Pokemon Scarlet and Violet fan designs “Ghost King” Final Evolution for Fuecoco

A Pokemon Scarlet and Violet fan shares his take on what the final evolution of the Fire-Type starter Fuecoco might look like.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will continue the series tradition and introduce three new starters. The games will also continue the trend of the starters being Grass-Type, Water-Type, and Fire-Type. While it seems Pokemon Scarlet and Violet changes, there are a few traditions that the upcoming RPGs will keep.

One of the starters introduced in the ninth generation of Game Freaks RPGs is Fuecoco. Fuecoco will be Pokemon scarlet and violet Fire-Type starter and looks like a cross between an alligator and an apple. Since the Pocket Monster’s introduction, a number of players have come up with their ideas for its ultimate evolution. Until the creature is officially revealed, players can only speculate as to what a fan of the games will do.


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A Redditor named PaleAd6109 shared his idea of ​​what the final development of Fuecoco might look like. Dubbed the Ghost King Fuecoco, the Pokémon shares many aspects of its base form while evolving traits of its own. The pocket monster still has the white belly and yellow spots that the starter had, despite being much larger and more powerful. The evolution has grown flames on its arms and tail, and has a crown of fire floating above its head. The creature also stands with its mouth open, which looks like lava.

PaleAd6109’s take on Fuecoco’s development has won a number of fans. One commenter stated that this was their favorite version of the latest Pocket Monster evolution, saying that it had a lot of personality. Another mentioned that it’s packed with character as it looks cool while still being a bit silly while another would love it if that’s what the launcher becomes. PaleAd6109’s idea of ​​what can become of Fuecoco is interesting and a good idea for what Pokemon scarlet and violet Fire-Type starter can be.

This isn’t the first time PaleAd6109 has shared his ideas for where from Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Appetizers can end. The artist gave evolution lineage ideas for all three pocket monsters, including a different take on Fuecoco’s final evolution. Sprigatito develops a darker coat and a small cape while retaining the leaf pattern on his face, although darkening significantly. Fuecoco lands on all fours and grows into something resembling a large alligator, although retaining its bright colors. Eventually, Quaxly grows to be much larger, with his hat becoming more like that of a sailor as it evolves. All evolution lines look interesting and could easily pass as real.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will be released on November 18th for the Nintendo Switch.

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