Pokemon Sword & Shield: How To Evolve Chansey

Chansey remains an iconic Pokemon since her Generation I appearance, all the way to the recent Pokemon Sword and Shield. This Normal-type Pokemon is popular for her appearances alongside her role beside Nurse Joy in the Pokemon Center, being her go-to healing companion. Players who love Chansey can get one throughout the series, but Chansey’s hold a pretty major surprise; their evolution isn’t dependent on level.

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At first glance, Chansey’s evolution Blissey seems like an ordinary Normal-type with an abundance of wings. However, Blissey’s evolution from Chansey does come with some perks and unique traits. Having arrived in Sword and Shield with the Isle of Armor DLC, players can finally get their hands on a Blissey through their beloved Chanseys.

Updated December 24, 2021 by Rhenn Taguiam: Despite Chansey’s meek appearance, she remains a tremendously effective team member in any Pokemon iteration. Prior to being solid support in the Pokemon Unite MOBA, she even reprises her role in Sword & Shield. Returning with her potential evolution into Blissey, Chansey can tank most Pokemon Battles without batting an eyelash – and it’s the right selection of Moves that can really prove her combat prowess. While she’s mostly associated with healing and support, players might be surprised how some of her best Moves let her dish out heavy damage with a bit of healing on the side.

Chansey in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Being a Pokemon from Generation I, almost anyone would recognize Chansey. Known best for being Nurse Joy’s companion, most consider Chansey a support Pokemon as well as one of the cutest of her generation. So, to see Chansey in full 3D glory courtesy of Sword and Shield will make any player want her for their team.

Where is Chansey Located?

Chansey location in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Before players can obtain a Chansey, they’ve got to get one first. With Sword and Shield, acquiring a Chansey is dependant on which version of the game they have.

  • Base Sword and Shield (V1.2.0+): With the base game, players can only obtain Chansey via Trading. They can also only trade for a Chansey if their version of the game is V1.2.0 and above.
  • Expansion Pass (Isle of Armor): If players get the Isle of Armor expansion, players can finally obtain Chansey in a wide variety of areas. Due to her nature as a Normal Pokemon, Chansey is located in a lot of common areas within the Isle of Armor. These include:
  • Brawlers’ Cave
  • Challenge Beach and Challenge Road
  • Courageous Cavern
  • Fields of Honor or the Forest of Focus
  • Honeycalm Island
  • Insular Sea, Stepping-Stone Sea, or Workout Sea
  • Loop Lagoon
  • Potbottom Desert
  • Soothing Wetlands
  • Training Lowlands
  • Warm-Up Tunnel

Is Chansey A Good Pokemon?

Blissey in the wild

At her core, Chansey seems naturally built as a support member of the party. Depending on her build, Chansey can become a full-blown support member or even get the opportunity to tank against the toughest of foes due to her natural moveset. When using a Chansey, it may also help for players to take note of certain perks that they can take full advantage of:

  • Fight Dynamax Opponents. Thanks to Dynamaxing, Pokemon can get an edge in combat thanks to temporary bulked-up forms. With Chansey’s overwhelming defense, she can become a great tank to waste the turns of otherwise powerful Dynamax opponents.
  • Get her the Eviolite. The Held Item Eviolite only works with Pokemon that can still evolve. When Chansey holds this, she gets a boost in Special Defense and Defense. This buffs her defense, allowing her to tank damage especially from more common Fighting-type opponents.
  • Counter Ghost-types. By nature, Chansey isn’t affected by Ghost-type moves. Chansey doesn’t have the means to strike back, though. When facing Ghost-type opponents, Chansey should find a way to disable them and switch out as soon as possible.

Abilities: Built For Healing

When acquired, Chansey can provide a wide array of Abilities that can enhance her ability to heal and support herself and her comrades. Players should take note of these abilities when leveling up Chansey before her evolutionary process:

  • Natural Cure: With this, Chansey can cure all status problems of her teammates whenever they get switched out.
  • Serene Grace: With this, Chansey can increase the chances of buffs having boosted effects.
  • Healer (Hidden): Albeit a Hidden Ability, Chansey’s Healer can help cure an ally’s status conditions.

Type Awareness

Chansey reading a book

Being a monotype Pokemon, Chansey Trainers need to take note of certain Type relationships whenever she enters combat. Being a Normal Pokemon, here are Chansey’s relationships with other Pokemon:

  • Fighting-type: Take Double Damage. Chansey takes double damage when taking on Fighting-type moves.
  • Rock-type/Steel-type: Deal Half Damage. Chansey’s Normal-type moves only deal half damage against Rock and Steel-types.
  • Ghost-type: No Damage Multiplier. Chansey is unaffected by Ghost-type moves, and her Normal-type moves don’t affect Ghost-types.

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While it’s perfectly possible to grant different moveset combinations to Chansey, they’ll work best with the right base stats. Here’s the most optimal way to prepare Chansey for her evolution:

  • (Nature) Bold: This nature boosts Chansey’s natural Defense at the expense of Attack, emphasizing her talents as a Wall.
  • (EV Spread) Def 252 / Sp. Def 252 / Spd 4: This kind of EV Spread gives Chansey more than enough defense to withstand most basic threats prior to needing her core abilities.
  • (Ability) Natural Cure: Chansey’s Natural Cure is a saving grace when it comes to a lot of status effects, as this cures non-volatile status conditions immediately once they switch out. This makes Moves such as Burn, Freeze, Paralysis, Poison, and Sleep useless against Chansey.
  • (Held Item) Eviolite: Thanks to this Held Item, Pokemon that can Evolve like Chansey get a 1.5x boost to her Defense and Special Defense.

Moveset: The Best Moves For Chansey

Chansey being excited

Players on the lookout to evolve Chansey might want to look into recommended Moves to use while preparing her for the process. Thankfully, Chansey is a completely viable Pokemon to use in a competitive format, but there are particular things to consider before taking her out for a spin. At its core, players need to consider these things first before preparing her to accompany an entire team:

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  • Even without Eviolite as a Held Item, Chansey’s core build is almost always dedicated for defense. As such, boosting her natural defensive potential with Eviolite is almost always a guarantee regardless of the chosen build. Don’t get Chansey out in a fight without giving her an Eviolite to hold as this can become very deadly for her.
  • Chansey’s defensive nature makes her a wall even against other special Pokemon. In competitive formats, Chansey can withstand blows from the likes of Primarina, Nidoking, and even sweepers such as Salamence and Gyarados.
  • Players should capitalize on Chansey’s sustain potential, as her Natural Cure (Ability) and Soft-Boiled (Move) can immediately give her the necessary healing that other Pokemon don’t have the luxury of having.
  • Chansey doesn’t have perfect defense, however, as she’s still vulnerable to all entry hazards. With the wrong build, Chansey can get overwhelmed by these entry hazards pretty quickly, making her useless as a wall.

Defensive Chansey

Chansey doing a smile
  • Seismic Toss
  • Toxic
  • Soft-Boiled
  • Teleport/Stealth Rock

Given her nature as a wall, it makes sense for Chansey’s core build to become defensive. With this build, Chansey becomes a more aggressive Pokemon courtesy of Seismic Toss. Moreover, Chansey can capitalize on Toxic to wear down tougher opponents after withstanding blows from them that could otherwise sweep through the team’s other Pokemon.

Depending on the need, Chansey can use Teleport in order to switch with other Pokemon safely to the battlefield. Likewise, Chansey can make switching out detrimental to foes by constantly damaging them in the process, courtesy of Stealth Rock.

Aggressive Chansey

Chansey being happy
  • Seismic Toss
  • Stealth Rock
  • Thunder Wave
  • Soft-Boiled

Alternatively, players can run a more aggressive Chansey by switching out some of her Moves from her Defensive set. Again, Seismic Toss will serve as Chansey’s primary attack, coupled this time with Thunder Wave to clear the battlefield for her much slower teammates. However, trading in Thunder Wave from Toxic makes Chansey more vulnerable to opponent tanks.

Meanwhile, using Stealth Rock will still make it unfavorable for enemies to switch out their Pokemon, which can give Chansey and her team room to adjust battle strategies when facing tougher foes.

Support Chansey

Chansey looking at the player gleefully
  • Seismic Toss
  • Counter
  • Defense Curl
  • Minimize

If players don’t want to focus solely on aggression or defense with Chansey, they can always rely on her as a sub-damage dealer or even a support unit. With this build, Chansey still relies on Seismic Toss as her core attack, but this time has Defense Curl to buff her defense and make her a secondary tank.

However, where Chansey shines in this build is with her two other moves. With Counter, Chansey gets an interesting physical move provided it’s not used with Minimize. This is great against enemies that Chansey knows she can pin down. Alternatively, Minimize boosts Chansey’s evasion by two points. While she can’t use this with Counter, Minimize at least boosts Chansey’s overall survivability.

Blissey in Pokemon Sword and Shield

As though Chansey’s cuteness isn’t enough, this Pokemon has an evolved form in the form of Blissey. This form of Chansey gets a pair of curls on top of her head, and she gets wings added to her frame. Resembling an angel, Blissey is a definite must-have for Trainers who want some of the cutest Pokemon among their ranks.

The Evolution Process

Blissey in the wild

Unlike other Pokemon, evolving Chansey into Blissey isn’t as easy as just reaching a certain level or possessing a particular item. Rather, to evolve Chansey successfully, Trainers need to achieve specific requirements while using them to trigger the evolution:

  • Get 220 Happiness. At its core, Chansey evolves into Blissey by achieving 220 Happiness with her. Succeeding in this endeavor can be done successfully through this process:
  • Get the Soothe Bell. Using this item will allow Chansey to improve its Friendship and Happiness much faster.
  • Focus on the Camp. As players know, the Camp is where they can play and cook with their Pokemon – essentially a place to increase their Happiness.
  • Level up after reaching 220 Happiness. By the time Chansey reaches 220 Happiness, she’s ready to evolve. To do this, players simply need to fight until Chansey manages to level up.

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What About Happiny?

Happiny in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Fans who thought Chansey is cute enough probably haven’t seen her baby equivalent – Happiny. This cute bundle of joy serves as Chansey’s precursor, being able to evolve into her by meeting specific conditions.

Similar to Blissey, Happiny has very specific evolutionary requirements:

  • Hold an Oval Stone. Most Happiny hold an Oval Stone, especially in Sun and Moon. If players got a fresh Happiny in Galar, they can get the Oval stone in the Courageous Cavern (Isle of Armor) or create one in the Cram-O-Matic.
  • Level up during the Day. To fully evolve Happiny into Chansey, they need to level up this baby Pokemon during the day. It doesn’t matter which time of the day, and there’s no particular level requirement. They simply need to have Chansey level up at any point during the daytime, while holding an Oval Stone.

Blissey unleashing an attack

Taking after Chansey, Blissey is arguably one of the best tanking Pokemon out there. Being a natural support member, Blissey can take on considerable damage to ensure enemies are roughed up before her allies can finish the fight on her behalf. Players who want to take full advantage of their Blissey might want to take note of these things as well:

  • Take Down Special Attackers. While Blissey does have a weak Defense stat, her durability still allows her to take on Special Attacks and survive. This makes her quite the effective tank against Special Attackers.
  • Get Expert Belt. With this Held Item, Blissey gets a decent boost of power whenever she uses moves that are super effective against other foes.
  • Watch out for Fighting Types. Like Chansey, Blissey is weak against Fighting-types, so players need to take note of this when facing opponents.

Abilities: Amped Up Healing

Like Chansey, Blissey has the same special Abilities associated with her. In turn, this evolved version of Chansey can greatly improve a team’s survivability due to her natural buffs and heals:

  • Natural Cure: With this, Blissey can cure all status ailments of the team whenever they get switched out.
  • Serene Grace: With this, Blissey can increase the probability of buffs triggering with boosted effects.
  • Healer (Hidden): While a Hidden Ability, Blissey’s Healer can help cure a teammate’s status ailments.

Type Awareness

Since Blissey remains a monotype Pokemon and not a dual-type, she needs to take note of her Type relationships as a Normal Pokemon. For players, here are specific things to take note of:

  • Fighting-type: Take Double Damage. Blissey receives double damage when taking on Fighting-type moves.
  • Rock-type/Steel-type: Deal Half Damage. Blissey’s Normal Type moves only deal half damage against Rock and Steel-type Pokemon.
  • Ghost-type: No Damage Multiplier. Blissey remains unaffected by Ghost-type moves, and her Normal-type moves don’t affect Ghost-types.

If Trainers raise Blissey to get decent HP and Special Attack, she can become a behemoth of a tank in combat. Whereas Chansey is a more defensive Pokemon, Blissey’s perks allow her to dish out stronger attacks that transform her into a potent damage dealer. If equipped with an Expert Belt, Blissey can unleash a huge barrage of strong attacks.

And even when faced with dual-type creatures, Blissey with a common Type moveset can deal with them pretty quickly:

  • Flamethrower: With this Fire-type move, Blissey can dish out huge flames and leave enemies Burned.
  • Ice Beam: Thanks to this Ice-type move, Blissey can call upon freezing cold to stun opponents and leave them Frozen.
  • Thunder: With this Electric-type move, Blissey can call a thunderbolt to damage and Paralyze foes.
  • Soft-Boiled: This move can restore its HP with an amount equal to 50-percent of its Max HP. Blissey can use this to greatly improve her survivability in combat.

Pokemon Sword & Shield was released in November 2019 for the Nintendo Switch.

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