Preview: Dying Light 2: Staying in humans is the land of the living despite the dead

As I was slamming my ax into this enemy’s face, the adrenaline of fighting ran past me. I want to destroy this monster and turn the already brutal world of Dying Light 2: Stay human a safer place. There are others like the one in front of me to deal with, but as long as I stay focused and not overwhelmed, I will win.

Oh, did I mention here are the other survivors of this polluted city?

I flew to San Francisco recently to play a four-hour demo about Dying Light 2: Stay human, a demo that I couldn’t see to completion thanks to its dense and branching content. While I was learning more about the dangerous world and what we are going to do in it.. While I was expected to get in and beat some vampire brains – and I did! – The real and more importantly dangerous plot of this world is not from the monsters outside, but from the monsters within. Managing the living will be much more precarious than dealing with the dead.

First, a short anecdote: I sat down at my station to play the demo, started traveling around the world and made my way to the first marker, and right after I got there, my station lost power . Apparently the extremely powerful PCs that the dev team loaded with our demo builds got tripped up in the building we were playing in, so about six of the demo stations suddenly shut down. lamp. After a few minutes, the power was restored and we turned it off again, only to have a blackout Again right around the same part of the demo. After the second power restore, my demo was clean for the rest of my time.

So why am I bringing this up? Curiously, the technical problems of the real world can highlight the vast openness of Dying Light 2of the game world. Thanks to a power failure, I had to go to the same quest marker three different times, but when I watched the footage of my demo I realized I had reached that marker via a path. different. I first arrived from the west, distracted by a Military Convoy marker promising good loot and equipment. The second time I came from the south, I encountered both a hostile band of bandits and a weary survivor singing a beautiful song on the rooftop near the marker. Last time I was on the rooftops and preparing for the marker, because now I’m worried about not being able to finish the demo.

Each path led me to unique situations, along with their own enemies and challenges. There are no two plays of this demo – leave the whole thing alone Dying Light 2 experience – will be the same. A straighter path might be safer, but I might also miss out on some extra loot or gear that a bandit or a convoy might hold. Later in the demo I encountered “GRE Anomaly”, a hideous monster that only appears at night but when defeated they provide upgrade materials and great loot. I might not have seen it if I hadn’t gone to explore it, making every walk out into the polluted streets a gamble.

That brings me to another interesting dynamic about this world: the dangers you face are often related to how you directly play the main story. For a while I stuck with the linear path, going from one marker to another and completing the task. Although I ran into some bad things during those missions, the main source of danger came from the other survivors. The infected are the background characters, an age-old problem that never really lived up to its ugly head. However, the times it happened, ho boy, there were some terrible monstrosities that appeared to catch me.

One of these encounters featured the Goon, a giant mass with an arm that doubles as a mud-shooting tool. The goal is to find multiple locations in a limited space for a certain item, however every time I search for a target, I let myself get hit by Goon. So I had to lure Goon and its other infected friends away from the spots I had to check, and then run over and check them out before it caught up and hit me in the back. This highlights the diversity in the mission structure that I hope to continue throughout Dying Light 2 story, offering something different in the middle of the “go here, talk to this person, hit this enemy, repeat” narrative.

I hope the mission structure interests me, mainly because I want to learn everything I can about the plot of this game. The little tidbits we’re given in this demo are fascinating, as are the people we meet and the choices we have to make. Not every choice has a big impact – some characters aren’t meant to live, for example – but sometimes choosing one faction over another can have a huge impact on a character’s relationships, world and more.


For example, on a mission, I want to free a water tower that still produces clean water. In doing so, I made a choice between two opposing factions that would be given control of the water tower. If I choose a side, the area around the water tower will have many places suitable for parkour like ziplines. If I choose another, the area will be more fortified to fight thanks to things like car bombs. The choices are my own, and I wanted to see how profoundly these choices could affect the world as a whole.

While I would like that varied mission structure and great story, I will point out that the parkour and combat mechanics of Dying Light 2 Much improved compared to the previous game. Parkour is particularly better, allowing me to perform some impressive sporting feats as I navigate through rooftops, cars and more. Stamina is still here, although it has taken a good time to deplete even at low levels in this build. The more I upgrade it, the better it will be. There are points where parkour control can be a bit confusing – I’m looking at you, windmill puzzle – but in the end getting around the city is easy. I particularly like the ability to roll over a long fall and take less damage from a fall, as I’ve discovered I have a tendency to jump off tall buildings. much.

Fortunately, Dying Light 2 hopefully I won’t be alone in those long jumps, and provide a nifty little tool in paragliding. Implementing this allows me to glide smoothly to the ground without doing any damage when falling or to travel long distances by flying into the vent. Yes, it works a lot like the paraglider from some “wild” adventure, but that’s the whole point. Paragliding works in this world, and first use makes that a lot more obvious. I hope to have more of that in the final product.


Fierce and powerful in combat, each attack has its weight and impact. Melee weapons are the bread and butter of Dying light world, and I have no shortage of pipes, knives, hammers, and axes whose blades are half of the “No Parking” road sign. That said, ranged weapons are also impressive, and I found myself using the bow more than any other weapon in the demo.

Also, being able to stealth my way against a group of enemies with a few headshot options is fun. In fact, probably the most enjoyable of the entire demo, and I hope there are more slow-paced moments where I can use the bow to my advantage.

Dying Light 2: Stay human impressed me in the four hours I saw it, both in its vast world filled with must-dos and the mechanics involved in existing in said world. Fighting enemies is bloody fun, the parks around the city never get old and the choices I have to make are sure to keep me interested to see where it all ends. We’ve had a bit of a wait, unfortunately, as it launches on February 4th on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and Nintendo Switch Cloud Gaming capabilities, but I’m ready to try and Keeping people inside the world of Dying Light 2.

Full disclosure: Travel has been provided for this preview by the developer. No claims have been made, nor have any claims been made to influence editorial direction or content. | Preview: Dying Light 2: Staying in humans is the land of the living despite the dead


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