Producer Story Reacts to Nekcom JRPG Showa American Story

On January 7, 2P Games officially announced American Story Showa (PS4, PS5, PC Steam) was developed by Nekcom Entertainment, and many in Japan praised its crazy reveal trailer that even features “that swimming pool”.

American Story Showa first detail

The first thing that stands out about This action RPG is its story. In 1958, Japan was a superpower that colonized the United States. created “Showa America”.

In our actual history, Showa is the era in which Japan existed from 1926 to 1989. Showa ends with Year 64/1989 and is followed by Heisei. However, in the world of American Story Showa, Showa Era is still ongoing and the game takes place in Showa 66/1991. Not only that American Story Showa also takes place at the beginning of a zombie apocalypse.

The main character is Choko Chigusa, a 19-year-old action movie stuntwoman. Upon arriving at Neo Yokohama aka Hollywood, Choko is murdered and her sister disappears. However, Choko mysteriously resurrects, and the world is overtaken by zombies. Choko decides to travel across America to find her sister.

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Monster Hunter Rises | Launch trailer



Monster Hunter Rises | Launch trailer





Game mechanics

Players will explore America on a bicycle, and encounter zombies and hostile survivors. .’s battle system American Story Showa allows you to switch between multiple weapons. And the zombies die in flashy explosions of blood. It’s like a combination of Death Rises and Oneechanbara.

Through battles and exploration, you can also get collectibles and clothes. There are various vintage items that you can collect and display at your facility. The game also has some mini-games.

American Story Showa “That Pool” trailer and meme explained

Interestingly, the reveal trailer also shows “that pool” 例 の プ ー ル. This is a popular Japanese internet meme referring to the Hanazono Room. A studio in Shinjuku is regularly hired for swimsuit and cosplay gravure, pool-themed erotic photography, and R18 videos. Confirm the game’s B-movie state.

American Story Showa soundtrack Sorega Daiji explain

Also, the theme song heard in the Steam trailer is Sorega Daiji, an iconic song from 1991 by the Daijiman Brothers Orchestra. You can tell the developers know their stuff and it’s no exaggeration to say the game is a love letter to Japan of the 80s and 90s.

Nekcom Games is a Chinese studio based in Wuhan and is being supported by China Hero Project. Sony’s Interactive Entertainment Initiative is best known for advocating Lost Soul Aside.

The Chinese Hero Project also tease the game before its reveal.

Story about producer Yusuke Yomizawa reacts to American Story Showa Steam trailer

Right after the game was revealed, Yusuke Tomizawa also praised it American Story Showa on Twitter: “This is the most amazing trailer I’ve seen in a while. This is American Story Showa, takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where Japan colonized America during the bubble era. And this reveal trailer is just unbelievable. “

ANNO: Mutationem, also part of the China Hero Project, also praised American Story Showa. ANNO: Mutationem is scheduled for release in early 2022.

American Story Showa no release date yet, but Steam page just opened. Personally, I like games with crazy political backgrounds and I hope American Story Showa will be sarcastic like Freedom Warrior. I’m definitely adding the game to my watchlist.

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