Prodigal Son Season 2 Episode 1 Review: It’s All in the Execution

Prodigal Son is again and returned simply as robust if not stronger than Prodigal Son Season 1, reminding viewers why it earned its title of primary new collection.

Based mostly on Prodigal Son Season 2 Episode 1, the collection has not solely maintained the enjoyable, thrilling, humorous tales and characters that we love however elevated what we love and expanded and strived to make itself higher.

You can not ask for something extra. Prodigal Son is aware of what it’s, and one thing tells me season two goes to ship.

The premiere was an ideal reminder of why the collection is such a breath of contemporary air and leaves you totally transfixed with every installment. How may you not be hooked from the second it opened with Malcolm on that ledge?

Our boy Malcolm is at all times going to Malcolm and depart it to him to do absolutely the most to seize the slasher.

It was a hilarious opening, notably when the digital camera panned out to JT and Edrisa, doing every part of their energy to maintain this bright-eyed catastrophe human from falling off of the ledge with their perp, Chester.

Dani: Shiny! You had been supposed to attend for us to anchor the tether.
Malcolm: Looks as if you anchored the tether.
JT: Anchor that tether, Edrisa!
Edrisa: On it! I went by a light-weight bondage part in Hoboken. I am nice with knots.

It was the embodiment of the characters we have come to like. Malcolm flew off the deal with, as regular, Dani was wise, JT questioned how the hell he ended up there, and Edrisa rambled on, offering TMI about her extracurricular actions and distinctive skillset.

They kicked issues off with the batshit madness of Malcolm’s tenacity and recklessness on a case and the utter chaos of when their plans go barely awry. They usually coupled it with tacky quotes about “hanging in there” or Edrisa’s mild bondage part — it is what we desperately wanted on our screens.

And one other perk is that whereas many reveals have included COVID-19 to the purpose of inflicting emotional fatigue on viewers, Prodigal Son has acknowledged it however sidestepped it in favor of what it does greatest.

Malcolm: Hello. How are you doing?
Dani: Oh. I am great. International pandemic. Systemic racism. It is the right time to be a younger Black girl and a cop.

However the time bounce and the sheer quantity and emotional weight of what has occurred over these months are palpable.

We see it in how jaded and disillusioned Dani has turn into with throwaway traces. Her degree of DONE is at 100%, and it makes her extra relatable than ever.

Malcolm is barely protecting himself collectively as he grapples together with his real concern of being his father’s son. Gil and Jessica’s burgeoning romance doesn’t come and not using a worth.

And the event on the Ainsely and JT entrance is essentially the most thrilling due to how underused they had been throughout Prodigal Son Season 1.

To date, we solely see the consequences of what occurred that evening on Malcolm. As a protecting elder sibling, nothing was extra relatable than when he advised Ainsley that he would do something for her, and he proved as a lot with out her understanding the gravity of his actions.

Ainsley: Get some sleep in the present day, OK? For me?
Malcolm: In fact, something for you.

Malcolm took accountability for what occurred with Endicott, and on the night of his dying, he and Martin labored collectively to cowl it.

Now we have so few items to go off of from that evening; we solely see that it has critically effed Malcolm up. Martin talked Malcolm by disposing of Endicott’s physique, and it concerned severing that unhealthy boy up and somebody discovering the stays in Estonia months later.

How the hell did he get the physique to Estonia? Inquiring minds wish to know! In some way, Malcolm, with the assistance of Martin, cleaned up the crime scene, Jessica would not know something, and Ainsley barely is aware of the reality.

After which Malcolm presumably spent months of quarantine on his personal processing his actions and the modifications and upheaval from Gil’s restoration course of onward.

Final we knew, on Prodigal Son Season 1 Episode 20, Malcolm was accused of murdering Eddie, they usually hadn’t resolved that. I am interested by what occurred inside these months, and the way has Malcolm rejoined the staff once more unencumbered?

However with every part that occurred, Malcolm throws himself into circumstances greater than ever; he borders on unhinged extra as properly. The ledge scene was entertaining and wild, however Malcolm brazenly went on one in all his monologues about justice and implied taking it into his palms.

It might’ve been one other day of Malcolm testing the waters and pushing boundaries, however he did it greater than as soon as through the installment and at regarding ranges.

I used to assume I used to be nothing like my father, however that is not completely true. Reality is my father is part of me. I am unable to deny it. That is why I perceive killers. I am such as you.


Malcolm teasing the concept of letting go of the slasher is on model, however his maniacal show within the intercourse dungeon with Boyd, whereas a pleasant callback to his notorious ax-moment, was distinctly extra imbalanced.

And that is the place the collection managed to make Ainsley do what Malcolm would’ve assumed was the worst deed that made him like his father, however but, they discovered a strategy to saddle Malcolm with extra concern of his capabilities than earlier than.

He cleaned up the crime scene, coated up Endicott’s dying, and dismembered his physique. Whereas he did not pull the set off or stab the person, the truth that Malcolm had the abdomen for any of that and questions if he loved it has put him in a extra precarious place than he was earlier than.

And hell, I did not assume that was doable!

Martin: What’s improper? 
Malcolm: I coated up a homicide. Violated every part I imagine in. I cease killers, I do not assist them.
Martin: Ainsley killed a strong man with highly effective pals. She would not have survived that evening with out you. She’s not like us. 
Malcolm: Stated the serial killer.
Martin: Stated the daddy. Will you do one thing for me? Come nearer to the road.
Malcolm: What are you- 
Martin: Thanks. Thanks for saving my little woman. You notice that. That is what you probably did. You saved your sister. Do not torture your self for that.

The state of affairs with Ainsley and the burden of protecting it secret has compounded his PTSD. His nightmares have intensified, and his conduct is erratic AF. Fortuitously, he is constant together with his meds routine, however he is off-kilter, and it has everybody involved.

Gil and Jessica have bonded and continued to deepen their relationship over their love for Malcolm. And Ainsley, realizing a number of the reality, extends the kind of sibling concern that usually eluded her earlier than.

However once more, the 2 most compelling responses to Malcolm’s psychological state are Dani and Martin.

Ainsley committing homicide did not shift Martin’s consideration away from his beloved son; if something, he feels extra related to him than ever. They share a lethal secret that leaves them inextricably bonded for the remainder of Martin’s days.

Martin: Or possibly that is not it. Possibly there’s one more reason you are filled with a lot ache.
Malcolm: What are you speaking about?
Martin: Getting away with homicide, strolling the streets, realizing the reality. It is intoxicating. Inform me your creativeness is not stoked realizing what it takes, what you are actually able to. Folks assume we’re loopy, nobody of their proper thoughts can be a killer. The factor is they do not know the reality. Homicide is the last word thrill, or possibly you are all torn up inside as a result of getting away with homicide did not really feel unhealthy in any respect. Nope. It felt good.

And it is the kind of factor that has confirmed (to Martin) that his son is every part he envisions him of being, and that scares the ever-loving hell out of Malcolm.

It is no marvel the man averted seeing or chatting with his father as a lot as he may till that hilarious telephone alternate on the ledge, a stark distinction from the final time Malcolm answered Martin’s name at a criminal offense scene.

Malcolm knew that his father would wish to talk about that evening and the way Malcolm expertly coated up a homicide. Paradoxically, Malcolm appeared to hunt absolution from Martin.

In a single breath, Martin virtually put Malcolm comfortable after months of torturing himself over his actions by reminding him and thanking him for shielding Ainsley.

It was what any large brother would do. And it was such a second of actual sincerity that when Martin went on to brag about how Malcolm is like him, it was a jolt to the system.

It doesn’t matter what Malcolm does, Martin is aware of the way to pull strings and management Malcolm. Malcolm can by no means escape it.

In just a few sentences, Malcolm discovered a semblance of peace, and simply as rapidly, Martin took it away and left Malcolm haunted and spiraling over whether or not or not he loved what he did to Endicott an excessive amount of and questioning every part about himself.

The management Martin has over Malcolm is so disturbing, but it surely’s additionally charming.

Nobody man ought to have that a lot management, and but Martin stays as stalwart as ever. Even with out Endicott, he managed to weasel his means again to the psych ward for singlehandedly stopping COVID from ravaging the jail (in contrast to many others).

And he obtained his outdated room, Mr. David watching over him, and he managed to electrocute his new roommate with out consequence because it helped the man ultimately. Solely Martin may try to kill his roommate for daring to hurt Malcolm after which get away with it.

However Martin virtually holds the keys to Malcolm’s psychological state in his palms, and he is aware of it and manipulates it at will.

Tom: Possibly you are a killer like him.
Malcolm: That is the third time this week. I should be giving off murdery vibes. Is it my hair? 

In the meantime, Dani’s issues for Malcolm really feel totally different than everybody else’s. They have not touched on it but, however you’ll be able to sense a pressure of their relationship, and it most likely stems from how simply he lied to her earlier than.

Dani would not belief simply, let individuals in, or make pals, and he or she did that for Malcolm, however now, she would not appear to know what to do with him and their relationship.

She distrusts him in numerous methods, and his psychological state is one thing she’s cautious of, and we noticed it usually. Malcolm’s antics within the intercourse dungeon did not sit properly along with her in any respect.

And he or she genuinely felt, to the purpose of coaching her weapon to him, that he would kill Tom, the executioner. To everybody else, Malcolm is being Malcolm, they usually’re possibly downplaying what is going on on with him, however Dani is leery of her associate and good friend.

However then, Dani comes throughout as extra jaded than regular. Her line in regards to the pandemic and systemic racism and the way it’s not a enjoyable time being a Black feminine cop was a mouthful with out stepping into the main points. Dani’s wariness of Malcolm and his mom and gravitational pull to Gil can also be a pleasant improvement.

We knew Dani and Gil had a particular bond of their very own, and it is a pleasure to see it on show once more. Virtually dropping her mentor and father-figure shook Dani up. You sensed it in each interplay.

And when it comes right down to it, whereas Endicott did the harm, Dani resents the Whitlys for his or her capability to cloud Gil’s judgment. And possibly that additionally explains her distance from Malcolm. Getting hooked up to the Whitlys results in unhealthy issues.

Dani: Jessica Whitly.
Gil: What about her?Dani: Look, I do know that you just care about her and that is actually none of my enterprise. 
Gil: You are proper on each counts. 
Dani: However that evening at Endicott’s, you had been careless, and it value you. Gil, you virtually died, and I hope you do not take this the improper means, however none of this ever needed to occur.
Gil: You saying it is my fault I obtained stabbed?
Dani: No, no you are the very best cop that I do know. The evening you bought stabbed, you weren’t that cop … entering into alone, being the hero cop. And that was due to her. 

Jessica by no means appeared happier than when she spoke about Gil. They each appear content material with each other and their rising romantic relationship. Did you catch the letters Jessica handwrote him? They had been love notes!

However Dani is not right here for any of it as a result of getting near the Whitlys has disastrous results on Gil. Malcolm jeopardizes them usually, and due to Jessica, in Dani’s thoughts, Gil virtually died.

You’ll be able to perceive Dani’s place, and that makes the state of affairs wealthy with potentialities.

Dani is not improper to really feel the way in which she does, and you’ll perceive her place. On the identical time, Gil deserves love and happiness, and Jessica deserves that, too.

It was heartbreaking when Jessica overheard Dani and Gil’s dialog. Not solely did Gil agree with Dani, however he talked about that Jackie used to say the Whitlys had been cursed, and he was inclined to agree.

It doesn’t matter what any of them do, they can not escape Martin and the way he is ruined them. Malcolm needed to cope with comparisons to his father 3 times on this installment alone.

Within the blink of a watch, Dani and Gil unknowingly knocked the happiness out of Jessica. I felt terrible for her.

Gil: You are proper. I made a mistake. I let my emotions for her cloud my judgment, however that is on me. Jessica is an effective individual.
Dani: She has a historical past.
Gil: So, all of us have historical past, and Dani I- 
Dani: Look all I am saying is watch out. 
Gil: You sound like my Jackie. She thought the Whitlys had been cursed. I do not know. Possibly she was proper.

And it carried over to JT. Once more, it is one other prime instance of how the collection has given us extra of what we cherished and elevated it.

JT was at all times a personality that did not have fairly as a lot happening with him as others. He was nice for some one-liners and comedic reduction, however he is a lot greater than that.

I am going to go on file apologizing for not appreciating him and lavishing him with as a lot love because the others. It is smart that whereas Gil recovered, JT ran level on the staff, and he did a rattling nice job of it.

The interviews with Ainsley had been hilarious, however I really like that he appeared to present Malcolm the identical type of leeway that Gil does. Would the JT within the pilot go together with Malcolm’s outlandish plan of capturing the Penthouse killer on a ledge? Heck no!

This ledge is taken.


Are you aware what that is referred to as, my pals? Development.

Prodigal Son, which has at all times managed to the touch on many issues with grace, humor, and subtlety, did not draw back from a storyline on systemic racism.

Usually what they’ve proven us is subtler and included within the case. For instance, nevertheless you slice it, the assassin was making an attempt to proper a improper as a result of a White couple who murdered somebody willingly let a Latinx boy in Texas get executed for his or her actions.

Issues like Malcolm’s class privilege come up usually, however the subject itself at all times hits totally different when it entails a personality you have come to know and love.

JT: That is gonna fall in me.
Malcolm: You did not do something improper.
JT: It would not matter.
Dani: No, we will inform them what occurred, and we are going to again you up.
JT: They’ll say I assaulted him. I am achieved.

And it positioned a top quality the collection by no means patted itself on the again for entrance and heart by addressing a pure byproduct of what any staff member may face.

Give it some thought, what different crime procedural has a complete staff comprised of individuals of coloration? Malcolm is their solely exception, and thus it makes this example with JT extra refreshing than most.

As a result of virtually everybody on their staff is aware of “the factor.” They usually know to name a factor a factor. It eliminated on a regular basis spent making an attempt to elucidate what simply occurred, having JT’s expertise second-guessed or invalidated, or some pesky “properly possibly it wasn’t that” kind of factor.

Almost everybody there has most likely been on the top of a racial microaggression, and that empathy and understanding is uncommon to see and infrequently occurs.

You have been working this unit like a professional, Tarmel. I do know what occurred tonight, and I obtained your again. Go residence. Kiss that spouse of yours, and also you inform her you caught the unhealthy man. You are a good cop, JT. It doesn’t matter what individuals say, these nonetheless exist. I am taking a look at two of the very best … and no matter Shiny is.


The actual fact of the matter is, you’ll be able to’t have any cop present return on air with out addressing systemic racism in some capability. It was a tectonic shift within the discourse surrounding policing, and there is not any means of avoiding that dialogue even right here.

JT’s expertise is a actuality, sure, however the angle of addressing it this fashion was intriguing. His badge would not preclude him from bias, and neither does his veteran standing.

He is a cool, calm, and picked up character. And straight away, the expertise diminished him to shock, concern, and panic.

JT is not somebody who rattles with ease, but it surely reveals how traumatizing that’s. He is a revered, revered detective and veteran, however he knew none of that mattered, and the very system he serves with honor can destroy him.

Palms up. I am not a risk. 


My coronary heart broke for JT when the cops held him at gunpoint, and all he may say was that he had his palms up and wasn’t a risk. If Dani and Malcolm did not arrive after they did, it may’ve ended in another way, and that is terrifying.

It was particularly regarding when JT shoved the cop that insisted on calling him “boy” due to his extreme pressure whereas accosting him.

Now, JT is terrified that his phrase will not maintain up in opposition to some uniformed cops who dealt with the state of affairs all improper. He has his staff backing him, thank goodness, however I’m wondering how this storyline will play out.

Gil is such a Dad. I cherished each second of him comforting JT, reminding him of how unbelievable he is been working the staff and the way he is proof that there are good cops that exist.

JT: Chill out, I am a cop.
Cop: Cease combating, boy!

And as shaken up as JT was, he is making it residence to kiss his pregnant spouse. Dani has already come throughout as a bit disillusioned, but it surely makes you marvel how this example will have an effect on JT because the season progresses.

They may discover so many various issues after this.

If something occurs to JT due to some idiots, we are going to elevate hell, dammit!

Notes and Funnies:

  • Maldrisa geeking out over the beheading was the very best. I really like the Homicide Nerds!

  • On the subject of that beheading, the particular results had been insane. It was so gross!

  • On an unapologetically shallow and thirsty be aware, can we take a second to understand how attractive JT seems to be with a beard? Yum.

  • On the ever-growing checklist of Edrisa kinks, she’s into mild bondage and nice at knot-tying. Edrisa, please, NEVER change. Edrisa is a Scorpio, is not she?

  • “Hanging in there.” “Please say most cancers.” “I should be giving off murdery vibes; is it my hair?” Malcolm is the very best, and so is that this present for making me giggle a lot in a single hour.

Martin: Malcolm, it is your father. I’ve sensational information.
Malcolm: Please say it is most cancers. 

  • Malcolm’s emo, angst hair was positively scorching and lowkey murdery. You’ll be able to at all times inform how properly or poorly he is doing primarily based on the state of his hair — identical, bro.

  • Mr. David is again, and all is correct within the Prodigal Son world. He nonetheless lets Martin get away with means an excessive amount of, however that is why we love him. 

  • Simply what sort of enjoyable was Martin hoping to get into within the bathe? I imply, there was a pandemic that required social distancing. 

  • We obtained a Sunshine sighting! The poor hen remains to be questioning how he obtained caught with such a human catastrophe. 

  • Malcolm referred to himself because the Justice Killer whereas caught up in one in all his states. What does it say that he has an concept of what sort of killer he can be if he did it? That is what meaning, proper? RIGHT?!

Oh, Mr. David. How I’ve missed you. The meals in gen-pop is abysmal. The bathe time not practically as energetic as I used to be led to imagine.


Over to you, Prodigal Son Fanatics. Did you like the episode? What are your predictions and theories?

Hit the blue SHOW COMMENTS button, and let’s talk about all of the issues under!

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