Proud women take abortion pills outside Supreme Court to show support for infanticide

For those seeking to normalize abortion as just another medical procedure, this approach does little more than expose that lie.

While protesting outside the US Supreme Court on Wednesday at the opening of arguments over a case that poses a direct challenge to the court’s decision to legalize abortion Roe v. Wade, the few women who protested were cheered as they swallowed the pills on purpose abortion pill.

“The distance bill is in OUR HAND AND WE DON’T STOP 🖤,” a tweet from Shout Your Abortion captioned a video clip from Wednesday’s protest.

“Take Mifepristone to the Supreme Court today,” the post concluded, along with the hashtag #AbortionPillsForever.


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The short video shows four young women standing in front of a banner that reads “WE ARE BRINGING LOOKING TREATMENTS” as they groped for small white boxes labeled “abortion pills” with the words “Abortion Pills”. the big black one.

After several chants of their slogans, the women in the frame put small tablets in their mouths and sip from water bottles in a symbolic moment of victory – or in a public act of child sacrifice .

If these women are indeed pregnant and the pill is genuine mifepristone, what we witnessed was the moment they carried out a death sentence on their own child as a measure against a trial that could limit such crimes against humanity.

The reaction on social media is a mixture of outrage, astonishment and sober awareness about the evils of abortion.


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Contrary to feminist memes and mantras, abortion is not routine health care needed to save women’s lives. If it did, there would be no need for such a public display or a concerted campaign to “normalize” it.

Instead, abortion is the worst and most barbaric act of debauchery a mother can inflict on her children, a fact that makes people involuntarily withdraw from the idea of ​​it despite decades. try to make it a women’s rights issue.

But the supposed right to end the life of an unborn child is the defining crime of our time, more insidious than the mass extinctions that take place under totalitarianism, communism or communism. National Socialist.

The concentration camps and killing fields filled with corpses attracted public attention and disgust, and they finally mobilized the forces of good to bring it all to a halt.

Did you hope that Roe v. Will Wade be overturned?

But abortion happens in sterility health facilities where corpses are transported and disposed of as medical waste, as these women may soon discover, in the secluded privacy of bathrooms in office buildings, private homes and dormitories University.

It remains an unprecedented brutality and has therefore withstood the tests of the real laws of the earth since its inception. Roe v. Wade decided in 1973 – but that could be about to change.

Supreme Court begins trial oral argument Wednesday in Women’s Health Dobbs sues Jackson, a challenge to the Mississippi Gestational Age Act that prohibits abortions after 15 weeks of gestation.

Experts believe that because the ban will go into effect before the current acceptable age – one of the pillars of Roe’s decision to allow abortions in the past. 24 weeks — it could undermine the entire premise that abortion rights are currently bound if the court finds the Mississippi law constitutional.

The balance of so-called conservative judges may have been enough to overturn Roe’s decision, which will go down in history as another terrible precedent.

Proponents of life are hopeful, while advocates of abortion are desperate to perpetuate the evil practice that has become sacramentally high in the church of the wake.

That desperation is what brought these women to the Supreme Court and was the impetus for the macabre publicity stunt that potentially ended their own children’s lives – and it tells us all. Everything we need to know about abortion advocates.

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