Pokimane’s Streaming Setup: Mouse, Keyboard, Headphones, and More

Pokimane is one of the most popular streamers on Twitch. She started streaming in 2013 while attending college in Canada. Pokimane was one of the first channels to focus on audience interaction instead of pure gameplay.

Pokimane succeeds when League of Legends streamer attracts viewers with his friendly personality and relaxed personality when streaming.

Like other streamers, Pokimane will see her stream explode upon release Fortnite. After being invited by Epic Games to the Pro-Am tournament held at E3 2018, Pokimane will see her viewership grow, making her one of the most popular streamers in the game .

Although she has moved away from her roots, running both a successful YouTube channel in partnership with her streams, as well as the ASMR YouTube channel, streaming has always been Pokimane’s main priority.

Pokimane’s stream quality is a key factor to her success. The equipment she uses is an important part of maintaining a high-quality stream.

Here are the different ingredients that make up the Pokimane setup.

Image via HyperX

A mouse is integral to any streaming setup. You will use your mouse not only to play the game at the highest level, but also to overall control your flow. As a result, you’ll want to invest in a mouse that’s built to last with low response times and a high-quality sensor.

Pokimane uses Hyper X Pulsefire Surge. This mouse is perfect for a variety of setups. The device is equipped with a dynamic RGB lighting ring that allows users to customize the colors to suit their aesthetic. On board, there is also memory that can be used to store your various RGB and button configurations.

The mouse itself is built to last, boasting Omron switches rated for 50 million clicks. Inside is also a Pixart 3389 Sensor that allows for native DPI up to 16,000.

As well as the standard mouse buttons, there are also two programmable buttons on the left side of the device that can be used for whatever purpose the user sees fit.

Image via HyperX

To ensure that a mouse can function at its peak, you’ll want to invest in a good mouse pad. If you do not have a suitable surface to use the mouse, you may have problems with tracking.

Pokimane uses HyperX Fury S Pro in his setup. This trackpad is available in a variety of customizable ways to fit whatever your setup requires with four sizes to choose from and multiple surface options to match the user’s playstyle. .

Image via HyperX

A high-quality mouse needs to be paired with a high-quality keyboard. Most of the gaming keyboards used today are mechanical keyboards. This is because the mechanical keyboard gives the user feedback when the keys are pressed. You should look for a keyboard with a low response time to ensure that there are no lags that could hinder your performance.

In Pokimane’s setup, she uses HyperX Alloy Origins 60. One of the brand’s top options, the device boasts fast response with a 60% form factor leaving plenty of room for possibilities. mouse movements. Build quality is top-notch with an all-aircraft-grade aluminum body.

Aesthetically, the keyboard offers RGB backlit keys with dynamic lighting effects to complement your setup in whatever style you want to achieve.

Image via HyperX

One of the most important aspects of high-performance gaming, as well as streaming in general, is having high-quality sound. During the game, you’ll want to make sure you don’t miss audio cues that can aid you in identifying targets or enemies. Having a high-quality headset also aids communication between the user and their team or their guests.

Pokimane uses the HyperX Cloud Alpha Pro gaming headset. The award-winning headphone brand is known for its comfort and this model is no exception. With an aluminum frame, there is no compromise in durability.

The headphones are noise-cancelling, allowing users to focus on the sound coming from their PC without having to worry about external distractions.

With a detachable microphone and cable providing inline audio control, the headphones are perfect for a streaming setup of any level.

Photos via Electro Voice

In order for your partner to hear high-quality audio, you’ll want to create the high-quality audio yourself. The best way to do this is to invest in a microphone. While there are many high-quality USB microphones available, the way to get the best quality is through the XLR microphone into the mixer.

While Pokimane has a variety of microphones that she has used over time, her recent choice of microphone is the Electro Voice RE-20.

This dynamic microphone is an industry standard when it comes to broadcast and audio engineering.

Featuring both an internal pop filter and a shock mount, this microphone is perfect for streamers who may accidentally bump into the microphone during a live stream.

Pokimane runs this microphone through the Universal Audio LA-619 compressor and then into the Audient iD4 USB Audio Interface.

Photos via ZOWIE

Never pass up a high-quality display. When buying a monitor, you should aim for a high refresh rate.

Pokimane uses a BENQ ZOWIE XL2540 display. This 24.5” 240hz monitor is more than enough to deliver the highest possible quality gaming experience to the users.

Having a 240hz refresh rate means you won’t face any performance issues due to screen lag.

PC Specifications of Pokimane

Screengrab via Pokimane
  • GPU: MSI RTX 2080 Ti Gaming X Trio
  • CPU: Intel Core i9 9900K . 8-core processor
  • Motherboard: Asus Z390 Maximus Hero XI
  • PSU: NZXT E850 Digital Power Supply
  • RAM: 32 GB RAM Trident RGB, 3600 Mhz
  • SSD: Intel Optane 905P / Samsung 970 Evo 2TB M.2
  • Case: NZXT H500
  • CPU cooler: NZXT Kraken X72 . liquid cooler
Image Via MSI

To make sure you can run the high refresh rates offered by some monitors, you’ll need a high-quality graphics card.

Pokimane uses the MSI RTX 2080 TI Gaming X Trio in his PC build. The MSI RTX 2080 TI is one of the most reliable and popular choices in the field of graphics cards today.

The card can run the game at maximum performance while maintaining a high FPS count. This is a solid choice for those looking for a top quality graphics card that can stand the test of time.

Image via Intel

Having a good CPU in your build is also important for performance. The CPU is what makes sure your computer can respond to new information as quickly as possible.

In Pokimane’s build, she uses an Intel Core i9-9900K 8-core CPU. Boasting a 3.60 GHz processor base frequency with a maximum turbo frequency of 5.0 GHz, this CPU has more than enough capacity for any gaming or streaming need.


Having a good motherboard is key to any high-quality PC build, and Pokimane’s setup is no exception.

In his PC, Pokimane uses the ASUS ROG Z390 Maximus Hero XI. This board boasts top-notch features to facilitate other high-end components as well as RGB LED lighting to enhance the PC aesthetic.

Image via Trident

No RGB rig is complete without the right RAM. The Trident RGB Ram is blazing fast at 3600MHz memory speeds but also boasts RGB lighting to keep up with any setup.

In Pokimane’s setup, she has 32GB of RAM, which is more than enough for the daily streaming and gaming tasks that the machine is used for.

Photos via Samsung

For its latest release, Pokimane has opted to ditch the traditional hard drive, opting instead for an M.2 SSD. With 2TB of storage and blazing fast read speeds of up to 3,500MB per second, the Samsung 970 EVO SSD is the perfect choice for any streamer and one of the fastest hard drives on the market.

Image via Amazon

To run a high-quality stream, you should invest in a high-quality camera. Having video equipment allows you to interact with your viewers by allowing them to get a visual idea of ​​your reaction to what’s happening on the stream.

While webcams are the most popular source for streaming players, Pokimane and many other popular players choose to use a traditional camera as their video input device.

Pokimane uses a Sony Alpha a6000. This high-quality 1080p camera is more than enough to provide a top-level video feed to viewers.

For the convenience of normal camera use, it is imperative that you use an external adapter such as the elgato cam link used in Pokimane’s setup.

Image via Noblechairs

Feeling comfortable during those long streaming sessions is crucial. An important aspect of comfort is your choice of seat.

Pokimane uses Noblechairs Epic in his setup. Both durable and comfortable, the Noblechairs EPIC model is a great choice for any streamer planning to stream long sessions.

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