QAnon Shaman Jacob Chansley to go to jail for Capitol riots

“QAnon Shaman” was punished Wednesday with one of the harshest prison sentences for a Capitol rioter.

Jacob Chansley — the infamous 33-year-old man who stormed the Capitol on January 6 with a spear and a bull while wearing a horned helm made of wolf skin—Have been sentenced to 41 months in prison after pleading guilty to several riot-related charges.

Speaking in his own defense during the hearing, Chansley asked Judge Royce C. Lamberth for leniency – arguing that while breaking the law, he had learned his lesson since his time in prison. and solitary confinement.

“Men of honor admit when they’re wrong… I was wrong when I entered the Capitol. I have no reason, no reason at all,” Chansley said on Wednesday, before emphasizing that he is not a “domestic insurgency or terrorist”. “I am a good man who broke the law.”

In his nearly 45-minute rambling speech to the court, Chansley cited Jesus Christ, Mahatma Gandhi, Stephen King’s prison drama. The Shawshank Redemption, and Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas to argue that he has changed since the January 6 siege.

“I have great admiration for Gandhi. I look up at Jesus. I wanted to mirror them,” Chansley said, before asking Lamberth to listen to “my heart and my desire to live the life of Christ or Gandhi. ”

Assistant U.S. Attorney Kimberly Paschall argued that Chansley – who pleaded guilty to civil disorder, obstruction of a formal proceeding and disruptive conduct in a restricted building on September 3 – – should receive a 51-month sentence. Noting that such punishment would be the longest prison sentence for MAGA rioters accused of involvement in riots, Paschall stressed that it was necessary to show “this defendant and any other person, regardless of credit their creed, beliefs, political convictions or otherwise—to anyone who might want to harm this city, this country, this democracy, the message today is: Don’t. “

Meanwhile, Al Watkins, Chansley’s defense attorney, insisted on Wednesday that his client – a native of Phoenix, Arizona who quickly emerged as the face of the Capitol riots – was no longer a Trump-friendly conspiracy theorist and had been diagnosed. diagnosed with schizoid personality disorder.

As a result, Watkins argued, Chansley should receive a punishment “significantly less” than the prosecution’s recommendation.

However, Lamberth ultimately sided with prosecutors, saying that while he believes Chansley is sincere in his remorse “what you’ve done here is appalling.” In addition to his jail time, the judge ordered Chansley to participate in drug testing and mental health treatment. He also had to pay $2,000 in restitution.

“What you have done is terrible. You have made yourself at the center of the riot,” the judge added.

As one of the first to break into the Capitol, Chansley was notoriously photographed in his eccentric outfit alongside a group of like-minded MAGA rioters. In a criminal complaint, prosecutors argued that Chansley was part of a small group that stormed the Senate chamber while dozens of elected officials were forced to hide for hours. Others stormed the Senate chamber including a Air Force vet holding leash and an armament The Alabama man said God told him to enter the building.

“The defendant then stalked the building’s sacred halls, infuriated other members of the crowd with screaming profanity about our nation’s legislators, and seized the ‘opportunity’ ‘ to remove our government from those he has long considered traitors,” prosecutors said in the sentencing memo.

After being admitted to the room “by the grace of God,” Chansley admitted to authorities that he sat in Vice President Mike Pence’s Senate seat because he was “a traitor to child trafficking,” according to the court. court documents.

“It’s only a matter of time, justice will come,” Chansley wrote in a letter left in Pence’s chair, though he insisted to the FBI it was not a threat.

Authorities say that just a day after the uprising, Chansley called the FBI admitted he had joined the riot and that “he came … with other ‘patriots’ from Arizona, at the request of the President that all ‘patriots’ come to DC” , a criminal complaint writes.

Chansley was arrested on January 9 and charged with six counts, including causing civil disorder, obstructing an official process, disorderly conduct in a restricted building and protesting in public. a Capitol building.

The Feds also noted that prior to the riots, Chansley was the “self-proclaimed leader” of QAnon, a violent conspiracy theory that suggested that pedophiles and cannibals within the Democratic Party would be arrested and executed.

“The government cannot overstate the seriousness of the conduct of defendant one of the most prominent figures in the historic Capitol riots on January 6, 2021,” prosecutors said. in his November sentencing memo, “His consistent rhetoric before and after the event, and his apparent ability to carry out his intention to remove traitors from his government us rudely, is clear evidence in this case. Only the courageous efforts of law enforcement can keep the people he has his eye on out of his way.”

In a memo in January, prosecutors noted that Chansley lied to authorities about his drug use – telling them he had only smoked weed “three times per week in the past.” even as he brags on podcasts about regularly drinking mushrooms and peyote.

“Additionally, Chansley’s full portrait of glaring mental health problems – which he has publicly disseminated, includes firmly held erroneous occult beliefs and leadership in a dangerous extremist group, QAnon, founded on an imaginary conspiracy theory – no [disclosed by him]”, the memo read, adding that Chansley had previously said he thought he was ‘an alien. “

Since his arrest, Chansey has attracted the attention of many attempts to get out of jail, including his infamous need for organic food while in captivity because of his alleged Shamanic faith. After claiming he hadn’t eaten for nine days because his Shamanic faith prevented him from eating the non-organic food offered in prison, Chansey was finally asked to go on his diet.

Watkins previously told The Daily Beast that after his arrest, Chansley “went through a period of introspection” and realized he was “open to propaganda from the former president.” A key element of his wake-up call, Watkins said, was that Trump appeared to have surreptitiously requested pardons from Chansley and other Capitol rioters. Following Chansley’s confession, Watkins also noted that his client had rebranded and would now only be referred to as “The Wizard”.

“This case is not about Donald Trump. It is not about politics. It’s not about conspiracy theorists and people embracing the results of conspiracies,” Watkins wrote in his sentencing memo. “Mr. Chansley is not a political prisoner. He does not seek to be labeled as such. “Rather, this case is about a weak and vulnerable human being … one of them. us (it can be our brothers, sisters, relatives, friends, co-workers, co-workers, neighbors).” QAnon Shaman Jacob Chansley to go to jail for Capitol riots


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