Predict What’s Rumored The Zelda Announcement Game Prize could be

The 2021 Game Awards are just around the corner, with a showcase taking place on December 9 to honor the best of the best of the past year. With titles like Deathloop and Metroid Dread Winning the top awards, it’s certainly been a solid year for interactive entertainment. Aside from awarding already-launched games, these types of showcases often feature surprises for what’s available in the future, in the form of quick and engaging reveal trailers. Rumors leading up to this event have suggested that Nintendo may have The Legend of Zelda Franchising.

The series is celebrating its 35th anniversary this year, along with many more films The Legend of Zelda Theme features have been released. It remains to be seen what Nintendo has planned for the Game Awards, and whether this rumor is true. However, based on other rumors, fan requests, and general release patterns from Nintendo, some educated guesses can be made for what’s to come in the next few weeks. It should be emphasized that none of this has been suggested or confirmed by Nintendo and is pure speculation.


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The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages / Seasons Remake

the legend of the prophet zelda of the ages

In 2019, Nintendo revealed a remake of the original classic Game Boy The Legend of Zelda: The Awakening of the Link. This joy Nintendo Switch remake was developed by Grezzo and the team has done a great job in bringing this beloved piece to the modern standard. The visual style of the “toy box” is immediately captivating, and the additional tweaks made to the additional controls and content only improve once a package is complete.

The begin of the year, Grezzo is recruiting for a new project, is clearly medieval in its themes and presentation. While it’s best not to jump to conclusions, The Legend of Zelda The franchise might fit the description as medieval, due to swords, magic, and other high fantasy elements. It wouldn’t be a shock if Nintendo put the team to work to remake another game in the series, or in this case two.

GameCube Zelda Collection

princess collection twilight princess princess zelda

These days, it’s trending to bundle older titles with some visual enhancements. Just last year, Nintendo gave Mario this exact treatment with Super Mario 3D All-Starsand there have been persistent rumors that a collection for Metroid Prime trilogy of works Also on the way. Naturally, fans have fallen in love with the luxuries of older games in The Legend of Zelda also offered on the Nintendo Switch, as being able to play these games on the go would be a great novelty.

Recently, Nintendo Switch Online added N64 titles Its services include Ocarina of Time, with confirmation of Majora’s mask to some point in the future. It can be a long time to expect Nintendo to add GameCube titles to the service, which is why games like The wind awakens and Sunset princess may be more appropriate when there is only a standalone release. All Nintendo had to do was port the already visually brilliant Wii U versions of these titles to the Switch, and it would practically print money for the company.

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Breath of the Wild 2 trailer

zelda breath of wild 2

Even with the two brief and confusing intros so far, Breath of the Wild 2 still easy out of The most anticipated game of 2022. Nintendo is keeping a lot of information about this sequel under wraps ahead of its release, but purely for marketing purposes, the veil of mystery will begin to be lifted. The Games Awards will get a lot of attention, which Nintendo could certainly use as an opportunity to promote their supposedly biggest upcoming game.

Nothing is confirmed, but based on rumors that The Legend of Zelda could show up at The Game Awards in some way, the safest bet might be provocative Breath of the Wild 2. Plot details may still be kept private, but glimpses of the game to let players know what to expect from the game will be extremely enjoyable. Depending on how long the project is, the top cherry will be a confirmation of the release date that fans can begin the countdown to.

Notice the left field

netflix zelda series

Nintendo has been known to pull revelations completely out of the left realm. Just when players think they have been found by the company, the most unexpected things will be dropped like a bomb on fans around the world. With that in mind, Nintendo know that gamers are expecting any of the options listed above, and for that reason, there could be something completely different planned for the Game Awards rollout.

This is anyone’s guess, but strange things do happen, and even the most outlandish ideas can become reality. There have been rumors that Netflix is ​​growing Drama based on The Legend of Zelda, but that was supposed to never materialize. Nintendo is very protective of its IPs, but they are willing to work with Illumination to Super Mario Bros film, perhaps there is an Affiliate opportunity and the company may receive a similar treatment. Hopefully December 9 will bring some exciting news for fans of The Legend of Zelda Franchising.

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