PUBG 15.1 Patch Notes Update on PC on December 1

PUBG get a new update to kick off the Season 15 Ranked, introduce a brand new vehicle, change the map rotation, and rework some existing maps. Let’s take a look at the details of PUBG update 15.1.

For competitive games like PUBG, listening to the needs of the community is definitely an important part of a developer’s job. Community feedback needs to be considered in every game change and this is the way to it PUBG group tracked by latest updates.

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After hearing community concerns about the Map Service Plan, now PUBG there is a new map rotation for Section 15. With that, the devs applied some balance changes on the weapons and made some upgrades on the map to make the whole experience more balanced.

PUBG: NEW STATE | Official launch trailer



PUBG: NEW STATE | Official launch trailer





PUBG 15.1 Patch Notes Update (PC)

Map service plan

  • Normal match
    • Erangel / Miramar / Sanhok / Taego / Vikendi
  • Ranking
    • Erangel / Miramar / Taego

New vehicle: Mountain bike

  • Map: All maps in normal matches
  • Reproduces in a folded form.
  • Open it up into a removable car or store them in storage.
  • Folds back into an item when stored back into the warehouse.
  • Since there is no speedometer, the current travel speed is not displayed.
  • Does not appear in eSports Mode.
  • Maximum number of passengers: One
  • Max speed:
    • Maximum speed without sprinting (85% Throttle): 50 km/h
    • Ride with Boost 40% or more (90% Station): 54 km/h
    • Ride with sprint touch (100% Ga): 62 km/h
  • HP: Indestructible, not even the wheel
  • Product weight: 70
  • Fuel Consumption: None

Weapon balance

  • P90
    • Increased horizontal and vertical recoil
    • Increase ADS deviation during fully automatic continuous shooting
    • Lowered Care ammo from 250 -> 200 bullets
  • Pistols
    • Increased damage reduction range to improve effective range by several meters for each shotgun
    • Increase the probability of hitting the target in short range
    • Increases saw damage by 1
    • Reduced spread of sawed pellets
  • LMGs
    • Reduced recoil when shooting in crouching and standing positions
    • Body damage multiplier increased from 1.0 to 1.05
    • Increases M249 damage by 1
    • Increases MG3 damage by 2
    • MG3 horizontal recoil reduction
  • SMG
    • Head damage multiplier increased from 1.8 to 2.1
    • Increased accuracy of PP-19 Bizon weapon when firing full auto ADS
    • UMP45 damage reduction at longer range
    • Reduced accuracy of UMP45 weapons when firing full auto ADS
  • AUG
    • Increases damage by 1
    • Increased damage reduction range to improve effective range

Journal Balance

  • If you want up to 60% faster reloads, get QuickDraw Magazine.
  • If you want the highest magazine capacity, get Extended Magazine.
  • If you want a little bit of both, get the Extended QuickDraw Magazine.

World Update

  • Update Vikendi
    • Dinoland has turned into KAKAO FRIENDS LAND.
    • Billboard for KAKAO FRIENDS has been added.
    • The buildings have been decorated with KAKAO FRIENDS ornaments.
    • The Christmas theme has been applied to Dinoland, Castle and Winery.
    • Christmas weather has been added.

Update training mode

  • All vehicles except Scooters have been removed from Training Mode to prevent various crash and sound issues and to keep players from being disturbed by other players’ vehicles during the process. shooting practice.
  • After we observe the change in memory usage issues, we will discuss the feature that allows players to choose the vehicle of their choice in Training Mode.

Action wheel update

  • An additional Action Wheel with another 8 slots was added as we noticed that players didn’t seem to have enough space to fit and use all of their spray items and emotes.
  • Players will be able to find their additional Action Wheels in the Customization tab.
  • In the lobby or during a match, the player can use the mouse wheel to switch between the first and second action wheel.
  • If the player selects a spray item from their Action Wheel in the lobby, a message will pop up stating that the spray cannot be used.

Performance update

  • There have been performance updates with the Hidden tab.
    • The loading speed when accessing the page for the first time has been improved.
    • A feature that can help prevent random weapon upgrades has been added.
      • A message showing the current level has been added to the Upgrade button.
      • When the player clicks the Upgrade button, an additional confirmation message will pop up.
  • Memory usage has been improved by removing unused and duplicate data files in the game.

Update Smoke Grenade

  • The deployment sound stops for ten seconds before the smoke completely disappears.
  • The fading of the smoke overlay begins when the sound effects stop, so players can start seeing as early as five seconds while inside the smoke.


  • Gameplay
    • Fixed an issue where the Interactive key was bound to the F key even though the Interactive key was set to a different key.
    • Fixed PGC 2021 Contingent Chaos issue – Beryl M762’s rails blocked the player’s line of sight in ADS mode.
    • Fixed an issue where players could not join Comeback BR ​​after being killed when disconnected from the game.
    • Fixed an issue where custom game sessions were deleted for unknown reasons.
    • Fixed an issue where the dirt bike had a flat tire moving slowly on the ground.
    • Fixed a smoke effect visual issue when using DX11 Enhanced.
    • Fixed an issue where black lines were displayed on characters when players set their effects settings to low.
    • Fixed an issue where a blank screen was displayed to a player when a custom game session was deleted.
    • Fixed an issue where characters were displayed in a consistent pose after pausing during playback.
    • Fixed creatures not being killed when shot.
    • Fixed SORT BY feature not working in inventory.
    • Fixed an issue where the crosshairs of a weapon with a scope fitted in ADS mode severely wobbled when used in the rear seat of a vehicle.
  • World
    • Fixed general bugs in Sanhok.
    • Fixed an issue on Erangel where players could not damage others on the other side of a certain fence.
    • Fixed an issue on Miramar where terrain texture quality was low.
  • User interface
    • Fixed an issue where the parachute bonus from Ranked Part 13 was displayed as two inventory items.
    • Fixed an issue where the kill message in the upper right screen didn’t disappear during matches.
    • Fixed an issue where the character would glitch when changing items in the set item preview screen.
    • Fixed an issue where free space was displayed at the bottom left of the in-game chat box.
    • Fixed an awkward P90 magazine appearance in stock.
    • Fixed an issue where feed text would break due to a specific feed limit setting.
    • Fixed an issue where Porter’s inventory text looked awkward in a particular solution.
    • Fixed an issue where text was cut off after a teammate died in Ranked when the player set the game language to English.
  • Items and Skins
    • Fixed a clipping issue when a male character equips Shadowstar’s Top’s Moon Rabbit Jacket.
    • Fixed the issue of Bunny Aeronautics – M416 and Bunny Aeronautics – Mini-14 looking very dark indoors.
    • Fixed an issue where Night Hunter Outfits bullet rounds looked awkward in-game.
    • Fixed clipping issue when PUBG Varsity Jacket was fitted to most gauntlet items.
    • Fixed an issue with the female character’s top and bottom cutting when equipping specific coat items.

PUBG Now available on PS4, Xbox One and PC. The above update is only available for the PC version of the game.

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