Pokemon Sword and Shield features still in Generation 9

When Sword Pokemon and Pokemon Shield debut with considerable criticism and controversies from both hard and new Pokemon fans, learning about Game Freak for the first time PokemonThe eighth generation of has brought a lot of good along with many problems. The two main Gen 8 titles aren’t perfect games by any means, but with every new generation of Pokemon, new features and changes have been implemented to make the series more enjoyable in the long run.


Sword Pokemon and Pokemon Shield introduced a bunch of new features and quality of life changes that should absolutely be the norm going forward, from little things like Alliance Cards to multiplayer events. There are so many great ideas present in Sword and Shield may have been swept up in the rug as players looked at the barrage of complaints some fans had with the Switch’s first mainline Pokemon Game. Here is a summary of some of the best features Sword Pokemon and Pokemon Shield popularized and should be the main theme for the series that followed.

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Raid battles and multiplayer content

pokemon sword shield magikarp ditto max raid war

Raid Battles allow up to four players to participate in a Dynamax Pokemon for a chance to catch it after the battle is over. All players have to choose which Pokemon to bring, and can even try to strategize if playing with good players. It’s amazing how a feature like this wasn’t rolled out on a larger scale sooner. Raid Battles in Sword and Shield imperfectand if they come back, they should have some minor tweaks. The AI ​​used when playing alone or with less than three other players is not ideal. Usually, the AI ​​will choose stat-boosting moves over attack moves to help reduce the giant Pokemon’s health.

This problem occurs not only with the underworld Raid Battles found in the Wilds, but also with the Dynamax Adventure battles found in the Crown Tundra DLC. While Dynamax Adventures is generally a great addition to the seriesand will return in the future in some form, AI is still horrible. The AI ​​will stick with a Pokemon like Mantine when it comes to the Electric final boss, passing up some chances to literally move on to any better match. But, even thinking about this, Raid Battles and Dynamax Adventures are a great feature that can hopefully return in some form, even if Dynamax doesn’t.

Wild Areas (and Roaming Pokemon)

Pokemon Sword & Shield Sandstorm Wild Area

Wild areas in Sword and Shield highlight what Pokemon must-have routes like: Pokemon running everywhere, many places to explore and other trainers all enjoying their own adventure. While it seems Pokemon Legend: Arceus bringing this concept in next stage with partial map concept, it is a design choice that should be the standard in the future. The routes will feel wide open (though not as empty as many parts of the Wild Area in its current iteration) with plenty of Pokemon running around for players to chase or run away from. There should be hidden items that will be a bonus for those who like to look good. All these open areas should feel unique and feature what makes the space between towns and cities as important as the cities themselves.

Tournament card

Pokemon Sword Shield League Cards

This may be a smaller feature, but the Alliance Card is one of the hidden gems of Sword Pokemon and Pokemon Shield. They allow players to really express their characters in unique ways, and players can share them whenever they connect with someone online or even by exchanging Tokens. Honestly, any feature that allows players to express themselves in creative ways is always welcome in Pokemon.

Easily change nature and ability

With Sword and ShieldAt launch, players can easily change the nature of Pokemon thanks to Introduction to Nature Mints. These allow a lot of forgiveness and flexibility when it comes to Pokemon breeding and trying to get a solid Pokemon to fight competitively. However, must go to The Crown Tundra, Sword Pokemon and Shield really peaked. In The Crown Tundra, Ability Patches were introduced, allowing Pokemon to swap into their Hidden Abilities, which is crucial to competitive Pokemon battles. Multiple Hidden Abilities completely change the way some Pokemon work and make more Pokemon more viable.

Consider Cinderace, who has the default Blaze ability, which is nothing special. However, with Ability Patch, Cinderace can now take Libero as a skill, change Cinderace’s type to the same type as the move it was about to use, granting it a permanent STAB bonus, and throwing wrenches in elimination matches. Hidden abilities don’t show up very often on Pokemon and are usually available during events or given out as part of a distribution, so the fact that they’re used whenever radically changing the game is for good than. All futures Pokemon The title should have both Mints as well as the ability patches.

Future game expansion

Tundra island with crown bought the wrong version

Sword Pokemon and Shield is the first main line Pokemon The game introduces DLC that adds new regions, new (and back) Pokemon, and a new story. This opens the door for future games to do the same, possibly even making larger-scale DLCs, replacing the “third” titles in older generations (like Pokemon Emerald and Platinum Pokemon). They can even work as Black Pokemon 2 and White 2, keep the same general area as Black and White but added new features, a new story and more. This is what many fans were hoping for rumors about a third Sword and Shield DLC started brewing, although at the time of writing there were no such rumors. However, even the Isle of Armor and Crown Tundra DLCs alone are proof of concept for how DLC can work in the future. Pokemon The franchise, especially The Crown Tundra, was well received by many fans.

While many fans are curious about Dynamax’s future fate Pokemon title, Sword and Shield introduced many other quality-of-life changes and new features that can’t be missed as the series moves into Generation 9. From something as simple as the Trainer Card to the concept of Wild Areas, Sword and Shield brought some big changes that Game Freak should continue to iterate over as they move forward, as they can only bring good things to whatever future titles they come in.

Sword Pokemon and Pokemon Shield Only available for Nintendo Switch.

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