Pokemon Legends: Arceus – What to do after completing the main story

For most players, complete the main story in Pokemon Legend: Arceus will lose somewhere between 25 and 30 o’clock. However, just because the credits have been rolled out, that doesn’t mean there’s still much for players to see and do. Actually, just like before Pokemon game, completing the game’s main story will likely be just the beginning of most players’ adventures in Hisui.

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When it comes to content after the game in Pokemon Legend: Arceus, players can sink another 20 to 70 hours into the game depending on how thorough they are. Most will probably choose to focus on one or two things such as catching Legendary Pokemon or completing a request. However, some people will definitely try to complete the game 100% by solving all the tasks listed below.

Complete the remaining story quests


When the last credits are rolled out, the player will finish 20 mission in Pokemon Legend: Arceus. However, what they will soon realize is that the game actually has a total of 28 story missions. The remaining eight sections focus on fishing Powerful Legendary Pokemon and finally encounter the star of the show, Arceus. It’s a bit reminiscent of the content of Delta Episode from Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire in that respect, and gives a very compelling reason to keep playing for a little longer.

Challenging the Five Pokemon and the Creation Trio again


After players complete the main story, they will be able to return to each of the five Noble Pokemon and challenge them again. After completing the game’s 28th mission, they will also gain the ability to re-challenge the creative trio. Just like re-challenging the gym leaders and Elite Quartet before Pokemon game, all eight enemies will be tougher the second time around. Even so, it is arguably worth the effort as players can earn some pretty useful rewards by overcoming these new challenges.

Catch every mythical and legendary Pokemon

pokemon legend arceus catching darkrai

For many people, one of the most enjoyable things about playing Pokemon The game can catch rare and powerful Pokemon. Pokemon Legend: Arceus sure there are people covered, with 18 Mythical and Legendary Pokemon available throughout the game. However, players will only get two of these during the main story, meaning the remaining 16 will need to be captured in post-game. To capture them all, players will actually need to play a few other recent games Pokemon the game too, with quest for Darkrai and Shaymin Unlocked only for those who have Brilliant diamond & Shining pearls and Sword & Shield save data on their Switch.

Complete all 94 requirements


Instead of side quests, Pokemon Legend: Arceus feature requirements. However, they are really similar, with NPCs asking players to complete many quests on their behalf. These things often follow find a specific Pokemon or track a certain item, but there are also one or two unique requirements in the game. Collecting all 108 wisp is easily the most time-consuming of the bunch, with little purple flames hiding in hard-to-reach places throughout each region of Hisui.

Complete Pokedex


There are only 242 different Pokemon available in Pokemon Legend: Arceus, making its Pokedex one of the easiest to complete in years. Furthermore, due to the way that new regions are often locked behind players’ Galaxy Team ratings, most players have probably caught the majority of these Pokemon by the time the credits end. Once all Legendary and Mythical Pokemon have been added to their total, finding the remaining Pokemon probably won’t take long. The reward for doing that is a Shiny Charm, which will be useful to one of the Pokemon the following popular game pastime of the series.

Shiny Pokemon Hunt

arceus lore pokemon requires special ponyta

With a game that lets players know if a Pokemon is Shiny or not without actually participating in battle, Shiny hunts Pokemon Legend: Arceus a lot easier than some previous Pokemon games. Furthermore, if the player completes the Pokedex to unlock the Shiny Charm, the chance of finding a shiny Pokemon is doubled. Increase the research level of every Pokemon in the Pokedex to Research Level 10 or max them out at all will also make Shiny’s spawn a lot higher.

Complete other quests


As with all of the above, there are some other little bits and bobs that players can aim for if they want to gain a little more in the game. Including get another two Pokemon Starter by talking to the Professor in his lab, unlock all additional satchel slots with the help of Bagin, collect all 26 unknown variantsand Unlock each cosmetic item in the game and craft recipes. After that, though, there really isn’t much else to do, unless the player really wants to EVs train their Pokemon or get the perfect Natures for their group by cultivating and using Nature Mints.

Pokemon Legend: Arceus Now available for Nintendo Switch.

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