Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Trailer Reveals Legendary Pre-Evolution And Shows Off Tera Ability

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet get a new trailer at the London World Championships that shows off the legendary pre-evolution and a Tera move.

The Pokemon The World Championship ends on a bittersweet note as the franchise bids farewell to Gen 8 of the mainline series, but this is also a great time to say goodbye Pokemon Scarlet and Violet shine with some new content. The Pokemon Company only released three trailers for the Gen 9 games in six months, but today’s closing ceremony should have some news about them Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. This came in the form of a short trailer that covered some interesting details about what battles will be like in the future Pokemon Games, as well as a new animal altogether.


The trailer began with a presentation of the battle screen for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, and then immediately revealed a brand new creature called Cyclizar, a dragon/regular hybrid that just so happens to be the pre-evolution of Koraidon and Miraidon. Cyclizar is similar in design to the two boxed Legendaries in that it has motorcycle-like traits, and it clearly shares the same base type as Koraidon and Miraidon, which leaks say are Dragon/Fighting and Dragon/Electric.

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Cyclizar also has a new move that is likely to be shared by other Pokemon available in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet – Scale tail. This move creates a replacement, similar to the Replacement move of the same name, but it also allows the user to switch out of combat and have another pocket monster in the party take its place. This is the safest way to switch Pokemon ever introduced to the franchise, and there could be plenty of play in tournaments.

The trailer once again focused on the Terastal Phenomenon and how it can be used in combat to prevent super effective damage or damage altogether, which is demonstrated in the trailer by a Tyranitar Terastal transforming into a Ghost-type to kill a to avoid combat movement. Speaking of Terastalization, the trailer revealed that too Pokemon Scarlet and Violet contains a STAB move that matches its typing to that of the Pokemon’s Tera-type. This mode is called Tera Blast, which deals either physical damage or special damage depending on the user’s stats.

However, the trailer doesn’t show any new evolution lines, which seems like a missed opportunity for The Pokemon Company. Most of the evolution lines currently known in Gen 9 are from leaks, one of which passed over Pokemon Scarlet and Violetis new”Came Riders” Bug type and its combination of types, which are said to be new and never used before. The official website for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet has been updated with today’s information, and it’s likely that a fifth trailer will appear sometime in September, although that hasn’t been confirmed yet.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Released on November 18th on Nintendo Switch.

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