Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: All NPC trades in game

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet players can trade with in-game NPCs to obtain specific Pokemon much sooner than they could otherwise catch.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet continues the long-standing tradition of trading in the game, trading a Pokémon with an NPC in exchange for a specific Pokémon. While in-game trading is often overlooked, these titles in particular offer players the opportunity to obtain certain Pokemon much sooner than would normally be possible using this method, and one Pokemon form is even completely locked behind this in-game trade. There are currently three NPCs that offer trading with the player, regardless of whether the player has decided to buy or not scarlet or violetand also the trades are the same in both cases.


Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Players can still trade with each other, of course, but the three trades mentioned here are trades that can be made once per save file with specific NPCs found throughout Paldea. They always request the same Pokemon and always return a specific Pokemon with a given gender, nature, level and the like.

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All NPC trading in the game

The first trade in the game is in one of the first Pokemon towns, Cortondo. Follow the main road and players should see a small child with a yellow speech bubble that simply says “Flabébé”. Talk to this NPC and players can exchange a Flabebe (any shape is fine) for a Snom. Snom usually can’t be caught until much later, and Flabébé can be found in the first area, making this trade worthwhile for players. The Snom in question is a level 10 male, has the Shield Dust ability, and is of the Rash nature.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet all three NPC trades

The second trade in the game is in Cascarrafa by the fountain. Again, look for a trainer with a yellow speech bubble that says “Paldean Wooper.” This trainer explains that they managed to capture a Wooper from another region and asks the player to trade them a Paldean Wooper for a Johtonian Wooper. This Johtonian Wooper is male, level 18, has the Damp ability, and is mischievous by nature. Notably, this is the only way players can reach Johtonian Wooper Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Finally, the third trade in the game is in Levincia, in the Battle Court. Players will find another trainer with a yellow speech bubble, this time asking for Pincurchin. Trade the trainer for a pincurchin and players will get a haunter in return. However, players familiar with advancing Gastly’s evolution line will know that trading Haunter evolves her into a Gengar, and the same goes for that trade. This Haunter is male, level 25, has the Levitation ability, the Bravery nature and will immediately evolve into Gengar upon completion of the trade.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are now available on Switch.

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