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The newly released MOBA title Pokemon Unite is taking the world by storm, but fans have found reasons to be disappointed with it.

Pokemon Unite is a free-to-play game but while other MOBAs like Dota 2 and League of Legends have managed to avoid falling into the pay-to-win trap, Pokemon Unite has a pay-to-win mechanism. The problem isn’t the characters being tamed, it’s the Items that are held.

Pokemon can hold up to three Holded Items at a time. There are many different Keeped Items that are often similar to those found in the main Pokemon games, including Leftovers, which heal Pokemon over time, and Stone Helmets that deal damage back to enemies. attack.

Held items can be upgraded in Pokemon Unite from level one to level 20, with the effect usually doubled at max level. While three level 20 held items give a significant advantage over three level one items, are held items a legitimate pay-to-win mechanism in Pokemon Unite?

Does Pokemon Unite have to pay to win?

While it’s not explicitly shown in the game, Pokemon Unite has a pay-to-win mechanism through its Holded Items. Hold items can be leveled up using Upgrade Items, most easily earned by purchasing them with cash-for-cash Aeos Gems currency.

To upgrade Holded Items from level one to 20, 2,587 Upgrade Items are required. Considering players typically only earn between 10 and 30 Upgrade Items or equivalent Aeos Tickets at a time through various means in the game to get them, that means it’s going to take a lot of time. Time to bring the Hold Item to level 20.

Those who can’t wait can use the Aeos Gem to purchase them, with one Aeos Gem worth the equivalent of one Item Enhancer per person. If a player is willing to shell out the cash for gems for three Items kept at level 20, it gives them a significant boost while they’re on the field.

Having three Max Hold Items doesn’t guarantee victory, but it helps quite a bit and gives players a significant advantage over those without them. With time players will be able to reach level 20 Hold Items but for now those willing to cash out will have a significant advantage over thrifty gamers.

How much do Item Upgrade Accessories cost?

Upgrade items can be purchased from the Aeos Emporium section of the shop for 10 Aeos Tickets per person. If the player has less than 10 Aeos Tickets, the Aeos Gems can be replaced with an Aeos Gem worth 10 Aeos Tickets.

How to get Upgrade Items in Pokemon Unite

Upgrades can be obtained in Pokemon Unite in a number of different ways, many of which are used to grind matches. Upgrade items can be obtained as rewards for leveling up through battle, completing event challenges, and leveling up as a trainer. You can also purchase them through the Aeos Emporium for 10 Aeos Tickets per person.

Players can also choose to buy them for cash with Aeos Gems. If a player runs out of Aeos Tickets and wants to purchase them through the Aeos Emporium, they will have the option to purchase Aeos Gems with real money. This is the fastest and easiest way to accumulate Upgrade Items.

How much does it take to get the most out of Pokemon Unite Hold Items?


Bringing a held item to level 20 will cost 2,587 Upgrade Item. Buying many of these Upgrades with Aeos Gems will cost around $40.

Players can earn Upgrade Items by grinding in-game for Battle Pass points, completing challenges, and leveling up their profile. But it will take an incredibly long time to bring a Hold Item to level 20 given how scarce these items are.

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