Predict the impact all new Witch Queen Exotics will have

Fate 2The Witch Queen expansion is coming, and Bungie is doing a great job at hinting at all the changes that come with it, as well as all the exciting new things it brings. Of course, weapon crafting will be one of the most game-changing systems Fate 2and TWAB recently outlined a few things about it, such as how much control the player has over specific reels and how to change them after the item has been crafted. An important part of the game is getting loot – the more unique and according to the rules, the more fun it is to use that piece of equipment.


Exotics do a great job of imagining that power in most cases, as they offer perks exclusive to them and make interesting combinations with other items, weapons, and even in activities. specific motion. For example, Season of the Lost only had the automatic rifle as the Anti-Barrier Champion weapon, and some Guardians have attempted to use the Sweet Business Exotic automatic rifle in combination with the Actium War Rig, allowing them to tear through the Barrier Champions. before Arbalestof buffs. However, the Sorceress Queen is bringing a lot of new Exotics to Fate 2and while some look good on paper, they can underperform in practice – or vice versa.

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Grand Overture

destiny 2 is to make relics

While it’s still unclear what Grand Overture Exotic will bring, it does look like a fast-firing slug that fires off rocket-like rockets of a relic of the past – the Mountaintop. The Mountaintop is one of the most damaged weapons in the history of Fate 2, and if Grand Overture works similarly, it will be a special tool of destruction to use in both PvE and PvP. This weapon looks like a heavy grenade launcher, meaning its heavy ammo usage and storage will be common factors that will determine how good it is along with how much damage it does. that it can cause. Still, perhaps a great gun, and it seems to come from the Season Pass for Season 16.


witch queen number 2

This gun is another grenade launcher, and it shares similarities with the Colony in how it shoots Hive Worms compared to its tiny enemy-seeking robots. Parasite seems to have a good AoE ability, but it probably won’t be comparable to existing options such as Witherhoard and Anarchy. These two Exotics are great grenade launchers not only because they can cover a relatively large area, but also because they deal damage over time on enemies, making them perfect for DPS bosses with how to switch to another gun immediately after shooting them. As a result, Parasite is likely not packing enough punch to make cuts when these two exist, especially with Grand Overture appearing to be a better DPS pick than this one.

Osteo Striga

fate 2 new weapon crafting exotic gun gear armor gear queen witch extended season pass pre-orders osteo striga smg armor layer lost farm area

This Exotic SMG could prove to be a very frequently used weapon as it has the added perk with the existing poison element on Thorn, making it a great choice alongside Necrotic Grip’s gauntlet. Warlock. Fate 2 especially powerful add-on weapons often lack DPS to survive boss battles, but Osteo Striga is an SMG that will help with premium content as one of the anti-champion mod for Season 16 will be overloaded SMGs. However, SMGs are not the most popular weapon prototypes in PvP and this could hinder Osteo Striga’s performance in Crucible.

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Edge of Action

Destiny 2 Glaive

Fate 2glaives will be very interesting weapons, combines melee combat with ranged options, and this Titan-exclusive Exotic looks like it could be incredibly powerful in both PvE and PvP. The ability to create a Ward of Dawn-like protective shield for the user and their allies is a game-changer, providing on-demand shielding from enemy fire and can work in tandem. with other Exotics if the shield inherits the mechanics of Ward of Dawn. For example, Edge of Action can create a blinding AoE effect when combined with Helm of Saint-14, or it can disrupt Crucible’s meta if the shield it creates has a decent amount of health left.

Edge of Intent

A Guardian wields a new Glaive weapon against one of Savathun's Hives in her throne world from Destiny 2.

Warlock is generally considered a great support character when they are relied upon Dawnblade’s Well of Radiance or proper interactions with Rifts and items like Satisfying Boots and Edge of Intent build on that by adding another layer of defense to the entire team. This Warlock’s unique Glaive allows players to create healing towers on command, which can greatly benefit the entire team in both PvE and PvP, making it one of the best Exotics to come with The Witch Queen. A great use of this glaive might be to pair it with a defensive Warlock build, such as one with Healing Rift and The Stag, and simply craft a tank from everyone in the team. group.

The edge of agreement

fate 2 weapons crafting currency glaive

Fate 2 Hunters are not in a good position in PvE at this point, and while Edge of Concained’s track chain lightning sounds great in theory, glaives will become a Special ammo weapon, and having another extra weapon doesn’t help What is the use of this class? There are plenty of ways to clear rooms full of extras in the game, instead making Edge of Conception Exotic something that isn’t really necessary, especially on a class that needs more ways to inflict lots of damage to bosses. There have been several possible additional options for Exotic, including the aforementioned Witherhoard or weapons like the Trinity Ghoul and Ager’s Scepter, and Edge of Concention doesn’t seem like a good fit for the Hunter’s arsenal at the time. present. However, it can see some use in PvP, depending on the range of the tracking bolt and the entity of the AoE damage.

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A Behemoth Titan running Destiny 2 Stasis Subclass Beyond Light

Hoarfrost-Z is a new Exotic chest armor exclusive to Titan, and it could come from Lost area starting in Season 16, along with Warlock Exotic and Hunter Exotic. What makes Hoarfrost-Z a great item is that it turns the Titan Barricade into a crystalline Stasis wall, which can be broken by Titan and other players, making it a great choice for many players. Stasis build. Recently a melee Titan that builds melted bosses using the Behemoth subclass and adding more Stasis crystals to break makes that particular build and many more so desirable in all respects. game mode. Defensively speaking, this Exotic also works well in PvP as the visibility of Stasis crystals on the Transparent Barrier is reduced, making it a potential tactical advantage.


Fate 2 pyramid ships do not attack the dark against the light, the gardener and the game the winner bets the human solution to protect the final form the power of stagnation

These Exotic Gloves for Warlocks have the unique perk of adding a Coldsnap grenade and increasing the grenade’s base target findability. On its own, this Exotic can be quite good in PvP for Stasis Warlocks those who want more area control from their side, but it can also combine particularly well with the Stasis turret from Bleak Watcher Aspect. In fact, Osmiomancy will most likely offer an extra Bleak Watcher charge, just as No Manacles effectively offers a different Devour charge than Scatter Grenades, making this Exotic so remarkable. It can even work very well with Warlocks’ Edge of Intent contour, creating a towering field for the whole party to work in safely.

Blight Ranger

Blight Ranger is Exotic for hunters in The Witch Queen, and it makes reflective bullets deal more damage, meaning it only works when paired with Arcstrider builds in the middle tree. The problem with this Exotic is that it has little or no value in PvE, which is where Hunters need help the most, and it offers average PvP where Hunters already have a lot to choose from.

Exotics like St0mp-EE5 and Wormhusk Crown have been great options to play with, and Raiju’s Harness could nonetheless be a better PvP option for Arcstriders using Whirlwind Guard, making the Blight Ranger an item not used much.

Overall, out of these nine Exotics, there are plenty of great options to choose from, especially for Titans and Warlocks, expanding their desired item pool by adding both unique glaives and Lost Sector Exotics to the mix. mixture. Chances are Osteo Striga will work in a similar way to Thorn when it comes to its element, possibly a hint as to what the new Shadow subclass theme will be. Light, in 2023, is at the same time a perfect Hive-themed item along with Parasite. And finally, glaives is the first new weapon prototype to appear Fate 2 Since Forsaken’s bows, making class-specific ones a very interesting addition regardless of their potential impact on the game’s meta.

Fate 2 available on PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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