PUBG update patch 16.1 for February 16

PUBG Update 16.1 went live for PC players last week and now, after scheduled maintenance, is coming to consoles. According to the patch notes, it will fix many bugs and technical issues.

Today, a new update will be available for PUBG brings dozens of bug fixes as well as some important improvements to the game.

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From weapon balancing to UI enhancements, the developers have made some necessary changes to ensure a satisfying experience for all players.

PUBG | Movie trailer for a lucky day



PUBG | Movie trailer for a lucky day





PUBG Update 16.1 console maintenance schedule

PUBG dropped at 8pm PST / 5am CET for approx seven o’clock. This means that the servers will be back up and running at the following times:

  • 3 a.m. PST
  • 6 a.m. ET
  • 11 am GMT
  • 12 o’clock at night CET

PUBG 16.1 Update Patch Notes on PC and consoles

Please note, any bullets beginning with (PC) us for the PC version of PUBG only one.

Fix live server error:

  • Fixed a black screen issue where the Basic Training intro video wouldn’t play.
  • Fixed an issue where the destroyed Drone icon was displayed as white on both the Minimum Map and the World Map.
  • Fixed the issue of buried trees near Yong Cheon area in Taego.
  • Fixed an issue with the kill count and airdrop menu being displayed in Training Mode.
  • (PC) Fixed an issue where players could move to the next step without agreeing to the terms and conditions of KRAFTON ID for KAKAO.
  • (PC) Fixed an issue where “Confirm” and “Cancel” text was not displayed in KRAFTON ID terms and conditions for KAKAO.


  • Damage increase: 40 → 41
  • Initial bullet increase speed: 780m/s → 880m/s
  • Damage reduction range increased: 50m → 60m


  • Damage increase: 50 → 51
  • Damage reduction range increased: 75m → 90m
  • Mk12 will now spawn on all available maps (Normal and Ranked).
    • The spawn setting in Custom Match has been applied accordingly.

Egg spawner:

  • Fixed spawn points for Porter have been added to Taego in Ranked Battles.

Map service:

  • Normal match
    • Erangel / Miramar / Sanhok / Karakin / Taego
  • Ranked match
    • Erangel / Miramar / Taego

Minimum map:

  • The colors of the Miramar minimap have been slightly adjusted for greater clarity and realism.

Friends List:

  • The Previous List from the Friends List has been moved to a separate tab.
    • PUBG Friends / Platform Friends / Previous List
  • (Control Panel) The default selection is set on the first player of the page.
    • Applies to Friend Lists, Friend Requests and Recent Players.
  • (Control Panel) The selection remains in its current position when the list is refreshed.
    • Applies to Friend Lists, Friend Requests, Recent Players, and Team Finder.

Match Report:

  • The Summary tab in the Match Report page now shows the player’s battle records in terms of kills and DBNOs.


  • To make it more convenient for players to use shortcuts for spray cans, the Emotion Shortcut setting will now also have an option to activate spray items.
    • The name for this option will be updated in the next Update 16.2.
  • The spray distance of spray items has increased.


  • Unnecessary in-game content, widgets, sounds, and animations have been removed from each game mode and platform to enhance in-game stability and loading speed.



  • (PC) Fixed an issue where bots couldn’t move to land from water.
  • (PC) Fixed Blue Zone detection issue in Bootcamp, Sanhok (Team Deathmatch).
  • (PC) Fixed an issue in Custom Matches where the Observer could not click the Confirm/Cancel button after using the Kick feature.
  • (PC) Fixed an issue where the screen ping marker was marked to the player’s current vehicle instead of the player’s expected location when the player was in the vehicle in ADS mode.
  • (Console) Fixed an issue in Basic Training where players could only complete shooting missions in ADS mode.
  • (Dashboard) Fixed an issue where the selection in the Inventory was automatically placed to the bottom.
  • Fixed an issue that could bring multiple players down.
  • Fixed awkward animation when resurrecting a downed teammate after bringing in more than one downed player.
  • Fixed an issue where players were seen in an unusual position after being knocked down while taking out a downed teammate.
  • Fixed an issue where the feed was knocked down and the message didn’t appear after knocking down an enemy outside a certain range.
  • Fixed an issue of receiving unspecified damage in a farm field near Go Dok, Taego while riding a tricycle.
  • Fixed an issue with the same number of throws as other players after rejoining the game session.
  • Fixed an issue where the Comeback Arena message appeared when a player, with their entire team wiped out, was seeing an enemy.
  • Fixed an issue where the DBNO message appeared for players outside of a specific range.
  • Fixed an issue where players would be invincible when using Drones during Auto Run.
  • Fixed an issue where players would die trying to loot items through the Inventory while using Self AED.
  • Fixed an issue where the Drone icon’s cursor was pointing in a different direction in both the Minimal Map and the World Map.


  • (PC) Fixed flickering foliage and slow loading issues in Erangel.
  • Fixed collisions, textures, performance, and more general issues in Taego.
  • Fixed poster flickering issue in Taego.


  • (Console) Fixed screen dimming when players preview PCS2 OUTPUT SET.
  • (Dashboard) Fixed the Invite group option to move to the right when the Group Finder is enabled in the Social page.
  • (Console) Fixed broken text for the game view option in Ratings when the game language was set to spanish.
  • (Control Panel) Fixed confusing text alignment of the Radio Message button preset description in Settings.
  • (PC) Fixed an issue where the Sandbox logo disappeared when disabling and enabling the user interface in Sandbox Mode.
  • (PC) Fixed an issue where teammates’ UI was missing when entering the map from the Inventory screen.
  • (PC) Fixed the pop-up menu issue on the left when clicking the Profile button in the main lobby.
  • (PC) Fixed a pop-up menu issue on the left when clicking on a player’s nickname from the chat.
  • (PC) Fixed an issue that could not be zoomed in/out in item previews after opening the Store chat.
  • (PC) Fixed overlapping UI issue after reading Reputation Level description in Social page.
  • (PC) Fixed an issue where game ratings were missing from the bottom left of the System Menu.
  • Fixed an issue where players would momentarily see two rewards despite the Season 13 rating obtained in the Inventory.
  • Fixed an issue where the main lobby was dark when the plane door was closed.

Item & Leather:

  • (PC) Fixed a clipping issue when a character equips certain helmet items with eye accessory items.
  • Reduce the brightness of Jeremy Lin – Dot Sight / Magazine by AKM skin as they look relatively brighter indoors.
  • Fixed an issue where character’s armpits would become transparent when using emojis with some jacket items equipped.
  • Fixed an issue where female characters’ legs became transparent after equipping Manhunter pants with any of the uppers.
  • Fixed an issue where the colors of the El Solitario Werewolf Suit appeared abnormally in the game.
  • Fixed missing logo on Ready to Rumble Gloves.
  • Fixed texture issues of PCS5 Squad Wipe Vest (Level 1).

PUBG Currently available for free on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and PC.

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