Preview of the Wild Rift Rewards System Season 4

Riot Games has revealed more details about League of Legends Season 4’s Ranked Reward System: Wild Rift. The upcoming patch update offers an improved ranked rewards system that allows players to earn more rewards as they play more rated games. Players can also save points in exchange for previously ranked exclusive skins that cannot be earned by other means. According to Wild Rift’s lead game designer, Ed “MartianSpider“Knapp, the new Season 4 Ranked Wild Rift Reward System will make competitive matches much more rewarding and encourage players to keep playing ranked matches instead of stopping once they’ve unlocked skins exclusive and then wait for the next season to come.

Added bonus for Ranked Wild Rift Season 4

To end the year on a good note, Riot Games introduced a major overhaul to the upcoming ranked rewards system in its mobile MOBA title. According to MartianSpider, these are the main reasons why they improved the Season 4 Wild Rift Ranked rewards.

  • Make Ranked have more rewards throughout the season, instead of dropping all rewards at the end of the season.

  • Reintroduce a “beat breaker” during the climb, where sometimes your next few games have higher stakes

  • Deliver on our promise to players in regions who missed out on the opportunity to earn skins due to our ongoing Open Beta schedule.

  • Give players some more permanent rewards for their season-by-season legacy.

  • All in all, just add bonus play and success in Wild Rift’s most popular game mode.

Wild Rift Ranked Season 4 is coming with the patch 2.6 update and boasts a ton of new features that players can look forward to.

Seasonal rewards tracker

Instead of getting a bunch of rewards at the end of the season, players can now get rewards as they progress in their ranked matches. The progression works similarly to the Wild Pass, where players will receive points for each ranked game they play. The overall performance after each match will also be important, you will get extra points for higher contributions in a match.

“Ideally we’d like players who are focused on getting the highest possible rankings for extra rewards with this system, and discourage skilled players from hanging around in the lower ranks. just for the reward” MartianSpider stated.

It’s important to note that higher tier players can get a bigger reward for their performance in each match.

Unlike previous installments, Glory skins will be placed in the rewards tracker rather than simply acquired after reaching Gold and playing 10 games. This prevents players from getting skins immediately after only a few matches.

“We just want to make sure that receiving this award still makes sense and is something to look forward to each season!” MartianSpider stated.

A shiny skin overlay for the Glory skin will also be given to players who have continued to achieve Gold rank in the past. This skin overlay will be visible in the match loading screen to show off your efforts in ranked matches.

Rated Stores

The rank store will be added once the official Wild Rift Patch 2.6 update arrives. The new store will feature a ton of exciting new collectibles that can be purchased using Ranked Coins which players will earn by playing ranked matches.

For the Season 4 Ranked Wild Rift, Glorious Tryndamere will be available in the shop. Glorious Jinx will appear in Season 5 soon.

Players who missed out on previous seasons’ Glory skins can also unlock these skins through the Ranked shop. However, there will be a delay for earlier Glorious skins releases to give players who have earned them in previous seasons time to shine.

Store content is also only for Ranked Coins and cannot be purchased through Wild Cores.

Weekend reward series

This is a special event where players can earn double points every weekend to progress through the Seasonal Rewards track. This streak ends after winning three games or after 48 hours, whichever comes first.

“We thought this ‘beat breaker’ was great for keeping the climb enjoyable, but we wanted to capture it without the bad feeling that can come from missing out on a promotion. commercial,” MartianSpider stated.

It will be interesting to see how these new changes will affect Ranked matches in Wild Rift.

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