Project Zomboid: How to overcome depression

Surviving in Project Zomboid can be emotionally draining, but fortunately, treating depression in the game is easier than treating it in real life.

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Surviving a zombie apocalypse is an exhausting experience, in many ways. Not only will vigilance be constant Consuming food and ammunition of the survivors, it will also drain their emotional state.

The Indie Stone’s Project Zomboid is all about this move. Players must not only manage their character’s physical health, but also their mental health. The game’s “Moodle” system allows the player to debug states like “panic” and “bored”.


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One of Project Zomboiddepressed mood rather than depression, which will increase the completion time for most actions. This is the most severe form of unhappiness, so eliminating it, while possible, is difficult.

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Dealing with depression in the Zomboid . project

It says that, in the game, boredom and unhappiness are related. Having one makes the player more likely to get the other. This provides an important clue as to how to treat both.

Dealing with depression and boredom is a game of finding positive stimulation. One of the most common examples would be food. It not only solves the player’s hunger but also their mood. If the player finds good food, like chocolate, or mixes bland foods with salt and other ingredients, it will improve their mood.

A rarer but more effective source of enrichment is entertainment. Players can improve their character’s mood by listening to music or watching TV. The most effective way to lift your mood comes from read one of Project Zomboida lot of books in the game. Players should regularly monitor the media while they forage.

There is a famous saying that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Doing these things ahead of time is the best policy. That said, if a player falls into a depression, there’s an item that helps them get out of it pretty quickly.

Project Zomboid features an antidepressant as a way to get over depression quickly. Players can find them in medicine cabinets and pharmacies. If they’re lucky, one will emerge from a dead zombie. Players should be wary that the effect is not immediate, it takes two in-game hours for the antidepressant to take effect.

Project Zomboid still in early accessand it is likely that mechanisms such as mood may change in the future. While most of the planned changes are still unknown, the developers have stated that, once NPC survivors are added, chatting with them will help both sides stay morale. .

Project Zomboid now available for PC.

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