Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s Terastallation is a double-edged sword for team building

As usual with any new main line set Pokemon games since generation 6, Pokemon Scarlet and violet have their own regional combat gimmick: the Terastal Phenomenon. The Terastallation was revealed in Pokemon Scarlet and violet‘s third trailer, and it’s an interesting mechanic since it allows players to change a Pokemon’s types to its Tera type, which can be any of the existing 18 types in the games. This tool will be extremely versatile in many Gen 9 battles, as players have control over how and when to use it for both offensive and defensive purposes.


Since Terastallicide Pokémon can either become an entirely new type or use the Terastal Phenomenon to boost one of its existing types, this can be used as a strategic device to simplify some parts of the game, or as a tool to improve team composition change. It is possible that Pokemon Scarlet and violet‘s Terastalization will have problematic use cases due to the way the games are designed, but it can be both good and bad for the team building process in Gen 9, meaning players should pay close attention to how Terastalization works.

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Why Terastallation can be both good and bad for team building

Pokemon Scarlet and violet‘s region of Paldea can be explored seemingly completely freely, with no restrictions on where to go first and what type of gym to do, which is a revolutionary approach for the series. However, it also means that Gen 9 will be a lot more difficult to balance in terms of combat, as Gym Leaders will need to have teams that can be scaled up or down depending on the level of the players. So far, Gym battles have been a staple of the series to challenge Trainers using specially trained teams of Pokémon that share a main type for each Gym.

terastalization on Pokemon Scarlet and violet could cause problems as each Pokemon can access any Tera type the player seeks and then potentially access a Tera type STAB move which any creature can learn according to recent leaks. In theory, Gen 9 teams could forego an important part of encounter planning by using the Terastal phenomenon to always have a type advantage with a Pokemon or two against each Gym, trivializing these fights in the long run.

While this can be bad for games, there is a notable silver lining here, as team composition can benefit from the versatility of the Terastal phenomenon. Players can choose their Pokemon more freely based on which creatures they like best without fear of limitations imposed by their type combinations, since having multiple creatures on the team that are the same type is less of a concern in Gen 9 Pokemon Scarlet and violet can smooth out bad pairings or help trainers overcome fights where their creatures would be at a major type disadvantage.

Strategically, Pokemon Scarlet and violet will implement a gimmick that can reach its full potential in the endgame, where having a fully trained Pokemon with multiple non-STAB moves is often crucial to cover different typing combinations. This also applies to PvP, as Terastallizing Pokémon can lead to more unpredictable battles where planning ahead is far more valuable to achieve victory. There will likely be scenarios where terastallation is problematic Pokemon Scarlet and violetbut there are also perks that far surpass those of previous gimmicks like Mega Evolutions.

Pokemon Scarlet and violet will be released on November 18th for Nintendo Switch.

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