Psaki Accidentally Admits Biden Supports ‘Jim Crow’ Filibuster When Cornered on Texas Runaway Stunt

As Democrats increasingly denounce everything they oppose as literally “racist,” they begin to fall into all the traps they have set for their political opponents.

That is, sooner or later, they will all end up supporting something that has been denounced as racist.

And this is exactly what happened to the entire Democratic establishment after the stunt of Texas Democratic lawmakers who fled their state this week rather than allowing a Republican majority to pass an electoral integrity bill that they oppose because it is – you guessed it – racist.

You see, they loudly announced this year that filibuster is racist, too. In fact, it’s so racist that fugitive members of the Texas House of Representatives and Senate plan to spend time in hiding in Washington DC lobbying for For the People’s Act would federalize the elections and end the elections.

However, there is a big problem.


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Filtering is exactly what Democrats are doing in Washington DC when they try to vote on an election bill they don’t like.

And racism, according to President Joe Biden, is not just racism, it is, Jim Crow’s monument.

So if you’re watching at home, the trash is literally Jim Crow, but not if the Democrat comes to Washington DC to… fight… cameraman?

This isn’t really so obvious when you consider that the Democrats used 327 times more cameras than their Republican counterparts in 2020, however, this is really hard. judge.

It’s just as awkward as White House press secretary Jen Psaki inadvertently admits that Biden essentially supported the movie, a relic of Jim Crow.

While no one has pressed her directly into all this confusion about how and when the film is a relic of the era of American history when Americans separation according to their skin color, she is already was asked during a news conference whether President Joe Biden would ever take on a situation like the Texas Democrat did this week, which she very effectively proceeded with by not responding, as well as Her best talent.

“Do you know of any examples in his 36 years in the Senate where Joe Biden just hopped on a train,” said Uncle Joe. love his trains – “and left town to avoid a vote he knew he was going to lose?” she was asked by her most prominent opponent in the press group, Fox News’ Peter Doocy.


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Psaki doesn’t seem to know and neither would we if Biden ever hopped on a train with beer box because he’s grumpy the Republicans have the votes they need to pass a bill he doesn’t like, but we certainly know he’ll probably stand a chance.

After all, he actually defended the film (which we now have good authority on – Biden’s – which is actually a relic of Jim Crow, remember) in 2005, when he was still serving in the Senate. American Institute:

Either way, Psaki didn’t answer Doocy’s question after jokingly welcoming him “back”, to laughter from the press team.

“Look, I think the view of the president is that these Texas legislators have issued a statement through action that contradicts their state’s efforts to protest restrictions on rights. basics of people and their right to vote in their state,” she said.

Her mistake that it looks like the Texas Democrats are working against anti-government efforts law they fled the state to try to stop the pass just highlighting Psaki’s technique of using a lot of words to say almost nothing – as this has nothing to do with whether Biden ever did anything. anything like that in his day yet. in the Senate.

However, Psaki is certain that the Biden administration is behind the Texas Democrats’ efforts to business stagnation of the state government.

Do Democrats really think the cameraman is racist?

The president “certainly welcomes their actions and their outspoken opposition to their efforts to introduce restrictions in their state,” Psaki explained.

When Doocy began to say, “it’s probably funny to think of it that way, but the president is talking about this as the most serious attack on democracy…” he was interrupted by a Psaki was indignant.

“I don’t think this is funny at all,” she said importantly and raised her hand to stop Doocy from completing her question.

Of course, Doocy clearly means “odd” rather than funny (though it’s certainly funny), he activated Psaki virtue signal, and she heard it loud and clear.

“I think it’s important to note that even though there are 28 states here – including Texas – where there are laws in place or in the works to make voting more difficult and it requires must take bold action. bold voice giọng to speak up and make sure people understand their rights,” she stated.

Doocy then asked if Biden, who boasted during the campaign that he could make deals with Republicans, thought the best thing Texas lawmakers should do was hide in Washington. DC to avoid legislative passage.

“Basically, the president believes you should work together in areas where you can find agreement,” she replied, pointing to the current bipartisan negotiations. infrastructure spending.

Psaki concludes: “And you should also be frank if you have concerns about dependence on democracy.

Psaki may feel like she owns that exchange – but for those who pay attention to the full range of Biden administration affairs, she is her own boss and, more importantly, her boss.

There’s no denying that Democrats only use terms like “racist” and “Jim Crow relic” when it suits them, and when the same methods of blocking the law could be used for political means of their own, all these moral apprehensions will disappear.


It’s almost as if they never had them in the first place – and it’s like they constantly hide our nation’s painful history of racism and discrimination for their own benefit.

Which is actually, when you think about it, pretty racist – actually racist, in this case.

Watch: Psaki Accidentally Admits Biden Supports ‘Jim Crow’ Filibuster When Cornered on Texas Runaway Stunt

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