Pokemon Masters EX fixes one of the story’s biggest problems with the Sun and Moon

It’s not uncommon for Pokemon game to have a few characters featured in any given major release such as Professor Oak and Giovanni from Red Pokemon and Blue. Generation 7 is one of the most engaging games in Pokemon Franchising thanks to the beautiful locations and characters of the Alola region, as well as Pokemon. Pokemon Sun and Moon also introduces players to regional variations, causing some Pokemon to look and have different typography from their home region, with for example Alolan Vulpix’s Ice type versus Kantonian Vulpix’s Fire type.


While Pokemon Sun and Moon As successful games, some players feel something about their story: how Lillie and Nebby didn’t stay together. Lillie is one of the first characters the player encounters in Pokemon Sun and Moon, and in an early cutscene, she is seen trying to escape from Aether Paradise – one of the five islands that make up the Alola archipelago. As she was about to be stopped, a Pokemon in her pocket teleported them both away. That Pokemon is later revealed to be Cosmog Lillie nicknamed Nebby, but the game’s story causes the player to end up catching Nebby as the legendary Solgaleo or Lunala (depending on whether they’re playing or not). Sun or Moon).

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How Pokemon Masters EX improves Lillie’s story from the Sun and Moon


Lillie’s mother is Lusamine, the head of the Aether Foundation, who is trying to open Ultra Wormholes with the help of Team Skull, and she intends to harness Cosmog’s energy even though it causes Ultra Beast pain. After the events of the story, Nebby evolves into the first Cosmoem, and then it eventually transforms into the Legendary box for Pokemon Sun or Moon. The player can then capture the Pokemon and even give it a new nickname, completely ignoring the fact that it was Lillie who was actually taking care of Cosmog all this time.

Some players like to name their Solgaleo or Lunala Nebby to honor Lillie’s affection, but while she doesn’t really enjoy Pokemon battles, she should have been the one to catch Nebby. This is what has stuck many fans, considering it an unfair event that causes Lillie to refuse the joy of taking care of a Pokemon simply because the player must have a chance of catching Solgaleo or Lunala. To make things worse, Pokemon Legend Battle not really challenging, and usually consists of throwing a bunch of Poke Balls at the creatures until they are finally captured.

Although Pokemon Masters EX not a mainline Pokemon game, it solved this problem by casting Lillie as a character and providing her with three different Sync Pairs as of the time of this writing: one with Clefairy, one with Ribombee, and one with Lunala . The fact that Lillie ends up being with a Lunala is so healthy, and it’s even done because her Synchronized Pair story says that Lillie’s Cosmog was given to her by her trainer. She gave it to Nebby.

This means that the player could have given Lillie the Cosmog, which they can catch in Lake Moone or Lake of the Sun as a king in return for Lillie’s trust in them. Although it is not the original Nebby that Lillie trained and had as a companion, she Pokemon Sun and Moon story It makes more sense when combined with the word legend Pokemon Masters EX. Ultimately, this also shows that non-mainstream games can be a great way to fix any bugs in each New Generation without having to officially rewrite the lore of the series.

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