Putin’s ‘puppet’ in Ukraine is an anti-American Troll who loves all movies

KYIV — Yevheniy Murayev seems almost grateful that British intelligence has rated him as highly By Vladimir Putin questionable choice to top a puppet government in the event of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

In an interview with The Daily Beast, the wealthy 45-year-old politician, who now finds himself at the center of a global media storm surrounding the report, said he was “delighted” with “recognition”. name” that he had acquired a few weeks ago.

On the same day, British authorities charged him with being a Russian spy last month, Murayev posted a picture the scene of him holding a gun in the James Bond “Skyfall 007” setting. “James Bond post is intended to troll the stupidity of the British Foreign Office,” said Murayev, who said like Kremlindenies being part of any Russian conspiracy, told The Daily Beast on Wednesday.

However, Murayev proved weak in his pro-Russian historical views. As the founder of a notorious pro-Russian television channel — of which he was a frequent visitor — his allegiance to the Kremlin was public for many years.

In addition, the politician also publicly announced his plans to run in Ukraine’s 2024 presidential election. As Russian troops accumulate around Ukraine’s border and millions fear what appears to be inevitable war, Murayev says he is carefully – and ambitiously – charting his path to politics. Ukraine’s highest authority.

“When I become the leader of the country, it will take me a year and a half to change, I have a plan, a formula,” Murayev told The Daily Beast. “[Ukrainian president] Zelensky ended, if he has any political instincts to preserve himself, he should call early elections. ”

“Murayev jumped from party to party three times, so he was considered a pervert and a skeptic.”

– political analyst Sergei Markov

In Moscow, many welcomed Murayev’s call for Ukraine to give up its dream of joining the European Union or NATO. Kremlin political technologist Sergei Markov believes that many in Russian President Vladimir Putin’s closest circle appreciate Murayev for his cynicism.

“He is the ideal man because he has millions of dollars – the Kremlin likes that he can be self-sufficient for a few years, he is not a beggar and he has no clear ideology. obviously – that’s what they like about the Kremlin, unfortunately they like men like Murayev who don’t have a deep ideology,” Markov told The Daily Beast on Wednesday. “Murayev jumped from party to party three times, so he was considered a pervert and a skeptic.”

Four years after the war with Russian-backed rebels in the Donbas, Murayev founded a pro-Russian party and named it after Putin’s famous anti-liberal youth movement, Nashi, which means “Ours” “. He then launched his own eponymous TV channel, featured a series of political talk shows, and recently punished of the National Security Council of Ukraine.

Why “Ours”? Because he believes that every other political party in Ukraine is dependent on “foreign forces,” Murayev told The Daily Beast. “Liberalism is a curse word in Ukraine,” he added.

“America is a colonial country with a colonial mentality, they became a great power just because they robbed other peoples and lived like parasites.”

– Yevheniy Murayev

The politician doesn’t have a more favorable view of Washington, telling The Daily Beast that he thinks “Ukraine has become a country dependent on decisions being made in the UK and US” and he wants to ” prevent the country from becoming a colony of the West”.

“America is a colonial country with a colonial mentality, they became a great power just because they robbed other peoples and lived like parasites,” asserted Murayev on a TV talk show. Nash this week. “If you think they’ve changed, you’re wrong. They see Ukraine as a new colony. Only global Europe can fight them. In Ukraine, we will fix everything that is broken and become the next business and political platform for discussions about European unity.”

Murayev has long used methods of ridicule, mockery, and humiliation of his political opponents and others who disagree with his views. Last week, dozens of Ukrainians protested outside the Nash TV channel with banners reading: “Nash is not ours, it’s theirs” and “Nash is the Kremlin’s weapon in the heart of the capital.” The politician later posted a video of the protest with a voiceover imitating a psychologist who said the protesters were exhibiting a “syndrome” of “psychopathy”.

“Washington did not express any concern when President Zelensky banned three pro-Russian TV channels or when a mob attacked my channel last week,” he told The Daily Beast. “They have double standards and our people can see that.”

Murayev was born in the Ukrainian city of Kharkiv, less than 40 kilometers from the Russian border. His father was a director of a local factory and is rumored to be very close to former Prime Minister Mykola Azarov, with whom Murayev fled Ukraine for Russia at the end of the pro-European revolution. He did not explain why, of all people, he received the call from the prime minister. “We knew each other, so he called me, when he was in Kharkiv at the end of February 2014,,” he told The Daily Beast. “It was a difficult situation … so we drove to Russia across the national border of Ukraine.”

Murayev speaks Russian even on TV shows where all the other participants speak Ukrainian. A segment on Nash TV recently his show The spacious wooden villa, complete with high ceilings and a traditional Russian stove, he shares with his wife and their four children. In the interview, he complained that the Ukrainians “no longer” own their country, thanks in part to the US, before preparing some slabs of meat for grilling.

Daria Kaleniuk, a Kyiv-based anti-corruption activist, is adamant that Murayev is dangerous for Ukraine. “I’m not sure what our security service is thinking [for not detaining Murayev]when someone like Murayev is walking around, going on television, calling for the removal of the president at a time when we are facing war,” she told The Daily Beast.

Others, like the popular Ukraine 24 TV presenter Yevgeny Kiselev, think that although Murayev is indeed a “completely toxic politician,” he has no real chance in an election. free and fair. Kiselev told The Daily Beast: “If the SVR or the FSB or the Russian Security Council really talked to Murayev, they barely understood the real politics of Ukraine.”

https://www.thedailybeast.com/putins-puppet-in-ukraine-is-an-anti-us-troll-loving-all-the-drama?source=articles&via=rss Putin’s ‘puppet’ in Ukraine is an anti-American Troll who loves all movies

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