editor Nathan Robinson tweeted, “University of Pennsylvania law professor Amy Wax, who insists she’s not racist despite praising the primacy of ‘European’ culture, now argues the US needs to” fewer Asians” and we need to ask “how many Asians are too many.”

“The most ironic part of this is that Wax complains about the decline of ‘bourgeois values’, but then opposes the immigrant group (Asian) who are removing it from the park when it comes to ‘bourgeois values’. that value (academic achievement, entrepreneurship. , focus on family, etc.), “another person Twitter users posted.

Writer and scholar of race relations in history and law Brando Simeo Starkey wrote, “I had the misfortune of dining with her in a group setting. She is completely racist.”

The University of Pennsylvania Law School did not immediately return a request for comment to The Daily Beast.

washington articles reported that Wax had previously faced backlash for falsely claiming that Black students in their class were rarely among the most successful students at Penn.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Black student graduate in the top quarter of my class, and rarely, rarely, in the top half,” she said in a 2017 interview with Loury.

As a result of Wax’s comments, a dean at Penn Law said that the professor would no longer teach compulsory subjects but only teach electives.

Dean Theordore Ruger said: “Black students have graduated to the top of their class at Penn Law. “Contrary to any other suggestion, Black students at Penn Law are extremely successful, both in and out of the classroom, in the job market, and in their careers.”

In her latest talk with Loury, Wax claimed that former students of color were trying to get her fired.

https://www.thedailybeast.com/racist-penn-law-prof-amy-wax-makes-disturbing-claim-us-is-better-off-with-fewer-asians?source=articles&via=rss ‘Racist’ Penn Law Professor Amy Wax Causes Trouble Claiming US ‘Better With Fewer Asians’


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