Prince Andrew Flew on Jeffrey Epstein’s Plane with victim, Court hears Ghislaine Maxwell trial

A woman claims she was 14 years old when Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein abused her, told the feds that she flew on the sex trafficker’s private jet with Britain’s Prince Andrew.

The revelation came Wednesday during Maxwell’s sex trafficking trial. The British social media site’s lawyer, Laura Menninger, spent the morning cross-checking Jane Doe about her previous statements to the government regarding Epstein and his supporters.

Menninger asked if Jane recalled saying Andrew and the others – including chef Adam Perry Lang; Epstein’s brother, Mark; and Epstein’s mother – were passengers on the plane. Jane replied that she did not remember. (The Daily Beast previous report that Lang is cooperating with the government investigation.)

However, Jane did recall the names of adult women who allegedly joined the group that sexually abused her and Epstein when she was 14 and 15 years old.

Menninger referred to Jane’s earlier accounts of a professional massage therapist named Sophie, who she remembered as a tall, skinny Florida resident with beautiful, tanned legs. Jane said the woman was married to a race car driver and would “make love to girls” during the ordeal. Jane also said she flew on Epstein’s plane with Sophie.

Jane also said a British woman named “Emmy” and a woman named “Eva” had engaged in sexual encounters. (It’s unclear if “Eva” refers to Epstein’s ex-girlfriend, Eva Andersson-Dubin, who, along with her husband, billionaire Glenn Dubin, were frequent flyers on Epstein’s plane. Maxwell’s assistant Emmy Tayler was also on the flights, but the alleged victim did not confirm whether she was referring to her.)

“Jane also said Epstein introduced her to the dean of admissions at Juilliard. ”

A woman named Michelle Short joined and was friends with Emmy, Jane said. She identified a woman named “Kelly” who was also involved in the sexual abuse.

“Did you tell the agents that you could recognize these people if you saw the pictures?” Menninger asked, Jane answered affirmative.

During questioning, Jane also confirmed that an Epstein employee named “Lesley” called the home to arrange travel for her when she was 14, 15 and 16 years old. Jane is likely referring to Epstein’s longtime assistant Lesley Groff, who denies any involvement in the financier’s teenage sex ring. Groff was named an accomplice in Epstein’s controversial plea deal made in Florida in 2008.

Jane again confirmed on Wednesday that she has been introduced to the future president Donald Trump after Epstein took her to his Mar-a-Lago resort. She testified that she met the reality star before Epstein and Maxwell began sexually abusing her.

While Maxwell’s attorneys worked to highlight inconsistencies in Jane’s interviews with the government, the cross-examination also revealed new details about Jane’s knowledge of celebrities. in Epstein’s world.

“Jane also said a British woman named Emmy and a woman named Eva engaged in sexual encounters. ”

According to Jane’s testimony, Epstein at one point in the 1990s took her to New York to see Lion King on Broadway and brag about their mezzanine seats and about knowing the director.

Jane also said Epstein introduced her to the dean of admissions at Juilliard. When Menninger asked if the principal had referred Jane to the Professional Children’s School, where she attended her senior year of high school in New York, Jane said she didn’t remember.

On Tuesday, Jane Doe testified that Maxwell and Epstein approached her in 1994 in Interlochen Summer Camp as she sat alone on a park bench eating ice cream. Epstein told her “they are the great benefactors of this camp, and they go there every summer, and they give scholarships to different children. And so they want to really know a student who goes to camp, what their view of it is. ”

Epstein then asked for Jane’s parents’ names and she told him that her father, a musician, had recently passed away from cancer. The financier took down her mother’s phone number.

Jane said that after her father passed away, her family was “completely bankrupt and lost everything.” They moved into a family friend’s backyard pool house in Palm Beach.

After summer camp ended, Jane returned home and started eighth grade. A day later, Epstein’s associates called Jane’s mother and invited them to tea at his mansion.

Jane began spending time with Epstein and Maxwell alone and said the British social site was starting to feel like an “older sister” to her. “She seems a little odd and quirky; but, you know, sometimes she wants to tease me and—but she’s nice. ”

The perverted pair who took Jane shopping, including to Victoria’s Secret for lingerie, are said to have groomed her for weeks before Epstein sexually assaulted her.

One day at Epstein’s Palm Beach lair, he asks Jane about her wishes and tells her that he knows spies, photographers, even owners of Victoria’s Secret. The conversation ended abruptly, Jane testified, and Epstein led her to his pool house outside. That’s where, according to Jane, he masturbated her.

Jane never told anyone, she said, because she was “terrified and felt vulgar and I felt embarrassed.”

In subsequent visits to the home, Maxwell instructed Jane how to “massage” Epstein. “They moved me to the bed and took off their clothes and started liking, liking, stroking each other and kind of, sort of casually giggling about it,” Jane recalls the alleged abusive behavior. their. “And I just stood there.”

Maxwell’s behavior suggested that “it’s normal, like it’s no big deal,” Jane testified.

“I’ve never seen anything like this or felt anything like this, and it’s so embarrassing… When you’re 14, you don’t know what’s going on,” Jane said.

Then, when Jane was 14 or 15 years old, Maxwell and Epstein allegedly engaged her in group sex at the homes of money managers around the world.

During a trip to New Mexico, she said, someone came to her room and summoned her to see Epstein. She said she felt “my heart sank in my stomach…because I didn’t want to go see him.”

Jane testified that she never told her mother about the years of being sexually exploited by Epstein and Maxwell.

“Because I feel so embarrassed, I feel so disgusted, I’m confused, I don’t know if it’s my fault and my mom and I don’t have that kind of relationship,” Jane said. “We didn’t talk about our feelings. We are not allowed. “ Prince Andrew Flew on Jeffrey Epstein’s Plane with victim, Court hears Ghislaine Maxwell trial


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