Pokemon Legends: Arceus – What if you pop all 30 balloons in the Fieldlands Balloon Race?

Smashing all 30 balloons in the Fieldlands Balloon Race isn’t easy, but it’s certainly doable and well worth the effort.


As the player goes through the main story in Pokemon Legend: Arceus, they will start unlocking the ability to ride on certain Pokemon. The first of these is Wyrdeer, which players will have access to around the second half of season seven main quest of the story. That’s also the point that they will unlock as well Request 15Balloon race over the Field.

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The requirement sees players try to pop as many balloons as possible in 45 seconds while they ride on Wyrdeer’s back. Just 17 people to complete it, Pokemon Legend: ArceuS the player will be rewarded with one Rare Candy and 15 Feather Balls. Even so, since the quest giver is mentioned quickly, the course actually contains a total of 30 balloons, leaving many players wondering What if all the bubbles are popped.


What if you pop all 30 balloons in the Fieldlands Balloon Race?


Blowing all the balloons in a Fieldlands race isn’t easy, but it’s definitely worth the effort. Doing so will reward the player with an extra Rare candy for their troubles, as well as gold Nuggets. As longtime fans of the series will know, these extremely rare items can be sold for $5,000 Poke, making them one of the best. the most valuable items in the entire series.

How to pop all the bubbles


To blow up all 30 balloons within the time limit, the player will need to use Wyrdeerdash, which is activated by pressing and holding the B button. They will also need to jump to get a few balloons, this can be done by hitting Y. It should be noted that The player does not have to leave the B button to jumpwhich bodes well, as they’ll need to be dashing for most of the time, if not all of 45 seconds.


While it’s still possible to get to the end of the course without continuous dash, the Wyrdeer is a lot harder to steer in the moments immediately after it starts to dash, so it’s best if you do. Surf continuously if possible. The biggest challenge really doesn’t come from directing Wyrdeer, but trying to control the camera while doing so, which is a lot more complicated than any of the permissions in the game. released in 2022. However, with a little practice, players should be able to get the hang of it pretty quickly.


The only thing the player might have trouble with is the moving balloons, but they’re also pretty easy to master. Players should Aim at the center of the path that the moving balloon passes through and let Wyrdeer’s antlers take care of the rest. Giant antlers can also be useful for hovering balloons, as they add height to the Wyrdeer as well as additional width.

Pokemon Legend: Arceus Now available for Nintendo Switch.

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