Pros and cons of having different cooldowns

Because Fate 2 conceived as a live service game where content drops frequently, which means there’s always something new happening, be it a yearly or seasonal expansion and similar activities. their response. Fate 2 Its core is also a shooter game, and it comes with a meta that often changes based on seasonal additions or the state of the game in a particular moment. This means that what is more or less powerful in the game is often determined by the perfect storms that make a certain playstyle very popular, or maybe certain guns that are inherently desirable. used more than other guns because there are seasonal mods that benefit them, like Particle Deconstruction.


However, Fate 2The game’s meta is also heavily dependent on Bungie’s sandbox, which often changes as new content arrives in the game in order to prioritize some game elements over others and reduce what gets too hot at times. this or edit what not to make it better. That’s exactly what’s happening when 30th Anniversary Pack release for Fate 2, as the new content will come with a sizable sandbox update where many items and abilities will be granted another turn to rebalance things accordingly. Today’s TWAB, the weekly post Bungie makes to discuss what’s going on behind the scenes, highlights the direction developers are using abilities and Supers for the future of Fate 2and the idea is to have a different cooldown for each.

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Changes coming to Destiny 2 with the 30th Anniversary Pack

Destiny 2 30th Anniversary pack shouldn't nerf hunter buff pve build seasonal mod change weakens hunter lanyard

When it comes to cooldowns, Fate 2 this is happening when the player knows that any Super will be fully replenished in a specific amount of time, across all classes and subclasses, and that value is only affected by things like Orbs of Power and Wisdom. In fact, Fate 2 There are some stats or mechanics that power one’s abilities or player’s superpowers, i.e. class abilities, grenades, and charged melee attacks. These are powerful shaping tools Fate 2 builds are made of, especially when combined with the rest of the arsenal, which includes all sorts of mods, Exotics, weapons and stats.

However, all of this will change when the 30th Anniversary Bundle drops on December 7, and that’s because all skills and all Supers will have different cooldown from others. For example, Pulse Grenades won’t have the same cooldown as Firebolt Grenades, and each of these skills will have their cooldown increased and decreased and have a new cooldown depending on how much power Bungie wants to transport them. Same with Supers, will instead be split into Tiers to determine Super Heal faster than other Tiers and why.

Pros and Cons of Separate Cooldowns and Distinct Abilities in Destiny 2

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This system is great for the game and it will greatly increase variety for all players, as with all the buffs and nerfs the meta will be a tabula rasa and different cooldowns will mean is nothing necessarily stronger than its rivals. Building variety is something Fate 2 have been struggling for a while and that is usually decided by Seasonal mods and creep powers, as well as which weapon is better than others for stunning champions or taking down bosses. That’s why there will be no defined meta after this patch.

Another good thing about that change is that each ability and each Super will be given more identity, more flavor, making it unique and more relevant to the game depending on what the player wants. want to achieve. Fate 2 Players who want to be super good at taking down bosses will enjoy Supers like Thundercrash with Cuirass of the Falling Star, as they did, but then they had to take into account that Thundercrash would be Super Level 3 and they would have to build their characters accordingly. Similarly, if players want their Hunters to be very good at single-shot enemies in Crucible, they can use the newly reworked Flux Grenade to do so, but they need to keep in mind that there is no count. Discipline or mod will give them enough energy back to throw more in a row.

The new one Fate 2 good system as it allows more control over what the character can do without every aspect of an overly strong build. If a grenade is raised very often due to it having a short cooldown, it means that the player can work on that to reduce it further and potentially increase it more often, but close the damage it deals will always be balanced based on its cooldown and reaction. opposite. However, the different cooldowns can also exacerbate the problem Fate 2 have been for a very long time.

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Fate 2 can be quite a complex game and the experience for new players may not be good as the game makes them impossible to grasp at all. That also means they are thrown in Fate 2 without knowing anything about mods or Champions, for example, let alone know about how to build and what abilities or Supers to use. As a result, different cooldowns and Tiers can make things more complicated and difficult to explain, to the point where switching skills or subclasses quickly isn’t even possible anymore. because the whole load time has to change accordingly.

It doesn’t help Master the armor in Fate 2 which means changing armor affinity becomes extremely expensive and that can be an issue if players have to mix and match their armor pieces whenever they change their setup. Finally, there are pros and cons to having different cooldowns in Fate 2, and hopefully this change won’t be as complicated on paper as it seems in theory.

Fate 2 available on PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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