Police still cower at Portland Anarchic awakening crowd

It’s a bit terrifying to see police in riot gear retreating into a garage in the face of leftist fanatics, but that’s what happened last week in Portland, Oregon.

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That’s right – the streets are chaotic and the police seem to have nowhere to go but a police station, shutting the door behind them.

WARNING: The following video contains vulgar language that some viewers may find offensive.


Black man joins self-defence on same day as Rittenhouse exploits myth of ‘unjust’ justice system

Violent protests in Portland follow acquittal by Kyle Rittenhouse, who is facing murder and other charges for shooting dead two men and wounding a third during the August 25, 2020 riots in Kenosha, Wisconsin. The teenager said he acted in self-defence, and a jury of his colleagues agreed.

Riots are becoming a way of life in Portland, which suffered more than three months of street violence in 2020.

It didn’t help when the city last year beat the police by 27 million dollars. Or criticism of the officers’ handling of the riot that prompted the entire city’s Rapid Response Team resignation.

Do you think the rule of law will return to Portland?

Of course, when, like Fox News reported in September, you have a City Council that considers tear gas a “chemical weapon” and believes that police should not wear riot gear but should wear “soft clothing” so as not to incite attackers. riot, the message was clear: Back off, police – street thugs in charge.

And they don’t wear soft clothes.

A few years back, Portland was crazy enough to give birth to the hilarious sketch comedy “Portlandia,” but that has long since disappeared and some insanity what was left in that city was dark and alien.

Mayor Ted Wheeler has been criticized for his soft approach to the rioters. Investment has dropped in the city rankings, along with its ranking as a livable place.

That was the subject of questioning in his May interview with KOIN-TV. Wheeler’s responses reflect the twists and turns of the typical politician (to summarize his answer: the pandemic has caused our economic problems), but there is a some evidence that he became more worried about law enforcement.


Jacob Blake’s uncle leads protest outside Rittenhouse Trial, claims he lied on stand

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“It’s clear, based on the outcry from the public, in the media, on the national front, that this strategy is not the right one,” Wheeler told City Council.

“I think we can all admit that. I take full responsibility for that.”

And the City Council is making a slight tweak to last year’s police budget cuts: That’s restore $5.2 million.

As for the riots, Wheeler said, the city is trying to find a balance between a strong police presence and restraint.


But Portland’s government clearly has a long way to go, with the city’s image still associated with police officers retreating in front of an angry mob.

Some have criticized Rittenhouse for being present at the Kenosha riot, but he is part of a group of armed individuals ready to defend people and property.

Whether the police officers are outnumbered, ordered to give up or – as humans often do – hold back to avoid criticism, true justice, like so many things, haunts a vacuum.

That means more individuals like Kyle Rittenhouse could show up at the scene to try to keep order, because, for whatever reason, the police are being mutilated.

And, as evidenced by the prosecution of Rittenhouse and the St. Louis defends their home against a crowd, everyone is also very merciful bad guys have a law degree.

As a result, vigilism, although perhaps an improvement over absolute chaos, is not equal to the careful balance between controlled force and God-given power, which is foundation for the rule of law.

A provision of the law is mutilated by policemen retreating from force on the street.

And, as seen in the video above, with some in the crowd in Portland shouting chaos should everywhere, without a commitment to the rule of law, there is a danger that wherever we are live can become Portland.

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