Preparing for the maths examination is easy

Once a student gets to class 6, since then they need to start paying more attention to all the subjects especially in Mathematics. Though Maths seem to be a tough subject to score, but if one can understand it properly, then one can also get full marks in it. If one can study strategically, then the can actually score high here.

Those who are CBSE students must rely on the NCERT books because they are essentials when it comes to examinations. The class 6 maths examinations are also based on the chapters of these books.  Hence, one must organise the way in which they should study the NCERT class 6 maths solutionsso that they can do well in the examination. These NCERT books rigidly follow the CBSE syllabus and so the exam pattern will follow the same and so it is convenient for the students to take help of that.

Ways to prepare on the examination

If one is quite tensed on how to prepare for the Maths examination, then here are a few tips on which one can work on to score better in the exam.

  • First of all, one has to work on their time. The faster one solves the problem the more time they can have to revise all the answers. When one is practicing at home, they must keep a timer next to them. The timer can be used to estimate the time that one takes to solve the problems of a particular chapter. One must keep practicing different sets of questions from all the chapters and see if the bases are clear for them or not.
  • Maths is not a subject where one can just read and score good marks. They need to practice to get better marks. When it comes to maths, one has to understand the concepts and the questions so that they can solve them effectively. Though reading the theoretical chapters can be of some use but understanding equations and solutions completely depends on how much one practices it. One needs to solve mathematical problems on a daily basis. Practice can help one to get their head around the topics. One should not just solve the text book problems but can also go for the prescribed books to broaden their knowledge of a particular topic.
  • Using the maths guide is extremely important when preparing for the examination. With the NCERT guide, one can get proper answers to all the exercise questions which are available in the textbooks. The solutions on those textbooks are given stepwise and hence one can learn how to do it step by step. In examination, one also has step marking for many chapters and so one needs to learn the steps properly.
  • There are also many times when the students are marked for internal assessments which are based on home assignments and projects. If one is regular with them then they can already score some good marks in those assignments. Working regularly on the homework can also keep them updated on the chapters which they are studying in school. Doing homework also means one will be practicing more maths and will be able to solve the problems quickly.
  • Sometimes one can also fail to understand a subject and they are too shy to ask their teachers. But this can only do harm to the students because they will make mistakes in the examination. Hence, one needs to be vocal and confident to their teachers so that they can get to understand those chapters better. Clearing doubts and discussing topics can make one a good student.
  • Revisions are quite important for each and every subject. One needs to glance through every chapters which they have already completed, before appearing for the examination. The chapters that one has learnt at the beginning of the academic session might have blurred out a bit and in that case one has to revise everything so that all the steps and formulas get back to the memory and solving the equations become easy. Hence, regular revision is equally essential.
  • When one is preparing for the examination, staying healthy is more important here. While one needs to study thoroughly for all the subjects, it is also necessary to take proper rest so that the mind and the body work well and one can concentrate on their studies. One needs to sleep at least 8 hours every day and eat healthy diet in order to stay well and fit. In fact, one also needs to take proper breaks in between study hours to calm down the mind.

When preparing for the maths examinations one can download Infinity Learn solutions and practice well from them. It can help them to stay updated about the examination patterns and help them to score much better.

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