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It’s time for another Game Awards ceremony to celebrate the best that 2021 has to offer in gaming. In the Best Action Game category, the competition is as stiff as ever, with some really solid titles that each offer something unique and exciting. Game Awards 2021 narrowed this category down to five featured games, all of which represent best of the action genre Last year.

Picking the ultimate winner from these nominations is no easy task, as each is an enjoyable experience in its own right. A truly memorable action game really needs to have great style, as well as a penchant for delivering an epic spectacle. But the most memorable in this genre tends to have a specific appeal that few others can offer, and with every nomination for Game Award 2021 is a gem in this respect, the winner will need to have something extra special to stand out on top.


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Back to 4 health

Back 4 Blood start screen logo with Sanitation Scene shoots a crowd of Ridden around.

For years, fans have begged Valve to proceed with the development of the third entry in the series The remaining 4 people died Franchising. Given that Valve has some strange aversion to third installments (looking at you Half-Life 3), Turtle Rock Studios decided to tackle its own issue and fill the void. Back to 4 health considered the spiritual successor to The remaining 4 people died and for good reason, as it retains and even builds upon the wildly boisterous action sequences the franchise was known for in its infancy.

Back to 4 health It makes good use of its multiplayer component to ensure that the game is consistently thrilling and breathtaking, resulting in never-ending action. This frantic pace certainly creates a non-stop action, something that could help the game’s odds in this prize category. On the other hand, the endless chaos can be fun for some, others criticize this aspect of the game where the screen can sometimes become a mess of blood, guts, and blood. massacre.

Chivalry 2

Chivalry 2 Team Respawn

Another multiplayer title that allows players to relive their greatest fantasies, Chivalry 2 is an epic scale hack and slash game with few comparable products on the market. In-game matches, which can support up to 64 players, pit two teams against each other in an all-out, visceral-to-death battle. Weapons are powerful and varied, encouraging a variety of play styles and strategies in each particular match.

The sight of two armies rushing into each other is a sight to behold and one of the most memorable action moments from play games in 2021. However, while the reviews were mostly positive, some publications felt that the game modes could be repetitive or overly engaging, often focusing only on the usual beat in most games. match. It’s certainly an impressive medieval fighting game and well worth a look at the multiplayer gamer, but might be too appropriate to be considered a grand prize winner.



The newest first-person shooter from Arkane Studios proved to be a huge hit among gamers as well as journalists, making waves in the industry when it first hit the shelves in early September. The compelling time-loop mechanics give it a feel. Unrivaled fun and madness for every encounter. Players are always encouraged to try new things, experiment with their surroundings and take advantage of every moment to rise to the top.

Deathloop very well recorded across the board, even earning a few perfect ratings from some gaming sites. Its novel approach to the time loop concept offers a refreshing twist to the already crowded first-person shooter genre, resulting in an unforgettable worldwide experience. Based on its addictive gaming cycle, infectious level of style, stunning visuals, and critical acclaim, Deathloop there is a great chance to win this category when all is said and done.

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Far Cry 6

Far Cry 6

Although Ubisoft’s open world action franchise there’s already a sixth installment (excluding the spin-off), it’s still as bombastic and entertaining as before. Edits made to the overall game loop are seen in Cry away The series helped polish the flow of the game, ensuring a consistent pacing between the main quests and the side objectives. Next-gen hardware has also allowed in-game action and destruction to a whole other level than before Cry away Game.

That being said, however, even with some improvements made, there is still some opinion that Far Cry 6 lacking in other areas. It is indeed a game that boasts high production values, but this cannot hide the general lack of innovation and an overall formula that is starting to grow a bit tired. While not a bad game, with a lot of mindless fun to be had, it’s unlikely that a title is generally considered “just another game”. Cry away“will take home the award for Best Action Game.


update save mode back

Deathloop It’s not the only big game in 2021 to have a protagonist stuck in a time loop. Profit, an exclusive PS5 from Housemarque, has captivated gamers for its own addictive approach to the concept, along with brilliant next-gen graphics and a surprisingly engaging story.

The game’s lifelike elements help enhance the already appealing idea of ​​a time loop, as in-game events are never the same twice, forcing players to keep trying. Furthermore, flashy weapons and almost Metroid approach to discovery resulting in a complete package and very memorable action game. For all these reasons, Profit can give Deathloop a run for its money.

Final prediction

Goty deathloop game returns awarding best action game

Every game in this award category is a great experience, but in the end, in a contest, there can only be one winner. Deathloop seems to have a common advantage, if it is tested merely by its appreciative praise. It is cleaned up with a perfect 10 from publications, something that can be recognized for the final decision.

However, Profit there is nothing to blame, it also makes special use of the time loop mechanism. Its aforementioned roguelike mechanics may also give it enough of an edge to be considered a smarter game overall. It’s been a tight race, but with these two being the clear standouts in the category, it’s anyone’s game when it comes to Game Award announced its final decision on December 9.

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