Pokemon Scarlet and Violet should give Gen 4 monsters a break

Pokemon Scarlet and violet are due out for Nintendo Switch in just over three months, and The Pokemon Company recently released the third trailer for these debut Gen 9 games. This trailer contained a lot of important information, such as revealing the Terastal phenomenon as a fighting gimmick or the fact that players can ride the Box Legendaries while exploring the Paldea region. Three new Pokémon also made brief appearances, including Paldean Wooper, the first officially revealed regional form for Gen 9.


A large portion of the trailer was also devoted to showcasing returning creatures Pokemon Scarlet and violet, which allowed players to jot down a list of all the ancient Pokemon that have been confirmed to be returning in Gen 9 – until now. This can help players prepare their teams for when Pokemon Scarlet and violet come out, although many fans often end up using mostly new creatures from a specific region. Looking at the current Paldean Pokedex, some generations are having a hard time in terms of critter counts, while others like Gen 4 might have too many representatives.

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Why Pokemon Scarlet and Violet no longer need Gen 4 Mons

While the generation with the most Pokémon in Pokemon Scarlet and violet So far it’s Gen 1, there are a total of 32 critters Pokemon Red and Blue, Gen 4 is the second highest with 28 available pocket monsters. The reason this is particularly bad for Gen 4 is that it is both Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Luminous Pearl and Pokémon Legends: Arceus came out recently and will be available on the same console as scarlet and violet.

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Luminous Pearl were Gen 4 remakes that came out on Switch in November 2021, and because they were remakes, they ended up containing the full regional Pokedex for the Sinnoh region. This includes all Legendary and Mythical Pokemon, with events allowing all of them Brilliant Diamond and Luminous Pearl Players to get Shaymin and even Arceus. Not only that, Pokémon Legends: Arceus came out in January 2022 and featured mostly Gen 4 Pokemon since it’s set in the Hisui region – an older iteration of Sinnoh.

At least 28 confirmed Gen 4 Pokémon as part of the Pokedex for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, which is expected to be limited to around 400-500 entries before each DLC, isn’t ideal for fans who’ve played the other recent releases. Particularly unnecessary is the addition of creatures like the Starly and Shinx lines to Gen 9, which are the early Route Gen 4 Pokemon that are often part of everyone Pokémon Brilliant Diamond, shining pearl, and Legends: Arceus teams.

It probably doesn’t help that Gen 4 has many pre-evolutions and evolutions of existing pocket monsters in its regional Pokedex, so the presence of Pokemon like Murkrow and Magnemite in Gen 9 means their Gen 4 evolutions will be present as well. While 28 Gen 4 Pokemon is a lot, it probably isn’t all, and more will appear in the Paldean Pokedex over time, both in the base games and DLC. Pokemon Scarlet and violet was supposed to give Gen 4 creatures a break and instead repeat more Pokemon not yet featured in Switch titles.

Pokemon Scarlet and violet Launching November 18 for Nintendo Switch.

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